13 Beautiful Crystals That Manifest Money in Your Life

We all wish for prosperity, and included in that is the desire for wealth and abundance. But did you know there are crystals that help you manifest money?

Money is what we all pursue because without it, we’re not able to live the life we desire. Sometimes, we need a little help when it comes to acquiring the life of our dreams, and certain crystals have been known to help.

crystals in the shape of a heart

Crystals won’t cause money to magically appear, but if used strategically, and with additional effort from you, they can help to manifest the energy you need to achieve your dreams.

For most of us, that’s a life of wealth and abundance, which dictates having a money source. Many people use crystals for manifesting money.

But what do we mean by manifest?

What Is Manifesting?

Manifesting is the process of making what you desire a reality. It’s bringing something tangible into your life through attraction and belief. There is more to manifesting than willpower and positive thinking. 

crystals that you can use to manfiest money with

That’s why many people have incorporated the use of crystals — to help the process along.

There are many different types of crystals. Many of those are crystals for manifesting money; the choice to not use them can keep you from receiving the abundance you deserve.

Using Your Crystals

Crystals do not work like magic where you make a wish, and suddenly you’re a millionaire.

Other practices need to be combined with them, like visualization, gratitude, and goal-setting, just to name a few.

crystals people use to manifest money into their life

You have to set your intentions. That is very important.

You also have to develop a relationship with your crystal. Get used to its energy and let it get used to yours. If you’ve chosen the right crystal, your energies will mesh, and things will work with time. 

As with most crystals, the art in using them is as simple as holding them while meditating and visualizing what you would like to manifest in your life, in this case, money.

Here are some examples to help you along as you use crystals for manifesting money: 

  • You could hold a crystal in your hand as you visualize your business flourishing. 
  • You could place your crystals in the southwest corner of your desk. That is known as the wealth corner, and doing that can increase your financial intentions. 
  • Take a crystal with you in your purse when you’re out shopping so you can make wiser spending decisions. 
  • Place a crystal under your pillow as you sleep so creative and flourishing ideas can come to you to increase your financial wealth.
  • You can wear your crystals. When you wear them for prosperity and success, you are carrying your intention with you. They work well when placed directly on the skin.

Although these are simple ways to use any crystal, there are some more specific ways of using certain crystals.

The decision is yours as to how you use them. Just always take the power of the crystal seriously.

different crystals you can manifest with

Never underestimate the power and worth of a crystal as you decide to use crystals for manifesting money.

Crystals That Manifest Money

According to crystal experts, here are 13 crystals for manifesting money. They can be used to help you generate financial abundance.


This bright, decorative mineral is in the quartz family. It’s one of the most powerful stones for manifestation. Its meaning is based on prosperity, joy, and energy.


It can bring about confidence, willpower, luck, and abundance.

It’s a stone that‘s known for helping you to achieve what you want in life. It’s associated with the solar plexus, which is above the navel, below the lungs.

So it’s suggested to use it during breathing exercises. You can get a charge from citrine by rubbing it between your hands. 


This mineral’s brassy coloring is so similar to gold that some call it Fools Gold.


This gem is known for helping to strengthen your confidence. It teaches that life is full of abundance and endless opportunities.

It helps you maintain a clear mind, to be able to go through business and work-related challenges making wise choices, which can lead to prosperous rewards. It’s recommended to ensure that pyrite is visibly displayed on your desk.

Green Jade

Green jade has been used throughout Chinese history to attract both wealth and harmony.

green jade

The vibration jade holds is quieter than most crystals. It helps to manifest through your dreams.

Keeping it in your bedroom next to your nightstand is a good place for it, as it’s literally right there to help you through your dreams and manifest them. 

Clear Quartz

Quartz is one of the most well-known crystals. It’s known for helping to clear the clutter from your life so that you can focus on your true intentions.

clear quartz

How many of us don’t need something to help with that?

It’s suggested to hold the crystal in your left hand, close your eyes and state out loud one thing you can take action on to bring you closer to your financial goals.

Sometimes we know what we need to do, but we don’t know how to go about doing it. Stating it out loud while holding the quartz allows the crystal to guide your path.

It will help you in planning out achievable goals to help you get closer to those financial goals.


Malachite is an emerald-hued stone that imparts strength and courage to transform fears and doubts concerning money.


The key is to place the stone over your heart and ask yourself questions, like “What does my heart desire?” What brings me passion?

How can I align my passion with my financial goals?” That is another case of the gem guiding you to the answers you need. 

Tiger’s Eye

The tiger’s eye can help make your dreams and intentions real.

tigers eye

It also helps keep you grounded and sensible when it comes to money decisions.

One of the best ways to use it is to place it in your pocket when you’re shopping. It will alleviate impulse buying. It will encourage you to buy what you actually need, keeping you from wasting money. 

Green Aventurine

This crystal may look similar to jade but holds more opportunistic energy.

Green Aventurine

In fact, it is nicknamed the lucky talisman or stone of opportunity. It’s known for attracting wealth and winning games. It’s recommended to place the green aventurine anywhere you might expect for cash to grow.

For instance, a cash box, anywhere you keep your money or even your wallet.


Lodestones are used to draw positive influences, including money and business into your life.


Having even a small piece of this gem can help in picking up extra change here and there.

If you wait tables, watch the tips load up. If you’re trying to up that savings account, this is a great gem to have on you at all times.


Amber possesses ancient energy and wisdom.

If you need to keep a clear head, amber is a good crystal to have. With a clear mind, you’re able to make smarter decisions that will impact you in your personal life and business.


If you ever find yourself in a rut or in space where you can’t think and are stuck, wearing some amber around your neck could change that.


If you’ve been planning new ventures, like starting your own business, amazonite is a good crystal to have. It is known as the stone of hope and can help you dissipate blockages and realize your dreams.


It brings positive vibes and the courage to take the risks that are sometimes necessary to start a new venture. It will push you towards abundance and eliminate feelings that leave us thinking that we’re not able to achieve something.


Peridot is not a stone you see often, and when you do, you’re more likely to see small pieces of it.


Peridot influences the growth of anything, even your bank account.

It influences overall well-being. 


Some consider this stone the bull’s eye when cut the right way.


Two black diagonal lines cross at the center for an X- marks-the-spot, making it a very special stone for setting goals. It’s recommended to gaze at the center point and while doing so, visualize it as your financial goal.

Completely focus on that goal and write down three activities you can do to help you to hit that target.

Emerald and Ruby

Combined, these two stones make the dynamic duo as emerald carries energies of abundance, and rubies are grounding and stabilizing.

Emerald and Ruby

They keep you open to new experiences while grounding you in the wisdom of what you already know.

What happens when you use crystals to manifest money?

Whatever your relationship with wealth and money, crystals can help put you on the path to achieving what you want.

Using crystals for manifesting money can work well for you when your intentions are openly spoken or thought, and you have a genuine connection with your crystals.

chakra stones and crystals

Expect the crystal to meet your intention. Once you do that, allow the crystal to do the rest. 

You will not see a change in your finances overnight, but over some time, you will start to see a clearer path toward what you want to manifest. You can have your desires, and crystals can help with that.

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