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The Best Tea for Meditation Tastes Much Better than You Realize 

The Best Tea for Meditation Tastes Much Better than You Realize 

The best teas for meditation will not only calm your mind, bring you more focus, and boost your natural energy, but, in doing so, they will also change your entire life.

One of my greatest shifts in my practice of witchcraft, perhaps the one I am most proud of, is when I made a concerted effort to see plants and other foods as medicine. 

When you decide your body is a temple and that humans are meant to have a symbiotic relationship with nature, your entire body, mind, and spirit level up and expand in ways you never imagined. 

And as a bonus, all of this food and plant medicine tastes amazing!


The Industrial World Is Determined to Kill Us

Psychologist, speaker, and author Jordan Peterson is quite fond of saying that nature is contantly trying to kill us. 

And, as he says, fair enough. 

The man is from Alberta, Canada, where the snow gets so heavy and the temperature gets so cold that people literally freeze to death outside in the middle of the night. 

Sure, floods and hurricanes, excessive cold and excessive heat, poisonous spiders and venomous snakes all exist in spaces that humans also inhabit, and they can become deadly under the wrong circumstances. 

But we have evolved with those things. We have adapted to work with and around them. 

And we have even learned in our wisdom to make them work to our benefit

We can harness wind, water, and the sun to provide us with technological energy. 

And most things in nature that are poisonous or venomous can also serve as medicine in the proper doses. 

Nature is a part of us, and we are part of nature.

Industrialization Is Anti-Nature

Woman in transformation

Industrialization, however, is not part of us. In fact, for the most part, it is largely in a constant fight against nature, working to destroy nature. 

The primary belief behind the grand promoters of industrialization is that we are the conquerors of nature, meant to tame it. 

And look where that has gotten us. 

We have factories pumping huge plumes of toxic smoke into our atmosphere, chemicals sprayed on our plants that sit in our bodies and do harm in a matter of decades, liquid toxins being dumped in to rivers that our livestock drinks from, that seeps into our well systems. 

We have gas driven cars that should be far out of date by now polluting the air we breathe as we attempt to spend time in our yards, walk down the streets, or go for a run, taking huge breaths as we do. 

Our bodies are under a constant assault as a result of industrialization that has led to a rise in cancers, diabetes, obesity, heart disease, nervous system disorders, and even brain and mental health problems, like we have never seen before in human history. 

Strong women

The Bright Side of Industrialization

Of course, industrialization is not all bad. 

It has brought us improved and faster transportation, a rise out of poverty, greater equality for women, technology, and so much more. 

We owe a lot of human progress to industrialization, and a lot of sickness and destruction. 

We made decisions for progress and profit without thinking of the long-term consequences. 

The answer, however, is not to tear down industrialization or to bring a halt to human progress but to bring life back into balance, 

And this is the movement we are seeing in spirituality and holistic health today. 

We can embrace the good sides of industrialization and capitalism while also reclaiming our traditional wisdom that has served us for so long. 

This, I would say, is why we see a rise in witches today. 

As Rebecca Campbell describes in her book, Rise, Sister, Rise, we have entered what is known as the Age of Aquarius, the time when women will step up and take our power back, a time when we will return to our love of and communal relationship with nature. 

And we will allow nature to heal us, we will be more mindful of the decisions we make and how they affect nature, and we will learn to work with her, Gaia, the living spirit of nature. 

Plants for Balance

One of the greatest acts we can take to bring our lives, and our earth, back into balance, is to return to a knowledge of and respect for plants. 

Witches who do this are often referred to as green witches. 

We make it a point to study the healing properties of various plants, how those plants interact with the human body, where they grow, how they grow, how to harvest them, and how and when to use them. 

Introducing more plants into your diet will clear your body of environmental toxins, undo the damage that has been done to your body through poor diet, lack of exercise, and abuse of alcohol, drugs, and excess sugar, it will reverse the aging process, and it will heal you of virtually any illness. 

Enough studies have been released in the last decade to show the wide ranging and dramatic effects of having a plant and spice rich diet that the evidence is now undeniable. 

If you don’t already know about it, if you have not already heard about it, you will. 

When we add meditation to a plant rich diet, and then integrate exercise and clean, sustainable meat, we are virtually unstoppable. 

More and more people are talking about living long, healthy lives well into their 100s. 

And look, the goal should never be to just live longer. 

We have already extended our lifetimes by decades thanks to modern medicine. 

But here’s the thing, modern medicine, while hugely beneficial when it comes to things like antibiotics, vaccines, and surgeries, is also rife with its own problems like for profit pharmaceuticals with side effects that make us even sicker. 

So we’re living longer, but we’re sick for the last several decades of our lives. 

And naturopathic and functional medicine doctors are telling us more and more, and louder and louder, that it does not have to be that way. 

We can live longer, and better. 

And plants are the answer. Meditation is the answer. 

Teas for Meditation

To begin, integrate a morning meditation practice that requires you sit for 20 minutes each morning in a comfortable position and a clean and quiet space and quiet your mind. 

Get out of your own way. 

I like to picture a bright ball of energy, usually clear or white, but it can also correspond to any chakra I may be focusing on, entering my crown chakra and making its way down to clear all of my chakras and root me into the earth. 

Then, throughout the day, drink from a variety of teas that work toward your total wellness and healing. 

Best tea for meditation in the morning

Get rid of morning coffee loaded with sugar and chemical creamers. 

If you are a coffee lover (I am a big time coffee lover), switch to a half caf coffee that includes healthy ingredients like reishi or lion’s mane mushrooms. For sweeteners, add agave or honey. For cream, add coconut or oatmilk. 

Plants, plants, plants. 

For morning tea, the best tea for meditation is matcha. 

Matcha is the only tea that actually has a type of green tea leaves that are ground, so you are actually consuming the healthy antioxidants and an essential amino acid in the tea, as well as getting the L-Theanine, which is great for brain health. 

Best tea for meditation in the afternoon

People with a spice rich diet live longer and better than those with fewer spices in their diets. 

So integrate a spice tea into your afternoons. 

In my house, I always have a pot of ayurvedic chai on the stove. 


Ginger root

Turmeric root


Star Anise

Simply chop the ginger and turmeric up and throw it in a pot of water, then add cinnamon and star anise. Simmer your tea for half an hour, add honey, and serve at your leisure. 

Best tea for meditation in the evening 

For the evening, the best tea for meditation is one that has calming effects. 

I serve a “moon milk” at night, great at the end of a long day, which consists of: 



Chamomile tea




You can put all the ingredients in a French press or tea kettle and pour hot water over them. I add a tablespoon of honey at the same time and let it all sit for ten minutes. 

Then serve with milk to cool it off. 

Lavender and chamomile are sedatives, ashwagandha calms your nervous system, and passionflower gets your creative juices flowing for a night of great dreams

Milk triggers the melatonin in your brain for sleep. 

With your teas, stir them slowly and with intention, and be sure to express gratitude for the present moment. 

You can enjoy the best herbal teas any time of day and reap the health benefits once you get into a cycle of tea meditation. 

Choose your favorite type of tea, allow yourself to enter a meditative state, and adjust your mental state accordingly for your delicious tea. 

Tea lovers can even get into reading your tea leaves!

Everyone from zen monks to housewives has seen energy levels increase from the warmth of the cup of their favorite loose leaf tea. 

You can bring more inner peace and spiritual enlightenment into your life and calm your racing thoughts when you integrate this ancient practice of a tea ceremony into your daily routine. 

Happy manifesting!