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What Is Alignment?  

We talk a lot about alignment in the spiritual world, but what even is it? What are we talking about? 

It can feel, often, in the world of spirituality, like you have to be perfect. 

Like you have to be positive vibes only. 

Like you can never explore darkness or feel sad. 

And the reality is that nothing could be further from the truth. 

Energy Is Everything

The first thing to know is that energy is everything

Before there was life on earth, before there was earth, before there were any planets, there was energy. 

We call this energy Source Energy because it is the literal beginning of all energy and the source of all energy that we know of. 

There was nothing else. 

Until there was. 

And how did that something else come along? 

Energy and will. 

And what is will but energy? 

So this Source Energy had a will to create, and it did. 

This is the part of the Bible that says, “and the Lord said, ‘let there be light.’” 

In the Bible, Source Energy is referred to as God or the Lord. 

I don’t love those terms because, as Abraham Hicks has said, humans have so twisted and manipulated the word God that it is so far from anything that even resembles Source Energy. 

The Bible portrays God as a being, an actor with a will independent from our own, outside of us, judging and punishing, rewarding and playing favorites. 

When the truth is that God, Source Energy, is us. 

It is the energy that imbues everything. 

It is the consciousness that created our consciousness and is always with us, supporting our consciousness. 

It is so much bigger, so much more powerful, and so much more vast than I can explain here, though I do try. 

And it is all, always, love. 

How do I know it is love? 

Because it is an ever-expanding energy that only creates and never destroys. 

That is love. 

There can be no hate in the Universe outside of the human experience or we would see real evidence of it outside of humanity. 

And we just don’t. 

We see fear, hatred, frustration, annoyance, anxiety, and depression in humans, but not in spirit. 

It does not come from spirit. 

And you can feel it. 

When you are filled up with a pure, unconditional love, it feels like it will burst out of you. It genuinely feels like it is coming from outside of you and from within you at the same time. 

Like you are a vessel that is being poured into from something so much bigger than you. 

And it feels like you could love like that forever. 

Hatred and fear are not that way. 

Humans are born with fear as a design mechanism. It keeps us alive. 

It tells us not to touch the hot stove, not to walk down that dark alley at night, not to jump off that cliff without a parachute. 

So we can live long and prosper. 

But we take it too far sometimes, and our fear turns to hatred and anxiety and depression. 


The nice thing is that love can conquer all of that when we simply surrender to it. 

And that is what alignment is all about. 

What Is Alignment? 

Alignment is surrendering to love again and again. 

Source Energy and love are one and the same. 

Source Energy is what we come from.

Before we were in these bodies, we were Source Energy, and we set intentions to come into this life and awaken while in human form. 

Our primary, internal purpose is to awaken to that reality and create heaven on earth. 

Our external purposes, and we have many, all come back to that awakening. 

So in order to awaken, and to continue to awaken over and over again, because God knows we humans tend to fall right back to sleep once we wake up, we keep surrendering, we keep focusing on our alignment. 

This is a simple process once you do it the first few times, but it is hard to get over those initial hurdles, especially if you come from a life of suffering, hardship, and trauma. 

Or even pure secularism. 

If you have been taught your whole life that this, what you can see, taste, touch, hear, and smell, is all there is, it can be challenging to line up and step into alignment. 

But I promise you; it is so worth it. 

How to Step into Alignment

The key to stepping into alignment is knowing that you will fall out again. 

Abraham Hicks outlines a process called the law of attraction that basically spells this out.

Step One, contrast happens, which makes you ask for what you want. 

Step Two, Source Energy answers you and provides it.

Step Three, you have to get into alignment with Source and the vibration of your desire.

Step Four, you stay in alignment with faith. 

Step Five, you learn to appreciate the contrast

Now, the trick is to understand that contrast is a part of the human experience. 

We came here to expand. That is our purpose. 

And we want to have fun while we’re doing it. 

How do I know this is our purpose? 

We are creators. All of us. 

Constantly creating our own destinies, creating art, creating business, creating life!

And our urge, our primary urge, is to feel good. 

There is a reason for that. 

The key is to figure out which good is the right good. 

Well, obviously, as Jordan Peterson points out, it is the long term good. 

We don’t want the good that is fleeting and makes us feel like crap later. 

So we take the contrast of life, the crap we don’t want, and we let it show us what we do want. 

Then we line up with it. 

And getting into alignment is all about learning the difference. 

So, knowing all of that, how do we get into alignment? 


Meditation is the single most powerful thing you can do for your alignment. 

It will calm your mind, quiet the voices in your head, lower your heart rate, relax you, and as a huge bonus, connect you directly to Source Energy. 

From a calm, relaxed, awakened state of meditation, you can communicate directly with your higher consciousness, the part of you that is still all powerful, all present, loving, and wise. 

When you tap into that state, you set yourself up for joyful manifestation and alignment throughout the rest of your day

Meditate for 20 minutes every single day before you do anything else. 


You must move your body. 

If humans were built to anything, it is to move. 

We were not designed to sit all day on the couch or at a desk staring at a screen.  

One of the things we are best at is moving, facing physical challenges, and adapting to our environment.

Put yourself into a moving state every day for at least one hour. 

I will tell you as a writer who sometimes spends hours at my desk facing a screen, the only thing that gets me through it all is how much I move in between all the articles and essays and social media content creation. 

Put your earbuds in, put on a personal development podcast, and move your body. 

You cannot help but get aligned when your body is grateful to be moving. 

Eat Well

You must treat your body like a temple. 

Sure, have the chocolate cake, but be sure to get your fruits and veggies and clean meats as well. 

Your body is designed to function well with the right sources of energy from food. 

The wrong sources will break your body down and slowly poison you. 

A broken body is hard to get into alignment with your spirit. 

Love Yourself First and Foremost

You are not a martyr. 

I say this to my mom friends all the time. 

The kids don’t want a mom who never sleeps, who never rests, who can’t roll on the floor and laugh and play with them. 

They want a well rested, relaxed, loving mom. 

In order to be her, you have to love yourself first. 

And this is true of everyone, woman or man, mother or not. 

You cannot truly love anyone from that aligned state where energy is flowing to you endlessly unless you love yourself first. 

Do all the things to take excellent care of yourself. 

That is true alignment. 

Do Work You Love

And let that self-love extend to your work. 

It is hard to stay in alignment when you spend hours each day doing work you don’t love

Especially if you can find no joy in what you do at all. 

Find work you love and pour yourself into it when you’re doing it. 

Find the Others

And finally, find the others. 

You are the sum total of the 5 people you spend the most time with. 

Make sure those 5 people are working on alignment too. 

Happy manifesting!

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