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How to Do a Crystal Chakra Body Layout 

If you’re looking for how to do a crystal chakra body layout, it is likely because you are feeling totally, or mostly, blocked, and hoping for a quick approach to healing.  

First, let me say, there are no quick fixes.  

Having said that, I want to say, second, that intention is everything, and the more open you are to healing, the more quickly you can actually heal.  

Yes, healing can happen overnight.  


But you must be fully invested in the process, and absolutely informed and without doubt.  

So let’s talk about the chakras, the crystals, and how a crystal chakra body layout can help you.  

The Chakras 

Intuitive healer Caroline Myss tells us in her book The Anatomy of Spirit, that our chakras represent energetic centers in our bodies that connects us to spirit, and that all illness and wellness is directly related to an energetic block between our bodies and our spirits.  

Remember, your spirit is unkillable, undamageable, and infinite.  

Your body, however, is not.  

So when you are not paying enough attention to your spirit, you stretch thin the connection between your body, and your mind, and your spirit.  

The goal is to keep those channels and connections always open and flowing.  

As Abraham Hicks notes, our natural state is healthy and loving.  

We block that with resistance and ongoing negative thought and emotion.  

One of the keys to unblocking those energetic centers, then, is to understand, at least at a basic level, what each one represents.  

The Crown Chakra 

The crown chakra is located at the crown of your head and represents your direct line of communication to the Universe, your higher self.  

When you are in an intuitive space, open to all possibilities, and deeply curious and at the same time knowing, your crown chakra is open.  

When you feel tension in your head, experience migraines, and have vision issues, you are experiencing crown chakra blocks.  

The Third Eye Chakra  

The third eye chakra is the location of your ability to see things clearly. You see Universal truths.  

An open third eye chakra comes with loving perception, and an ability to just “know things” without doubting yourself. Others sense this in you and trust your sight.  

A blocked third eye chakra often comes with headaches, facial spasms, eye twitches, and ocular migraines where your vision blurs.  

The Throat Chakra 

Solar plexus chakra

The throat chakra is the place from which you speak truth. Your ability to communicate Truth comes from here.  

An open throat chakra reveals someone who can engage with others in loving compassion, who can set boundaries and express truth without aggression or tricks of rhetoric.  

A closed throat chakra is someone afraid, timid, and closed off, who communicates with manipulative or sarcastic language, or not at all.  

A closed throat chakra can lead to mouth and throat pain and illness.  

The Heart Chakra 

The heart chakra is the central focal point of all chakras, the middle ground between the upper chakras, which connect to the divine, and the lower chakras, which connect to the earth and all things upon it.  

An open-heart chakra in someone represents a strong sense of self love, where all earthly love has to begin and which is a reflection of the Universe’s love for you.  

A closed heart chakra lies in someone who does not have firm boundaries and does practice self-care, often someone deeply martyring themselves.  

Being closed off here can lead to chest pain, anxiety, and literal heartache.  

The Solar Plexus Chakra 

The solar plexus is the location of your gut instincts.  

And open solar plexus represents strong instincts and trust in yourself. You have good relationships with others and can navigate the world of humans well.  

A blocked solar plexus is typically someone cut off from humanity, who does not play well with others, and can manifest as digestion and stomach issues.  

The Sacral Chakra 

The sacral chakra is located where you will find a woman’s womb. It is the seat of creation and the divine feminine in us all.  

An open sacral chakra lies in a person who is in touch with their creative side and has strong familial bonds.  

A closed sacral chakra often leads to blocked creativity and an inability to receive or accept help. It can manifest as fertility issues and internal cramping.  

The Root Chakra 

The root chakra is found both at the base of the spine and at the soles of the feet; it roots us firmly into the earth from which we were made, and it connects us to all of life on earth.  

An open root chakra is clear in someone who is strong in community and is intensely grounded.  

A blocked root chakra shows up in someone isolated and flighty and can result in back pain, leg pain, and foot pain.  

Note that each of the chakras, when blocked for long enough, can lead to serious illness and even death.  

It is essential to keep the lines of energy flowing from your spirit to your mind to your body, so a crystal chakra body layout can be supremely helpful to jumpstart this process.  


Why crystals?  

It is so often joked about in mainstream circles that crystal work is “woo woo,” but nothing could be further from the truth.  

Crystals are filled with the energy of the earth, they grow in the most magical and spiritual ways, and when we focus on the energy they exude, we can absolutely draw on them for healing.  

Why Work with Crystals and Chakras?  

Because crystals are one of the oldest life forms on earth, it makes sense to use them in ancient healing practices, which is what all energetic healing really is.  

It may be called new age, but it is older even than humans.  

Again, our bodies are perfectly designed to heal themselves, as we see so often even in animals.  

The reason we do not heal, or do not heal faster, is that we block ourselves.  

The work with crystals and chakras then is not really about healing ourselves but about unblocking ourselves so that our bodies can heal themselves.  

We really just have to get out of the way, and a crystal chakra body layout can help with that.  

How to Do a Crystal Chakra Body Layout 

The primary goal of a crystal chakra body layout is to get yourself into a deep meditative state.  

Ample studies have been done by major medical publications around the world that have shown meditation heals.  

It really can heal anything.  


Because at its most basic, meditation helps you relax.  

I could sit here and argue all day about how you are also connecting to your subconscious, to your higher self, to something larger inside of and all around you that is always working to heal you, but the bottom line is once you relax, you let your body do its work – to heal you.  

At a physical and physiological level, all illness is rooted in inflammation, and all inflammation is resistance.  

When you meditate, you release resistance.  

A full body, crystal chakra body layout will encourage you to relax and release resistance.  

Ideally, you will lie flat on your back, on bare earth, either under a full moon or under a setting sun, both of which represent release.  

And the earth at your back will draw away your inflammation.  

As to the crystals and their placements, follow these instructions:  

Root Chakra: place a red jasper between your legs on the floor 

Sacral Chakra: place a carnelian just below your belly button 

Solar Plexus Chakra: place a tiger eye just below your rib cage 

Heart Chakra: place a rose quartz just over your heart 

Throat Chakra: place a blue lace agate at the hollow in your throat 

Third Eye Chakra: place an amethyst at your brow 

Crown Chakra: place a clear quartz just above your head on the floor 

The full body crystal chakra layout takes longer than most meditations.  

I usually meditate for 20 minutes, but the truth is it takes at least that long for my mind to be still.  

So in this case, I give it a full 45 minutes of energetic healing.  

I like to do a full body layout at least once a month just to reset, and I do mine under a full moon.  

The goal is not to try to heal or to think of anything in particular, but to actively silence your mind.  

Just be still and let your energy channels open up, let the earth draw you in, and let the Universe love you unconditionally.  

Look, if you are here, reading this now, you came here for big, big things.  

You need all of your chakras wide open for this spiritual awakening, and it really is yours for the taking. 

So sit back, relax, and let your body and spirit do what they were meant to do, keep you alive, happy, and healthy.  

Happy manifesting! 

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