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How To Make Money Using Numerology

Numerology can help guide you as you make decisions during your everyday life, including what job to take, what you should look for in a companion, and more. You can also use the symbolism attached to your numerology to guide you with financial affairs.

You can use numerology to draw money into your life by focusing on what your Life Path number indicates is a successful path. You can also work toward financial prosperity as you look at your birth date and name numbers.

Let’s dive into how numerology is connected to money.

What is Numerology?

Numerology is the study of numerical values and how they connect with everything in the universe. We can use it to learn more about who we are, our path, and how our unique connection with numbers and letters affects our everyday lives.

When we’re working toward a goal, it is crucial to have a crystal clear image of it and how we can take steps to achieve it. A great way to find that clarity and gain context is to use the divination powers of numerology for guidance.

How does Making Money with Numerology Work?

As with other divinatory arts, making money with numerology is a reflection of your dedication. When you focus on numerology and how it can help you achieve your financial goals along with hard work, you’re sure to be successful.

Our names, chosen or given, are tied to our higher selves. They can reflect what the universe is trying to tell us and offer a framework for our goals.

Your name, birth date, and important dates can be connected and examined through numerology. So, why not use it to put a little more coin in your piggy bank.

How Can My Life or Name Number Help Me Make Money?

Your Life Path Number, or birth date number, takes your date of birth and adds it up to get a single-digit number.

The second most important number is the name number. You calculate it by adding up the letters of your first, last, and middle names.

These numbers give numerologists a guide. It can tell you what your lucky days are, what might be a good job for you, what type of person matches well with you, and other everyday questions.

You can learn more about numerology here.

How Your Birth Date Number Affects How You Should Make Money

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Let’s look at the pros and cons of every number in numerology to understand your numbers better and position yourself for financial gain. We’ll go through each number, and you can bookmark this page to refer back to it.


Number one people like to start and lead things. They’re courageous, outgoing spirits who are fantastic at coming up with new, unique ideas.

They function well alone and are independent. That also makes them good leaders.

Number one can be tough and determined, bordering on self-centered and egotistic. They can also be impulsive, arrogant, or boastful.

Number ones do well financially when they can position themselves to be in charge of others, like leading a team or project. They also do well owning a business.


Number two people are great diplomats. They work well with others and exhibit the qualities of empathy and sympathy, modesty, and spiritual connection.

However, they can be shy and get lost in their thoughts. Occasionally, these traits can lead a number two to become depressed.

At their worst, two people are self-conscious and overly obsessed with details. At their best, twos make excellent politicians, mediators, or spiritual advisors.

When it comes to money, this is where the number two shines.


Number three individuals are self-expressive and are blessed with the ability to express their feeling openly. Threes have powerful imaginations, can be artistic, and make good actors.

They often have strong predictive skills and are optimistic, happy-go-lucky, and fun-loving. The downside of these traits is that threes can be a bit scatterbrained, prone to exaggeration and procrastination, and can lose direction.

Threes stand to do well financially when they’re designers, selling their artwork, creating music, or even DJing. The arts often lead life path number three people to monetary success.


Those with a life path number of four have a strong sense of order and virtuousness, and they seek to overcome all obstacles. They tend to be very organized and appreciate structures and strong foundations, making them good managers.

Frequently, fours can have difficulty harnessing their imagination and get easily lost in details. They can also be argumentative, prone to misunderstandings, and overly serious.

At their worst, they can be stubborn and bull-headed. However, these strong personalities can do well in law enforcement or the military, where their tough attitude and bravery pay off.

Helping the community and embracing their strong sense of virtue and order can bring fours financial success.


Fives tend to be visionaries who are quick on their feet and love a good adrenaline rush. Their personality allows them to be versatile, action-seeking, and always moving and exploring.

These curious, resourceful folks are extremely free-spirited. At their worst, they can be on edge often, impatient, lack focus, and dissatisfied with everyday life.

When it comes to making money with a life path number of five, being an adventure guide, stockbroker, or creative can channel your need for adrenaline and keep you going financially (just avoid excessive gambling).


Those with a number six tend to be unselfish and extremely responsible. Sixes frequently have a strong sense of dignity and self-worth and look at life with a balanced attitude.

They typically work hard to create a beautiful home and self while being confident, nurturing, and willing to help.

The cons of being a six are the tendencies to be overly self-righteous, stubborn, and domineering. Sixes need to watch out for egotistical, controlling behaviors.

However, those traits can be great in emergency response positions or the military. Climbing the corporate ladder can also suit them because of their nose-to-the-grindstone attitude.


Sevens tend to be analytical, academic, and inventive. They are constantly seeking knowledge, are very independent, and enjoy the journey toward inner peace and perfectionism.

Life path number sevens often keep a hidden agenda, can be sarcastic and argumentative, and at their worst rigid and stubborn. Although they are typically very charming, they can also become easily upset over small distractions.

Embracing your intelligence is a great way to make money as a birth date number seven individual. Going on trivia shows, becoming a teacher, or writing non-fiction or historical books can be great choices.


