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How To Use The Law Of Attraction To Lose Weight

You are a Goddess, yes you read that right. You’re the Goddess of Love and Attraction, and when you set your mind in alignment with the power of the universe to change your physical body, all the happiness, peace, and health you deserve will present itself to you.

If you’re exhausted from following diet plans, exercise routines, working hard, but nothing is helping shed off those extra pounds? Well, it’s because you have missed one of the most important elements for your success, your mindset.

To use the power of the subconscious mind to help you lose weight through the Law of Attraction, you need to start by visualizing yourself with a picture of the perfect body you love to have. Create a picture of your future body in your mind; this is you, the body of a Goddess.

How Does This Work?

The law of attraction holds that you attract what you are. It is the foundation for positive thinking. The Law of attraction states that your actions, beliefs, and feelings create an energetic vibration that attracts people and things into your life that are in alignment with the vibration.

For example, you may have noticed when you are enraged or angry, you attract like-minded situations which make you angrier, and when you are positive, you attract positive people and situations into your life.

People who are overweight will generally have their attention on calories and fat, exercising will be the hardest thing they have ever done and when they slip a day of diet plan, they will go back to the start, the reason being lack of willpower or in other words not harnessing the subconscious mind and focusing only on the problem.

However, when you manifest your weight loss along with following a good diet plan, exercise routine, and working hard, your mind will perceive your future body as the reality, your focus will be on the solution and will adapt your body to changes which will give you the body you always dreamt.

Here are three ways you can effectively use the Law of Attraction in weight loss,

Know Your Why

The first thing to consider when starting your weight loss program is to identify your clear goal. When we look at the success stories of weight loss through the Law of Attraction, we will notice that the people had a clear goal in their minds, and that can be done by getting to know why you want what you want.

When you have a clear Positive “why,” it is easier for you to achieve your goal as you will be more attentive and focused. On the other hand, if you have a negative “why,” it won’t be easy to achieve your goal.

For example, if the reason you have to lose weight is that you like to feel good, reduce diseases, and be more active with your family, then it will be easier and you will be more focused when compared to negative “why” like comparing your body to your friends or ex’s partners.

Having a “why” which derives from the will to grow, improve self-respect and health is important and you should make sure your “why” does not come from self-hatred or jealousy.

Build a Positive Mindset With Food

Having a positive mindset or relationship with food is a crucial element in manifesting weight loss. If you feel depressed and sad about eating too much or are addicted to snacking, account yourself as to why you are doing it. If you add negativity into food which is your fuel, then that negative energy will make its way into your body.

Have a positive mindset with your body and food. Listen to your body. When you are hungry, eat and savor each bite to the fullest, when you are full, stop. When you get that feeling to eat more or snack, make up your mind with positive affirmations with your goal, as the end result is better than the extra bite.

Try to prepare your own food as much as possible, rather than getting pre-made diet meals. As you pour love and positivity into preparing your food, it will be an enriching and positive experience and your body will reply with love and kindness.

Believe You Have Achieved Your Goal

When you start believing and acting as if you have already achieved your weight loss goal, the subconscious mind and your body will get the message of being complete and better.

Dress as you would when you have lost weight, act, talk, and think as you have already achieved your goal.

The Law of Attraction works in unexpected ways. When you keep your vibrations aligned with the universe and your mind free of worry and being confident and worthy, your body will allow itself to lose weight naturally.

These are three secrets from me on how you can manifest the law of attraction to lose weight.

Below I have provided some tips and affirmations in addition to the above,

  • Meditate for 10-15 minutes each day on breathing exercises and visualization
  • Exercise the mind through activities such as making changes to your daily routine, using your opposite hand in tasks, and reading out loud.
  • Affirmation as,
    • I am steadily losing weight every day.
    • I feel good about myself and what I am becoming.
    • My body is healing itself.
    • I am powerful and I can control my emotions.
    • I remove myself from the shame, negativity, and guilt of food.

Manifesting your ideal Goddess body is all about changing yourself first. Start by reprogramming your subconscious mind and the rest will follow.

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