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10 Spiritual Rituals to Improve Your Life 

If you are looking to improve your life, there is nothing better you can do than discover your own spirit, embrace your own spirituality, and then create a series of spiritual rituals, a routine, to adhere to every day or most days of the week. 

I was asked once by a spiritual friend, a medium in fact, what I thought of routine. She was making the argument that routine gets us bogged down, stuck, stagnant, in life, and that we needed chaos to truly create. 


And while I do believe that we need chaos, and indeed most psychologists, historians, and philosophers will agree that creativity really can only come from chaos, we also need order as a container to hold chaos within a certain boundary line. 

You see, especially for us women, who harness the energy of the divine feminine, we are burning with creativity. 

We create life, we create space, we create community, and we are in creative mode almost all day and all of our lives. 

Without the structure provided by the masculine energy, the order, the rules and regulation, we would be boundless, wild, and veer off into a destructive mode that is inevitable without structure. 

Chaos without order is change for the sake of change; it is raw, unadulterated energy which, at a spiritual level is loving and infinite, but at a human level cannot be sustained without rest, without food, without water, without pause, without stillness. 

While we are spirits having a human experience, we cannot forget that we are also human beings. 

We must be as much as, if not more than, we do.

In order to ensure that our creativity, our manifestations, our power remains constructive and pure, we must create routine. 

The Subconscious

We are more free to just be when we build habits, routines, or rituals, in our lives that we build firmly into the subconscious. 

Dr. Bruce Lipton, a cellular biologist who has been studying the subconscious and happiness, author of the book You, Happier, tells us that our subconscious is playing back for us everything we learned in the first seven years of our lives. 

This is the power of our spiritual rituals.

For most of our days, we are spending 95% of our time on autopilot, and that autopilot is driven by our subconscious. 

So, if we had unhealthy childhoods, we are playing out unhealthy habits. 

And the trick is not to try to not be on autopilot; that is impossible. 

We need our subconscious to be on autopilot so we are free to think, to create, to thrive in the chaos contained in our order. 

No, rather we need to retrain our subconscious to function on a healthy autopilot. 

When we function on healthy autopilot in the form of routine, we are then free to grow, expand, and thrive in the healthiest, most awakened and enlightened of ways. 

The Power of Spiritual Rituals

Thus, we must build firm routine into our lives, our weeks, our months, and our years. 

Clinical psychologist and author of 10 Rules for Life, Jordan Peterson says we need a routine! He points out how our mental health is entirely tied to creating a routine in our daily lives that supports our nervous systems, that gets us to feel stable, safe, and grounded. 

When we feel those things, when we do the same things every day, in a container that feels good to us, then we can begin to open up to the possibilities of our potential. 

Our limitless potential. 

When we are in pure chaos, with no routine, we lose access to our inner voices, our inner wisdom, our higher consciousness, because we are too busy surviving the chaos in our lives, too busy waiting for the next shoe to drop. 

Of course, Peterson is only speaking from a place of pure mental health, which is amazing, but it is important to recognize that this routine, indeed our human mental health, is also inextricably linked to our spirituality.

And that having access to our spirituality is critical to having a meaningful life

Mental health, happiness, and having a meaningful life are not separate issues. And they certainly are not separate from spirituality. 

They are necessarily connected and must operate together for us to truly feel fulfilled and therefore to improve our lives. 

The Power of Spirituality

And you don’t have to be religious. 

You don’t have to adhere to any book, any holy scripture. 

Indeed, Ricky Gervais, one of the most notable atheists on earth, is also one of the most spiritual people I have heard from. 

He may have never referred to himself as such, but I have listened to him speak on our interconnectedness as humans, our connectedness with animals and with nature, and he describes our relationship to God better than most. 

Of course, he would not call it God, he calls it Nature, but it is the perfect description. If we all felt this way about Nature, or God, the world would be such a lovely place. 

As he puts it, if only we all thought of our connection to this larger energy as constantly in flow, as something without its own will, something just creative and loving, something that unites us, more people would be inclined to believe in God. 

And as Eckhart Tolle says our purpose is to awaken in this life to our spirit, to God. 

When we create spiritual rituals to improve our lives then, we also begin the process of awakening. 

10 Spiritual Rituals to Improve Your Life

The bottom line is this: you cannot improve your life alone. You do not exist in a vacuum, and you never will. 

You must start with yourself, with the physical and tangible, then move onto the spiritual, and then reach out to others. 

Why in that order? 

Because so many of us have trouble connecting with God or our higher selves that we must first create the structure that allows us to sit with our thoughts. 

We have to work with what we have, and we, limited humans, always have access to our physical bodies, our minds, and our physical activities. Even if we deny ourselves our spirituality at first. 

So we start with what we know we have – our bodies – then we move to our spirits, then to our fellow humans and living creatures. 

Wake Up at the Same Time Every Day

You want a healthy mind that works for you? Wake up at the same time every day no matter what. 

I typically say “within an hour” to allow yourself some indulgent sleep in time on weekends, or at least on one weekend day. 

This habit will set your circadian rhythms and your nervous system into a predictable pattern that frees up your mind to do important things like think, work, plan, and problem solve. 


Before you do anything else, sit with yourself, quiet your thoughts, and just be for 20 minutes every morning. 

This may be the most important of all spiritual rituals.

I do a bit of gentle yoga just to stretch and breathe before settling in; then perform a mental check in, scanning your body from crown to root chakra, and sink into your higher self for the remainder. 

This allows your mind to quiet and create space to connect with God, or Nature, throughout the day. 

It sets a calming tone. 

Move Your Body

Another great physical and mental health hack is to move. 

For 45 minutes every day, get up and move. 

It does not have to be all at once, but make sure you hit your mark.

It literally does your entire body, brain, and mind wonders, and creates a feeling of happiness and success. 

Get Outside

The vast majority of people in the US are vitamin D deficient, which lowers our moods. 

You want to have a good life? 

Get into the sunshine for one hour each day. 

Just sit in the grass if you want to. 

But get outside. 

Create Something

Spend time every day creating something from your sacral chakra

You are by nature a creative being; allowing that part of yourself to create just for the sake of creation will wake you up all over. 

Eat Something in the Morning

You cannot expect to be happy, productive, and thriving if you are starving. 

Break your fast in the morning with a mix of protein and plants. 

Work for Something 

If you don’t have a job, something that makes you feel productive that you can contribute to, and even earn a little bit of money, get one. 

Humans are meant to be productive. We find meaning there. 

So produce something that makes you feel good about yourself.

Socializing as Spiritual Rituals

We are social creatures. 

Make a phone call to someone you love. 

Have coffee with a friend. 

Go on a date with your spouse. 

Get out and socialize. 

Connect Physically with a Loved One

Physical connection is critical to our mental health. 

People who share a bed live longer. 

People who share a room or a home with someone else live longer. 

We need physical proximity to other people. 

So hug someone you love every day. 

Even if it is just a cat for now!

Last of the Spiritual Rituals: Close Out Your Day and Go to Bed at the Same Time Every Night

And finally, close out your day in a calm, relaxing, peaceful way. 

Read a lovely book. 

Do some breathwork. 

Do some light meditation. 

Relax. No screens!

And then go to bed around the same time every night. (Okay. Within an hour.)

Happy manifesting!

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