Birthdate number eight people make great politicians because they manage power and authority well. Eights can be commanding, confident, excellent decision-makers, and have superior executive skills.

The downsides to these traits are that they can work too hard, lack sympathy, consistently be on the hunt for more money or power, and be impatient. Politics and other executive jobs are perfect for eights, and their leadership skills are the best way for them to make money.


Number nines have a giving nature, are selfless, creative, and can be easily inspired to create or to do charitable work. Nines tend to be good writers and actors.

The downsides to being a nine are that you tend to be obsessed with praise, are possessive, moody, and might be careless with money. Working at a non-profit or charitable organization can allow you to channel your compassion into financial gain.

Being an entertainer can also be a great choice for a number nine person.

11 & 22

When it comes to numerology, 11 and 22 can have unique meanings. For eleven, in this case, they’re very similar to number 2, with the spiritual aspect emphasized.

They’re very similar to four for twenty-two, but these people can be more outgoing. Eleven and twenty-two aren’t always considered more important than other numbers.

Find Your Path & Garner Wealth

The day of the month you were born can also play a role in numerology. Here are some tips on how to take advantage of your birthdate number.


The first is associated with confidence and a vibrant inner spirit. They’re big-picture people. While you can be a bit sensitive, you don’t leak important information.

So leadership positions are a great choice. You can handle people’s negative comments and deal well with criticism or people doubting your decisions.

It also goes for the 28th.


Second birthdates are emotional, sensitive, and spiritual. They are sympathetic and seek love and compassion, though they don’t like being in large groups.

Depression and low mood swings can be a concern, so working with upbeat people in spiritual or charitable work can bring you success.


Those born on the third tend to be full of energy and are good at overcoming obstacles. They shed negative energy and are extremely expressive.

These people make good speakers, writers, and singers, and they are all about a good conversation.

Broadcasting or entertaining can bring them financial gain. It will also apply to the 21st and 13th, who specifically can be even more hardworking.


The 4th day creates someone great at organizing and managing everyday life with self-control and responsibility. While very practical, small details can weigh you down.

Financial planners and money management suit day four babies well, and it’s also the case for the 22nd, the 13th, and the 31st.


Those born on the fifth can enjoy working with and the company of others. They’re typically up for anything and present ideas well.

They make excellent tour or travel guides. Seeing the world and sharing their journies on social media or recording your adventures is also a great way to find financial success.

This also applies to the 23rd and the 14th, who can be bored easily, so looking for a job with frequent changes can be a good option.


The sixth day of a month makes one responsible, trusting of others, and honest about themselves. They are natural protectors, so they can find financial success in law enforcement or the military.

This will go for the 15th and the 24th as well. However, fifteens are also prideful and have a caring and nurturing attitude. They make great professors or even nannies or babysitters.


Those born on the seventh day are perfectionists and are often annoyed by others’ shortcomings. They can also be analytical and sensitive to their surroundings.

Because their gut reactions typically steer them well, working in the stock market or in areas where their insight makes them money are good options.


These people are self-starters and excellent judges of character. They are reliable, leading by example and trusting others to follow along.

They often seek monetary success through self endeavors like starting a business. It will also apply to the 26th.


These people are more optimistic and trusting in the goodness of others. They are generous, empathetic, trusting, and compassionate.

They find financial success in charitable work.


These people are very similar to those born on the first, except they express themselves more creatively. They can be dominant at times and leave others in their wake.

They are excellent coaches, trainers, and tough leaders.


A birthday on the first power number makes these people idealists who see and want the best in the world. The corporate sphere isn’t designed for them, and they often dislike it.

This will also apply to the 29th.


Very similar to the third, these people are even more easy-going and happy-go-lucky. They do best in fast-paced jobs where they can be creative.


Being born on the 16th makes these people want to work alone. They are analytical and scientific.

Money-making for those on the 16th should be focused on discovering something new, like being a scientist or inventor.


These people are similar to those on the 8th but with an even sharper eye for money. They are ambitious with a great business sense.


Similar to the ninth, those on the 18th are actually less trusting. They are still open-minded and like to be around others.

Working around and with others to make money is a good choice.


These people are similar to the first day as well. However, they should expect setbacks that work to enhance their toughness. They’ll do well financially when they can show how they’ll outlast others.


These individuals are similar to those on the second and are also extremely personable. They make friends easily and enjoy crowds.

Entertainment and promotion are great career opportunities for them.


Here, this of those on the seventh but with a more scientific mind. They often find a technological job or passion and do well pursuing those endeavors for money.


See the ninth, but while they work well with others, they need alone time for reflection. They are open-minded and thoughtful.

Working as an academic with occasional group projects can bring them success and joy.


Those born on the 30th are good at telling tales, presenting for, and entertaining others. They easily express themselves and are quite confident.

Monetary success for someone born on the 30th comes from telling stories over social media or on air.

To get more insight into numerology, check out The Most Popular Numerology Systems And How Anyone Can Start Using Them. If you’d like to learn more about astrology and numerology, click here.

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