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The Magic of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine 

A great misunderstanding exists about the divine feminine and the divine masculine. If we want to live in harmony, awakened, and at peace, it is a good idea to get clear on these terms and what they mean to us. 

A balanced divine feminine and divine masculine pave the way to the enlightened path, both within you, and in any long-term relationship you form. 

It will be extremely challenging to try to move forward without putting these energies into their proper perspective in your life and partnerships. 

Adam and Eve

In the western world, our first cultural example of the divine feminine and the divine masculine is reflected in the story of Adam and Eve in the Christian Bible. 

The first two of God’s human creations in this story, they are meant to balance each other. 

While they are in the Garden of Eden, where God placed them, they were still perfect, essentially children at play, naive and innocent. 

God also placed the tree of knowledge in the Garden and warned them both not to eat the fruit from this tree. 

Then, of course, the serpent came along and convinced Eve to eat from the tree. 

The fruit was so good that she shared it with Adam. 

Now, Adam and Even were grownups, had matured, and became worldly with knowledge. 

They covered themselves with fig leaves, recognizing themselves as naked, and God cast them out of the Garden. 

I think that is the part of the story that is most important here. 

The rest, about God cursing Eve to have painful periods and childbirth and man having to toil long and hard just to eat his food, and especially about man ruling over his wife, is better left for another discussion. 

Suffice to say I think most of that last part is total crap written down by a patriarchy that needed control over its people. 

But I digress. 

An All-Powerful God

God is all knowing, all powerful, and all present in the Bible. 

He cannot be deceived. 

And as an eternal, creative being, it makes no sense that he would lay a trap for his two beloved children. 

The only sense this story makes is that it was all supposed to happen this way. 

Adam and Eve were meant to awaken to the realities of the world, not left in naive innocence as humans forever. 

They had to leave the Garden of Eden in the same way we all have to leave the homes of our parents and go out and make it on our own. 

And we can see several instances where metaphor helps us see clearly the moral of this story. 

Adam is the strong, aggressive, rule following one. 

Eve is the curious, creative, chaotic, rebellious one. 

The serpent is the ego, the subconscious, the voice in your head that says, “why not?” 

All three of these elements are present inside each one of us. 

God is the spirit, the Universe, our higher consciousness, the Everything, the still small voice inside of us that leads us to our highest good.

We need both masculine and feminine, and we also need our ego. 

We need to understand and follow rules, we need to break the rules sometimes, and we need our egos to challenge us and keep us in check in the human world. 

The ego gives us fear, and fear can be a good thing in moderation. 

We must be afraid to place our hand on the hot stove. 

We must be afraid to walk down a dark alley at midnight. 

But ego also says, “why not?”

And we need that also. 

The masculine is solid, order, organization, structure. 

The feminine is fluid, wildness, chaos, creation. 

We need both. 

And we have both. 

Without order, there could be no civil societies, there could be no happy households, there could be no functioning governments or families. 

But without chaos, there could be no progress, no disruption, no new ideas, no innovations, no art, no unbounded beauty

Thus, it stands to reason that this origin story in the Bible, the very first story when you open the book, is about the necessity for the divine feminine and the divine masculine. 

It is also telling that God creates woman from man, tying us to each other inextricably. 

There can be no woman without man, and there can be no man without woman. In either case, we are missing a piece of ourselves if we separate. 

Again, this is not literal; it is metaphorical. 

We as humans are not complete when we deny a part of ourselves. 

Jesus and Mary

Here is where I would argue that the suffering we have endured for thousands of years of civilizations and societies across the globe is largely because we have been in a state of unbalanced masculine. 

We have oppressed our divine feminine. 

Men and women alike have oppressed the divine feminine within. 

We even did it in the Christian Bible. 

We took Mary Magdalene away from Jesus. 

In the dead sea scrolls and the lost books of the bible, the accounts that were not included in the book as we know it, Mary Magdalene was Jesus’ closest disciple, his consort, his lover, his wife, and likely the mother of his children. 

Even in the bible itself we are told that the three Marys were the only ones with Jesus for his crucifixion. 

His mother, his aunt, and his wife. 

The prostitute???

Yes. Mary Magdalene the prostitute. 

Come to find out that the word prostitute is poorly translated in the modern bible. 

The original word meant something closer to a woman who went her own way, who lived outside of the rules of her society. 

Not a sex worker. 

And then, when Jesus was resurrected, he chose Mary Magdalene to reveal himself to first.

Of course he did. 

The symbolism here is obvious. 

Divine masculine and divine feminine. 

They need each other. 

Jesus could not have been who he was without Mary by his side. 

This much is obvious. 

He was all spirit. 

Mary made him human. 

And if Jesus was not human, then we was just another god, just another spirit we can never aspire to be like, aim to emulate. 

Jesus had to be human, and Mary showed us that he was. 

But we have lost our way. 

We have allowed Mary to be called prostitute and left by the wayside. 

We have become unbalanced in our masculinity. 

The Unbalanced Masculine

No one knows this better than I do. 

I have been in my masculine for as long as I can remember. 

From a childhood of divorce and trauma, and then running away at the age of 15, I have needed to call on my masculine. 

And as a result, I have attracted weak men willing to be dominated and overpowered. 

Both of us in versions of toxic femininity and toxic masculinity. 

The masculine is a doer. 

I have been fighting, working, and doing for decades. 

I was easily triggered, would make anyone who stood against me feel small and insignificant. 

I had hard fast rules, I was self righteous, and anyone who did not agree with me was stupid and could just get dragged along into my reality with me or go right straight to hell. 

I was exclusive and single minded. 

This is the unbalanced masculine, and we see it everywhere in our society and around the world. 

“Let’s fight.” 

The ego comes into full force, the patriarchy says “I know what’s best.” 

And we spend thousands of years in war and strife, scrambling over the illusion of scarce resources. 

The Unbalanced Feminine

The unbalanced feminine is just as dangerous. 

She is pure wildness, untameable, unreachable. 

She is a hurricane, a tornado, a flood. 

She is manipulative, conniving, and cutting. 

She has no tolerance for rules or structure at all and will use every single tool in her box to mow you down, plow through, and destroy. 

She is in destructive mode rather than creative, and she will eat her own young to survive. 

It’s not pretty. 

Balancing the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine

To bring these energies into balance, we have a lot of work to do, and some of us have already begun. 

For me, the first step was having children. 

When I became a mother, I realized how out of balance I was. 

There is nothing like motherhood, nothing like children, to show us all of our triggers, all of our shadows, all of our toxicity. 

I knew that the only way to raise a daughter in peace was to become that peace. 

I had to face myself, confront my demons, and figure out who I was at the core, beneath it all. 

This is an individual journey for each of us. 

In general, women are more inclined to be divine feminine heavy and men are more inclined to be divine masculine heavy, but it really can go in any direction for anyone.

It is up to you to really sit with yourself and determine where the bulk of your healthy energy lies, bring it into balance through self love and self care practices, and be patient with yourself as the true you, your god self, comes into the light. 

And then, model for the rest of us. 

Happy manifesting!

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