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30 Journal Prompts to Help with Your Spiritual Awakening 

So you need journal prompts for your spiritual awakening.

It’s happening. Your ears are ringing. You have headaches. Your nervous system is on fire. And the doctors say you’re fine. Yes. You are likely undergoing a spiritual awakening. 

If it’s your first, my heart is with you.  

Spiritual awakenings are messy affairs at first.  

They get easier over time, as you learn to surrender and open up to them.  

Journaling will help you with this opening up and surrendering, so I have some journal prompts for you.  

You know, they don’t actually have to be painful.  

They are only so exhausting and grueling because of the resistance we put up.  

We are experiencing a conflict of the spirit and the subconscious mind.  

The spirit and the ego.  

It helps to understand this conflict so you can properly prepare for it and get through it easier.  

The Conflict: Spirit and Ego 

When we are born, we have both a spirit and an ego, and they are in constant conflict because the spirit is eternal, and the ego feels eternal but knows it is not.  

The ego wants to be in charge and the spirit just is.  

We are born with two driving emotions and energies – love and fear. 

Spirit is driven by love and only love.  

Spirit knows it is unkillable, undamageable, indestructible, and infinite.  

Your spirit is an inextricable part of God, the Universe, Source Energy.  

It knows all, can see all, is all, and is all powerful.  

It has nothing to fear and nothing to worry about.  

Meanwhile, your ego is human based. It will die when your human body dies.  

It is driven largely by fear.  

Fear of death, fear of inferiority, fear of being seen, fear of not being seen.  

And on and on.  

Alongside all of that, you have your subconscious, your consciousness, and your higher consciousness. 

Your subconscious is the part of you that allows you to operate all day every day on autopilot. You have very little thinking to do in your daily routine.  

It is necessary for subconscious to do this so that you may think. You need to think. 

It is in thinking that you can create, move forward, innovate, level up, and do so many important things in your life.  

The problem is that the subconscious is designed to record everything in your life for the first 7 years of your childhood and then play all that back for the rest of your life.  

In an ideal world, we are children raised with love and light and lessons on how to be loving and autonomous, self-sufficient adults.  

Sadly, we are not.  

Most of us are traumatized in some way or another, not actively taught lessons, and all we learn is to repeat trauma cycles our parents learned from their parents.  

We are, many of us, abused, neglected, ignored, spoiled, or otherwise treated like an afterthought.  

Then, the subconscious spends the rest of our lives driving us around playing out those cycles.  

The consciousness is us when we are fully present.  

When we are aware of ourselves.  

When we detach from our actions, our thoughts, our beliefs, and we recognize that we are not those things.  

We are what is witnessing all of those things.  

Our consciousness is the part of us that can truly look in the faces of our loved ones and be grateful.  

We can be in the present. With the present. And stay.  

Our higher consciousness is our spirit.  

The part of us that is God.  

That is all knowing, all seeing, all being, all powerful.  


Most of us, I would say, like Abraham Hicks says, 97% of us are operating on autopilot and not only not aware of it but uninterested in changing.  

“I’m fine.” We say. “Leave me alone.”  

In other words, let me keep drinking, smoking, doing drugs, eating crap, not moving my body, hurting myself and others until I die.  

It is a real-world example of The Matrix.  

Then, something comes along and shakes us up.  

It could be a near death experience, the loss of a loved one, a chronic illness, a traumatic experience.  

And suddenly, our spirits are calling us even more loudly.  

Our higher consciousness is saying “here’s your chance!”  

Wake up! 

Paolo Coehlo describes this moment well in his book The Alchemist.  

He calls it fate, and he says it will knock on your door very loud with a BANG BANG BANG! 

And you can ignore it.  

It will get quieter.  

And quieter.  

And quieter to the point of a whisper.  

And you will forget it.  

And then something in your life will shift and here it comes again BANG BANG BANG! 

I know plenty of people for whom this happens.  

They ignore the call and go back to their autopilot lives until the next wakeup call and the next.  

And then they finally die.  

Never having truly lived.  

So if you are experiencing the BANGING call of your spirit, now is the time to answer the call.  

And use your journal prompts as guides.

How to Experience Your Spiritual Awakening for Journal Prompts

In all of my readings and listenings, conferences and talks, the best advice on a spiritual awakening I have heard so far has come from Buddhism.  


The primary key to a Buddhist life is detachment. As Buddhist monk Pema Chodron notes in her book Things Fall Apart, it is up to us to see everything in life as temporary.  

Things fall apart and then they come together again and then they fall apart.  

It is the nature of life.  

When we can remove ourselves from those eventualities, we can detach lovingly from them, we can move forward more lightly through life.  

We can see life as happening, and we are here to experience the fullness of it all, the joy and the pain. 


A large part of that detachment is accepting what is.  

Buddha called this the suchness of life.  

Life just is.  

We must allow every person to have his or her own journey, we must let go of our need for control over our lives and over anyone else’s life.  

And we must surrender to it all.  

Accept what is happening in your life in this moment as if you yourself had chosen it.  

Meditate before Using Your Journal Prompts 

If you are going through a spiritual awakening, meditate.  

I cannot stress enough how important it is to sit with yourself, quiet your mind, and allow yourself to sink into your higher consciousness.  

When you meditate, you allow yourself more opportunities to surrender, to detach, to accept what is. 

And then you can come out of meditation and journal.  


Author Sylvia Plath said once, “how do I know what I think until I see what I say?” 

Jordan Peterson says that writing is how we think.  

If you cannot write, you cannot think.  

This is the power of journaling.  

Journaling through a spiritual awakening allows you to think about what you are experiencing and formulate prayers and meditation on those experiences.  

30 Journal Prompts to Help with Your Spiritual Awakening 

How can I surrender more?  

What do I need to detach from?  

What must I accept?  

What am I struggling to accept?  

What am I too attached to?  

Why am I so attached?  

How can I better detach?  

What is my divine purpose?  

How can I better be of service?  

What is God to me?  

What stories do I need to release?  

What lessons have I learned?  

What have I already released?  

How did that serve me?  

How can I better care for myself?  

What is holding me back?  

What questions do I have for my higher self?  

How can I be a better listener?  

What am I modeling for those around me?  

How is what I am experiencing a part of my larger story?  

What do I want my story to be?  

What gifts have I recognized in my life?  

How can I better hone those gifts?  

Who is my teacher now?  

What am I learning?  

In what ways can I open up more?  

What is my current block?  

How can I let that block go?  

How can I love myself better?  

How can I care for myself today?  

These are just a few journal prompts to begin your journey of journaling through your spiritual awakening.  

When you sit to journal after meditation, be sure you allow your higher consciousness to be present with you and guide your hand.  

It is essential during your spiritual awakening, as always, to give your higher self a seat at the table, and write about it using your journal prompts.

Remember that it is always guiding you toward your highest good.  

You asked for this.  

You chose this awakening, whether you realize it or not.  

You must accept it as such, and it will become much easier to navigate.  

It is only challenging because you are resisting.  

So, stop resisting.  

I know. I know. Easier said than done.  

But that’s what we’re here for, to have the full human experience, and this, among everything else, is part of that.  

Just be with it.  

Happy manifesting! 

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