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222 Angel Number Meaning for Law of Attraction and Manifesting

222 Angel Number Meaning for Law of Attraction and Manifesting

The 222 meaning relates directly to times of conflict and transition, bringing you a sign of hope, balance, harmony, faith, commitment, and compromise.

If you are currently experiencing a time of conflict, inner turmoil, transition, or transformation, you may be noticing the number 222.


How do you know for certain that this number is for you?

Pay attention.

Law of Attraction and Your Purpose

Before you accept that the number 222, or any other number, has any inherent meaning or message for you, it is critical to integrate a few important aspects of your life, of life in general, and your purpose.


While most laws have exceptions, ways in which they bend, and often require context to be understood, the law of attraction is straightforward, stalwart and unwavering, and unstoppable.

The law of attraction is inevitable.

The law of attraction states that you attract what you are; everything is energy, energy operates in vibrations, and thus, you are always vibrating. In order to attract what you want, you must vibrate at the same frequency as the thing you want.

Make no mistake, you are always vibrating at some frequency, so you are always attracting something.

When you wake up to this reality, you can begin to control your vibrational frequency and attract mindfully.

“Ugh,” you say. “That’s not fair. The law of attraction is not my friend, then.”

And, as Abraham Hicks will tell you, “the law of attraction is your best friend.”

All of life is filled with lessons to learn, and we often learn through failure. Indeed, I might argue that we always learn through failure.

We learn what to do by seeing what not to do.

Remember it was Thomas Edison who said “I did not invent the lightbulb. I discovered 99 ways not to make a lightbulb.”

He failed his way to success.

We do this from the time we are born.

We learn to sit up, crawl, stand, walk, get attention, run, read, write, argue, play, interact, get a job, educate ourselves, and so on, all through failure.

We learn to work with the law of attraction in the same way.

When we focus our energy on what we want, we get what we want. When we focus our energy on what we lack, we get more of what we lack.

That’s it. Energy flows where attention goes.

222 Meaning: The World Gets in the Way


The problem is that the world gets in the way.

Serious, practical minded adults tell us that what we see, touch, feel, hear, and taste through the law of attraction is not real.

They silence our intuitions, our inner voices, and replace them with their own.

Before we realize it, we have lost touch with our inner voices, and we begin hearing the voices of others in our heads.

This is a recipe for disaster, dis-ease, and distress.

Look around you. Most of the world is caught up in these three D’s.

It is what happened to witches millennia ago.

We were healers, shamans, midwives, herbalists, naturalists.

We knew how to work with energy and with nature to manifest literally anything.

We could help women get pregnant and give birth as well as terminate unwanted or unhealthy pregnancies.

We healed wounds and helped mend broken hearts. We helped farmers grow crops and helped children overcome illness.

Then systems were put into place by controlling rulers who needed to regulate and institutionalize everything in order to keep society manageable and malleable.

Where touches of beautiful chaos allowed for magnificent creativity, absolute order was instituted and people became dependent on a state that promised to care for and protect them if only they would subject themselves in totality to the will of that state.

Thousands of years later, we find ourselves completely at a loss when it comes to our own intuition, which leaves us dealing with nervous systems issues such as anxiety, depression, and basic discontentment with life.

222 Meaning: Awakening and the Age of Aquarius

the law of attraction

But, as they say, enough is enough.

The nice thing about conflict and inner turmoil such as the nervous system issues so many of us are dealing with these days is that they are a call for us to wake up.

We have been put to sleep, and we are now waking up.

Waking up after a long, deep sleep can be scary, unsettling, and dramatic.

Author Caroline Myss calls this a dark night of the soul.

Nothing makes sense anymore. The people you once had common ground with now seem out of touch and hard to communicate with. Your work no longer feels fulfilling, and you are seeking purpose where before you were just find drifting along.

Finding Purpose in Awakening


Many people get confused when we begin to talk about purpose and awakening, thinking that there is some sort of god or divine power that is subjecting us to its will.

To be clear: the only will that matters in your life is your own.

What happens is that we forget our own will.

Here’s how it goes: in the beginning, there was consciousness.

Only consciousness. Call it God, call it a creator, call it Source Energy, call it Nature.

From that consciousness, thoughts were formed, and physical matter was manifested.

The Universe as we know it, the galaxies, the suns and planets and moons, and of course, earth and all of its life forms.

We are all connected, all extensions of that subconscious.

That subconscious has no will of its own, no individual mentality or judgment. Its state is Love, and its purpose is expansion.

In short, it creates from a place of love and in doing so, its creations cause expansion.
We individual creations of this subconscious have our own will, our own purpose, our own intentions.

Before we become human, we are spirits existing within the subconscious, and as such we have access to infinite wisdom and power.

We can see everything in all times, be in all places, and accurately predict all consequences and outcomes of all actions.

From this space, we choose to become human, and we come into our human experiences with a set of intentions, a will, and a purpose.

Then, we become human, and we are limited to what our brains and bodies can handle.

Of course, we cannot embody our total god state, or our tiny brains would explode.

We need not concern ourselves with infinite wisdom while we are having this human experience. We came here to create and to have fun.

We are actively creating at all times through our vibrational frequency.

And we can choose to have fun in any moment.

From the moment we are born, the world is working overtime to shut down our intuition, our connection to the divine, and our reminders that we are all powerful beings having a human experience.


Because its scary, if you are trying to control and manage a population of people, to imagine each of those individuals with an independent will, critical thinking skills, and a complete lack of need for a protector state.

When you are in your divine power, you know you have nothing to fear, you know you live in an abundant universe, and you know that universe always has your back.

A state thrives on its people needing it to function.

When you wake up to all of this, to your true state, to your purpose, to the loving universe, it is scary, so Angel numbers and symbols are here to remind you that you are safe, and to keep going.

222 Angel Number Meaning

SKY breath meditation

Any kind of conflict or turmoil is an opportunity to grow and wake up to your true nature.

It can be scary and even impossible to imagine that the turbulent times we experience, individually, nationally, or globally, are opportunities, but they are.

When you switch from seeing negative experiences as punishments or actions from some evil source and instead see them as challenges to overcome and gifts to your expansion, you open yourself up to spiritual awakening, angel messages, and positive changes.

You bring new meaning to your life.

222 as an angel number will show up for you during these times as an important message that you are being called to your awakening, that you will need to listen to your intuition to know when to bend, when to move forward, when to compromise, and when to walk away.

All of these options can be positive. Indeed, everything can be positive. It is a matter of perspective and panning out of this moment to see the larger picture.

For example, when someone “takes away your power” and you feel helpless and vulnerable, it can be a reminder to you that no one can take away your power, and that you are not alone.

When you are in your right place, connected directly to the spiritual world, and trusting in Source Energy to have your back, operating always from a place of genuine, unconditional love, you are never helpless, and you can indeed have, be, and do anything you want.

222 is a reminder of your power. So pay attention.

Happy manifesting!