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These Crystals Will Help you Manifest Money

So you’re in search of crystals to manifest money. 

I don’t blame you. 

Money does after all make the world go round. 

We can imagine ourselves impervious to the capitalist trivialities of the everyday world, but in the end, we all have bills to pay and necessities to buy, even in our most ascetic state. 

If you’re struggling with money, crystals to manifest money will help, but first you must change your mind. 

Crystals to Manifest Money

Change Your Mind

Yep. You’ve got to change your mind. 

If you’re struggling with money, you have already decided that you are not worthy of money. That is how the Universe works at its very most basic. 

The law of attraction says that we attract what we are, and that is an unwavering truth. 

So while you may think some people have a lot of money who are not worthy of it, or others deserve more money than they have, it is not up to you what others do or don’t have. It is up to them. 

They don’t have to be “good” people or “bad” people. They just have to believe they are worthy of a lot of money. 

Some people have figured out how to manifest true abundance, so they have not only plenty of money, or, as Abraham Hicks puts it “as much money as you can spend,” but they also also love, laughter, friendship, and fulfilling work in abundance. 

Which is likely what you are seeking, more than just money. 

And if you already have everything else in abundance and all you lack is money, that is a key to manifesting more money. 

Let’s say we all have five areas of our lives to focus on, in general. If we have four of those areas going well, and one area going well, you can focus on how well those other four are going and shift the energy in that final area. 

Likewise, if you have four areas going poorly and one going well, you can focus on that one area and shift the energy in those other four areas. 

The key is focus. 

So if everything in your life is going well but money, focus on those other areas, and watch the money begin to show up in surprising and delightful ways. (The Universe loves to surprise and delight us.)

How to Focus

Great so now you’re sold on shifting the energy. But how? 

How do you ensure you are focusing on what you have in abundance so it will affect the other areas of your life? 


That’s it. 

You can practice gratitude as a meditation and in each moment you feel it. 

To practice in each moment, simply allow yourself to be fully present and each time you experience a moment of bliss –  your kids are playing happily, your husband reaches over to kiss you, you have an amazing work accomplishment, your health shows up for you in some way – take a single second to send up a silent prayer of gratitude. 

“I am so grateful to have happy healthy kids.” 

For gratitude meditation, sit each morning for 20 minutes and check in with each of your chakras. 

Create a quite, sacred space for you meditation each morning, and do a few minutes of yoga to stretch your body awake. 

Then set your timer, sit straight up or lie flat on your back, and imagine the energy of the universe flowing into your crown chakra to clear up your connection with the divine. 

Express gratitude that you are loving held and always encouraged and supported by your cosmic self. 

Allow the energy to flow into your third eye chakra and express gratitude for the ability to see clearly and with the loving eyes of the Universe, to see your family in their healthy and happy state. Pay special attention here because your third eye is the chakra that will allow you to see opportunities to allow more money to flow into your life. 

Move the energy into your throat chakra and express gratitude for your voice, your commitment to a higher, loving truth, and for everyone you are able to communicate with clearly. 

Move the energy into your heart chakra and pause, pushing that energy to expand throughout your entire chest, and express gratitude for your self love, self compassion, and willingness to continue to open up in a world so determined to shut us all down. 

Allow that energy then to move into your lower chakras, beginning with your solar plexus chakra, and express gratitude for your ability to work from a place of inspiration and intuition, not hustle. 

Then move the energy into your sacral chakra, and express gratitude for your ability to create consciously, to manifest your desires, and to be open to new opportunities to create. 

Finally, move the energy into your root chakra and imagine the energy pooling there, rooting you into the earth, and connecting you to all of life, and express gratitude for that connection. 

For the remainder of the your meditation, allow your thoughts to quiet and sink deeper into yourself, trusting deeply in your higher self to remove all negativity and blocks from your life and your reality. 

When you leave your gratitude meditation, turn in all four directions and honor them, air, fire, water, and earth, as they are a part of you and all of your manifestation. 

Crystals to Manifest Money

Now, as you leave meditation, you will gather your crystals to manifest money. 

The best crystals to manifest money: 


Citrine is often called the merchant’s stone. It helps with financial abundance in business and prosperity in negotiations. 

It is a clear orange color, which corresponds to your solar plexus chakra, the seat of your productivity. 


Another solar plexus crystal, pyrite is also known as fool’s gold because it appears like real gold. It inspires confidence and security in your ability to manifest financial abundance. 

Green Jade


Green jade is a crystal for good fortune or good luck, prosperity, wisdom, and even justice from Chinese history. Allow this stone to imbue you with the foresight to recognize opportunities in your life. 

Green Aventurine

Green aventurine is a literal stone of opportunity as well as a heart chakra stone. Having this stone with you will remind you to open up, to be creative, and to be joyful in your abundance. From that state, you cannot help but manifest money. 

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz

And of course rose quartz is the love and healing stone. It is a great one to have for manifesting in case you are blocking yourself from better finances because of a broken heart or a lack of self love. 

Explore images of these crystals as you seek to manifest money, hold them in your hand if you can, and choose the crystal that resonates most with you on this topic. 

Once you have chosen your crystal to manifest money, sit after your meditation, and cast your spell

Cast a Spell for Abundance

Now, you have expressed gratitude, you have focused on the areas of your life where you already have abundance, and you have chosen your crystal.

It is time to cast a spell

With your crystal beside you, or even on your body, write down how you image in your life with all the money you need. 

See it as a short story of yourself, projected into the future. 

As you write, focus on how this version of yourself feels, what she looks like, how she behaves, walks, talks. What are her financial goals? What is she wearing? Who is she with? What is she doing with her money? 

Write it all down, and then read it back to yourself out loud. 

Under the next waxing moon, read that spell out loud, outside, to the Universe, placing all of your faith and deep knowing in that power to bring you “this or better.” 

Then, light a fire or burn a match and burn your spell as a sign that you do not need to hold onto it anymore. 

Because you trust the Universe to deliver. 

From that point forward, you must commit to remaining open, grateful, and loving of yourself so that you may recognize all the ways in which the Universe sends you financial wealth, and it will be myriad ways. 

how to manifest money with water

It may begin as a dollar or even a quarter, but it will grow, and the more you recognize and express gratitude for it, the more rapidly it will come. 

Remember, the best crystal, the most powerful crystal, the best money stone, is going to be the one that feels good to you. It is all about your energy. 

The best way to use abundance crystals is to expel negative energy and expand positive energy, whether you are business owners or simply running a cash register, you can manifest all of your financial success.

The right crystals for you are powerful tools of the law of attraction and personal power from ancient times. Your soul remembers. You just have to awaken to that memory and draw on your inner strength. 

Use your favorite stones in different ways to get the best results. You have to do what works for you. 

That is the power of crystals, all manifestation crystals, to gain a clear mind, to set a specific goal, and to channel your hard work into intuitive work to start a new business, see new opportunities or anything else you want. 

Bring unconditional love, positive thinking, and the energy of abundance to your practice, and you will bring financial luck to your manifestation process, kissing hard times and bad habits goodbye. 

These prosperity crystals, combined with your mental clarity and inner peace, will help you make good choices, have a great idea every day, and even start a new career to become a money magnet. 

Happy manifesting!

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