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What Is Masculine Energy and What Do We Do with It?  

It is a shame that we talk about masculine energy today as if it is purely toxic. 

And make no mistake; we do talk about masculine energy as if it is purely toxic. 

We denigrate men for being strong, for needing time with other men, for being aggressive, for being protective, for being fierce. 

All natural masculine qualities that we need now more than ever. 

Especially if we women hope to reclaim our feminine energy. 

Masculine Energy

In the beginning, man was strength

Man was fit, healthy, strong, protective, providing, and supportive. 

Man gave everything he had to his family, he would kill and die for his family, he worshipped his woman as if she made the sun rise and set. 

And she shone her love down on him like the very sun itself.

Man is the provider, the order to woman’s chaos. 

If woman is unbridled passion, then man is the container for that passion. 

If woman is boundless, then man offers gentle boundaries for her to rest within. 

Man, in his greatest, balanced masculine energy, is essential to the forward momentum of life. 

Sadly, fear has allowed us to grow unbalanced in both our feminine and masculine energies, and we have become lost. 

When we began to settle as societies, we began to allow the worries over resources and land, territory and title creep in. 

And we fought. 

We declared brute strength to be the only strength that mattered. 

Man regressed from protector and provider to prison warden and oppressor. 

And woman, in her own fear, allowed. 

Women became “the weaker sex.” 

Man became the center. 

And, if you look at nature, you will see it was never meant to be that way. 

Toxic Masculinity

Yet because it has become that way, we have lived in an age of toxic masculinity. 

Men exert brute force. 

Men manipulate religious language. 

Men build governments and gods in their own image. 

And women have not only allowed it, but we have also encouraged it. 

Women are not blameless in the evolution, or devolution as it were, of man into savage. 

It has been said that the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world, and it is a harsh truth with which we women must contend. 

We raise boys to be savage. 

We look the other way when our boys overexert their aggressions, when they bully and beat down, when they disrespect women, even when they rape. 

Obviously, I am speaking in broad generalizations. 

There are women who have not raised their boys this way. 

And there are men who are honorable and have maintained their balanced masculinity. 

These men protect us in times of war, build monuments of learning and faith, and support and provide for their families, revering their women as the hearth and heart of the home. 

These men are the only reason we know what the balanced masculine looks like. 

But across the globe, to a large degree, men are unbalanced.

And what is worse, women are also in an unbalanced masculine state. 

We have lost touch with our femininity, and we are striving alongside men in a state of frenzied competition. 

Hustle Culture

Hustle culture is at the forefront of the western world, and it is largely existent in other parts of the world, and America is leading the way. 

If we are first in anything, it is in the pride of the hustle. 

“I’ll sleep when I’m dead.” Is such a common refrain that we don’t even say it jokingly anymore. 

We are dead serious. Pun intended. 

I have a girlfriend who works full time, raises four kids, and wakes up at 4AM every morning to make a sandwich for her husband before he heads off to work. 

“How do you do it all?” I asked her once. 

“I don’t sleep.” She replied. 

She was completely serious. 

Dead serious. 

Women are competing with men. 

Men are competing with women. 

We all want to be the provider, the doer, the go go go person, the hustler. 

We can do it all all the time. 

And indeed, we are products of our environment. 

200 years ago when the factory system was put into place in the western world, and women headed out into the workforce and started demanding access to the vote, many people, both men and women, had a single worry. 

“What will happen to the domestic sphere?”

It was a fair question. 

It still is. 

And while life for a woman in the domestic sphere was far from ideal 200 years ago, I would argue that today it is even worse. 

And worse still, the domestic sphere is terrible for children. 

Who is raising the children, after all? 

No one. 

That’s who. 

In a two-parent working household, children are being raised by the state for the most part. They spend most of their hours each day, each week, either in a state-run school or in a daycare. 

The state has long has the agenda of educating and pumping out worker bees into that industrial system they created a couple of centuries ago. 

Should we have allowed women access to the work world? 

Of course!

Should we have improved upon that domestic sphere we were so worried about? 

Of course!

Should women have access to the vote and equal opportunities alongside men? 



And here’s a very big but. 

We must do all of this with balance in mind. 

When we rush into it blindly, trusting the state to have our best interests at heart (hint: it doesn’t), then we find ourselves out of balance, angry, rushed, and stuck in hustle mode. 

And under a patriarchal system, which is what we have today, we end up with a bunch of men and women with unbalanced toxic masculine energy.

Man with conceptual spiritual body art

Reclaiming Balanced Masculine Energy

Abraham Hicks tells us that we get exactly what we ask for, and I would have to agree. 

The point of contrast in the human experience is to show us what we don’t want so that we can aim for what we do want. 

Well, we all know what we don’t want. 

I have not talked to a single person or read a single account by a person who has raved about our current system of life

We are all out of balance. 

And it took us getting here to now begin to head towards what we actually want. 

We don’t want hustle culture. 

We want time with our families. 

We don’t want divorce. 

We want balanced, loving relationships. 

Ask any man on earth in his most honest state and he will tell you he wants to feel valued as a man. 

He wants a loving, soft, gentle wife who wants to be nurturing to their children. 

He wants work he finds meaningful, to which he can connect, and he wants to earn a good living doing that work. 

He wants to provide for his family. 

He wants to be able to protect when the time comes. 

Men have natural tendencies to provide, to protect, to assert for a reason. 

Aggression is more natural in men because women need to be vulnerable and soft during our childbearing years. 

Men need to be able to become monsters so they can defend against monsters. 

Could we all just live in alignment and never have to worry about monsters? 


But as we enter an age of enlightenment, we are still a long way off from that. 

And we were created, naturally, to be in balance with one another. 

Women’s Role

I know most of my readership is female, so it is critical that I include here the role women must play in the reclamation of masculine energy

We can reclaim our own femininity. 

We can soften. We can get gentler. We can receive, allowing our men to serve us and provide for us. 

We can open up, allow, and surrender. 

The hand that rocks the cradle truly is the hand that rules the world. 

We set the tone. 

We set the boundaries. 

We encourage our men to be men, to support us as the leaders in our homes and in our communities.

We are the ones with the vision. 

They are the ones with the strength and skills to breath life into that vision with us. 

We have so much to do just as mothers and in our own ambitions. 

We must allow them to share in our duties by stepping into their roles as balanced males. 

Does that mean all men must work outside the home and all women should not work at all. 

Obviously not. 

Here I am, earning a living, working at something I am passionate about, while raising small children and running a household. 

The point is not to go back to the dark ages. 

The point is to find a new way to balance our energies so that we can both be in our most divine, aligned state. 

Then, we awaken. 

Then, we have achieved true enlightenment. 

Happy manifesting!

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