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These Are The 5 Best Crystals For Manifesting Money

For a lot of people, money can be a complicated issue. Some don’t have enough money and want to have a little more. On the other hand, some do have just about enough but want to still earn some extra on the side. Meanwhile, some have more than enough but still want to expand their wealth. 

What makes these things complicated is that all of these scenarios can bring about a feeling of guilt: guilt that you’re not earning enough, guilt that you’re not saving enough, and, of course, the guilt of wanting more. I’m here to tell you that you should never feel guilty about not having enough money or wanting more money.

While many of us have been conditioned by society to look at money as something that can fuel greed or something that can cause evil actions, money in itself is not bad. Rather, it is our attitude towards money that makes the difference. 

crystals you can use to manifest money

People who think money isn’t all that important are not better or more virtuous than those who think that money is a necessity or something to be sought after. Fortune, wealth, and abundance can come in many forms, but this doesn’t mean those who find fulfillment in having a sizable bank account should be called greedy.

Wanting more money does not make you greedy. Hurting someone to get that money — now that’s another story. 

You deserve abundance. Everyone does. For those who feel that they can find fulfillment in being financially free, there are many crystals for manifesting money that can attract positive vibrations and wealth.

Crystals for healing and anxiety

Tapping into their energy might be just what you need. These crystals don’t just help you have more in your bank account, but they also help you have a positive, sincere, and sensible attitude towards money. 

Here are five crystals for manifesting money I recommend: 


Called the “Stone of Opportunity,” Aventurine opens up doors for financial gain. Having this crystal by your side means that you’ll be more in tune with the opportunities that might come your way. 

green aventurine

More often than not, we fail to see that the universe is already helping us change our financial situation only because we’ve been so caught up with our routines. After all, someone who’s been working in the same company for years might not want to leave their comfort zone. 

If you have Aventurine, you’ll be able to spot opportunities that can help you manifest your financial goals or desires. 

Tiger’s Eye

As a hunter, the tiger is skillful in getting its prey. It knows when to prowl, when to act, and when to rest. So having a Tiger’s Eye will keep you grounded when it comes to your attitude towards money.

tigers eye

It can help you achieve a clear head and a stable heart. With it, you can define your financial goals and have a mindset that attracts abundance. 

The Tiger’s Eye can also help you gain control over your spending. You’ll be able to properly decide on the things that you need to save up for and the things you need to invest in. With its warm energy and earthly roots, the Tiger’s Eye can serve as a great reminder that to experience wealth and prosperity, you must not let your emotions rule your financial decisions. 


Manifesting wealth cannot happen when you have a negative perspective about money. Here’s where Citrine can come in handy as it can help you shift your mindset towards a more positive one. 


Citrine is bright and sunny, and it can attract positive vibrations by clearing out self-limiting beliefs or thoughts that can hinder your confidence. After all, Citrine is called “The Lucky Merchant’s Stone.” It’s often used as a powerful crystal for manifesting financial success, especially in businesses. 

Aside from helping you overcome negative beliefs about money, Citrine will also encourage you to share your blessings. By practicing generosity, you can expand your wealth even more. Remember that whatever it is that you give the universe, the universe gives back to you. 

Green Jade

Green Jade has been associated with money and good luck since ancient times, especially by the Chinese.

As a crystal, Green Jade can soothe your emotions and keep you from making rash decisions about money. More than just prosperity, it attracts wisdom that can help you stay focused on your goals and keep you going in the right direction. 

green jade

Since it’s also used in Chinese medicine, Green Jade can heal you from the feeling of unworthiness that’s keeping you from experiencing good fortune or fullness. 

Having Green Jade around will also let you feel a deeper sense of wealth and abundance that goes beyond just having physical money. It is a stone that is best to keep for the long term. 


Even though it’s called “Fool’s Gold,” Pyrite is far from bringing foolish things into your life.

When it comes to your finances, pyrite is a crystal that can help you gain a stronger sense of self-worth. With this newfound confidence, you are in a better position to achieve wealth and abundance. 


If you feel that you’ve always had a hard time attracting prosperity, or if you’re constantly bogged down by feeling impoverished, Pyrite can dispel these feelings.

Courage, vitality, persistence, and creativity are just some of the features that Pyrite can nurture when you have it around. Keep it with you if you want to go from lack to luxury. 

What is the best crystal for manifesting money?

This is all a personal opinion, but for me, the best crystal to manifest a lot of money fast with is green jade. There’s just something about it that always brings in the cash for me.

All That Glitters

These crystals for manifesting money are all about guiding you toward positive action. You can put them in your pocket, wallet, a small box, or a special place in your room so you can draw energy from them.

All that glitters might not always be gold, but your attitude towards wealth is what’s priceless. 

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