How To Write Manifestations That Actually Work

Manifestations are a very popular tool for achieving goals and dreams. They’re also often misunderstood, misused, and incorrectly written. In fact, most of the materials you see about manifesting are heavily focused on positive thinking and not at all about creating an effective manifestation.

As more and more people are starting their own manifestation journeys, they begin to discover how achieving goals by writing them on paper doesn’t always guarantee results. Learning how to write manifestations that are potent involves a few techniques you need to incorporate into your manifestation ritual. I’d like to share with you some tips that will help you write better ones to quickly turn your dreams into reality.

What Are Manifestations?

Manifestations are words that carry your intentions. In the context of spiritual practice, they are wishes that you write on a regular basis to help you realize your dreams. They rest heavily on the law of attraction, which requires you to stay as focused as possible on your deepest desires so that the universe can easily bring them to you.

Sometimes used interchangeably with “affirmations,” manifestations vibrate with so much positive energy that they help you draw in what you want. Some examples of manifestations are “I am successful in everything that I do,” and “Every day, my body keeps getting healthier.”

Why Write Your Manifestations?

You’re probably hesitant about writing your manifestations because it takes work. Why not just say them out loud whenever you feel like it? After all, you’re too busy to find the time to write on your desk every day.

I know it’s hard to incorporate another routine into your already hectic schedule, but there’s something about the structure of writing manifestations daily that helps you maintain a certain level of vibration for manifesting your dreams.

Whenever you sit down and take the time to write your manifestations, you align yourself with your goals. This lets you adjust the frequency you’re in, which prepares you for accepting the dreams that you have in mind.

How To Write Manifestations That Work

Many people feel confused about how to write manifestations that work. For some, it takes five to six months to see results, whereas, for others, it only takes a day or two. This lack of consistency is what’s creating that confusion, but there are ways to ensure that you get to achieve your dreams more quickly than expected.

Start With a Clear Mind

As a practitioner, you must know that before any ritual, you have to begin with a clear mind. It will be harder for those manifestations to work if you’re not in the right headspace to believe that with the universe, anything is possible.

Try some deep breathing or relaxation techniques. Meditate if you can. This helps you start with a clean slate, which makes the next step easier for you as you transition into the right vibe for manifesting.

Visualize What You Want

Before writing your manifestations, you must be able to see, in your mind’s eye, what it is exactly that you want. The key here is to be very specific about your intentions so that you can find the right words to put you in a state of alignment the quickest way possible.

If you want a better job next year, imagine what that job is like. You have to be able to see yourself in that reality before you start using the power of those chosen words.

Focus On the Feeling

After visualizing all the details of the new reality you want for yourself, it’s time to focus on the feeling. Many practitioners I know tend to skip this and go straight to writing their manifestations. While there are some truly adept ones that can simply bank on creative visualization, much of the power of manifestations depends on your feeling.

You know that those manifestations are already brewing, but you must “feel” what it’s like when they have already come true. It may feel like you’re pretending at this point, but trust me. This is an incredibly significant element that helps you manifest more quickly.

Always Write in the Present Tense

Now that you’re ready to write your manifestations, I want to remind you about one common mistake that beginners make: writing in the future tense. With manifestations that begin with “I will,” it can be challenging to get into that manifestation vibe because your perspective is focused on what does not exist yet in your reality.

For example, instead of writing “I will find a better job next year,” use “I have the perfect job that lets me live the life I want.” Writing as though you already have it makes it easier to align to the same frequency at which your envisioned reality vibrates.

Write Them Over and Over

Finally, practitioners use a notebook or journal to write their manifestations repeatedly every day. The repetition helps rewire your brain a certain way that you start to believe those statements. This in turn raises your frequency, which increases your manifesting capability.

One approach I find to work for me is the 55×5 method, in which you’re supposed to write your manifestation 55 times a day for five consecutive days. When done correctly, you’ll find that things are already moving in the right direction to the fulfillment of your dreams in as short as a week.

Release Your Thoughts to Fulfill Your Dreams

You now have properly worded manifestations, a journal for everyday use, and the right vibration for aligning with what you want. What’s next? Don’t forget to release those thoughts.

It’s imperative that you let go of any attachments you may have about what you want for energy to flow freely. If you’re too obsessed with getting quick results with how to write manifestations, chances are you may be slowing the process more rather than speeding it up.

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