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Dream Numerology: Interpreting What You See

While many may push it aside as mere nonsense, the dream world provides us with incredible insight into our paths here on earth in this human existence, and so much more.

Dream interpretation, lucid dreaming, dream journaling, and even dream numerology can help us see things more clearly than we can when we are awake.



For many people, dreaming is the only time we allow ourselves to relax. We are finally resting, finally at peace, and finally open to listening to our higher consciousness.

Taking your dreams seriously is not just for hippie witches like us, either.

Psychologists, philosophers, and even medical experts have all found dream interpretation useful in helping people navigate life and the many issues that come along with it.

Dreams are delivered to you by your subconscious, which is where you and your higher consciousness can meet, which means either you have stored the information in your dreams from the past, or the divine, your higher self, is communicating with you there.

Once you get the hang of it, you can tell the difference and interpret what you see.

So how do you interpret your dreams?

First, you have to make sure that you’re primed.

Primed for Dreaming

Getting a great night’s sleep is essential to priming yourself for dreaming and then remembering your dreams to interpret them in the morning, or the middle of the night, depending on when you awake to journal your dreams.

The 9 Hour Rule

Your goal if you want regular dreams to come to your subconscious, sleeping state, is to sleep for a minimum of 7 hours each night, ideally 8.

To meet this goal, you will have to follow the 9 hour rule: plan for 9 hours in bed. According to ayurvedic medicine, the best time to do this is from 9PM to 6AM – the hours when you are likely to benefit the most from your sleep.

No Screens

You already know this, even if you don’t want to admit it – whatever you watch or witness right before you fall asleep is likely to follow you into your dreams.

So, if you want to commune with your dreams, you should not be navigating Facebook and TikTok right before bed, or your mind will just mimic what it most recently saw.

You want a clear mind? Give yourself an hour with no screens before you fall asleep.

Light Literature

Same goes for literature. Don’t fill your head with murder mysteries or deeply depressing content right before you fall asleep.

Read something lighthearted and easygoing, conducive to rest.


Try to give yourself a few minutes before you fall asleep to induce a meditative state. Dr. Joe Dispenza has a great trick for induction that has you working your way from your head all the way to your toes, focusing on each body part, how much space it takes up, and the space your whole body occupies as a way of clearing your head of scattered thoughts and focusing your attention on one specific thing.

That way, when you drop off to sleep, your mind will be completely clear.


Keep a nice light lavender, vanilla, or rose scent next to your bed to help calm and soothe you into a relaxed state, which will make the transition into the dream state that much easier.

Now you’re primed for dreaming, it is time to keep track of your dreams.

Journal Your Dreams

Keep a journal next to your bed with a pen so that as soon as you wake from a dream you can record it.

Be sure that even if it is the middle of the night, if you wake, you record your dreams. If you hope to wait until morning, it will most likely be gone by the time you wake again in the morning.

Then, give yourself some space from the journal. Let your mind clear, and take some time to meditate and ensure your brain is ready to interpret from an unbiased place.

Finally, return to your journal and allow yourself to visit your dream lightly. Play with the images and ideas you recorded, see how you feel about them and what they might mean in a subjective and objective space.

Dreams In Context

Now, view your dreams in context.

Over time, you can see how all of your dreams might connect to each other. Take the time to reflect on your dreams over the period of a week, a month, and even several months.

Many psychologists believe our dreams are connected to our behavior.

How do your dreams figure into your daily life? What are they telling you about how you live your life, and how you might want to change.

Dreams with Tarot

To take it a bit further, and provide more context, you can pull three tarot cards immediately after journaling your dreams.

Sit in meditation for ten minutes, pray to your higher self for guidance, and then pull your cards.

The typical layout is, from left to right, you, your path, and your potential.

How does this layout compare to the dreams you are journaling?

Tarot is a great immediate divination tool that can allow you to communicate directly with your higher self when you are in an open and positive state to receive messaging.

When you can put your dreams and tarot together, you can gain insight into what the next steps for you might be, how you can go about your day to maximize on your potential, and how you can prepare yourself to meet your goals and ambitions.

Lucid Dreaming

If you want more from your dreams, you can also practice something called lucid dreaming, which is a unique state where a person becomes more aware of their dreams while they are dreaming.

To induce lucid dreaming, focus more intently on your dreams as you dream, keep an active journal, make sure you get plenty of rest, and send out a message to yourself before dreaming about what you want to focus on.

Your goal here is to enact the power of suggestion to your subconscious mind while you are still awake.

You are essentially setting the intention and then following through.

It takes time for many people to get to lucid dreaming, so keep at it and don’t give up.

Dream Numerology and Other Symbols

One of the things you can keep track of in your journal is the symbol or number, or multiples of them, that show up in your dreams.

From there, you can begin to interpret them, especially if they reoccur.


Nakedness in dreams means you’re feeling vulnerable or overexposed.

Driving or Riding

If you’re driving a car or riding a bike, you are dreaming about your journey through life.


School dreams relate to your anxiety about adulthood.


Flying indicates reaching for goals.


Dreams about tech malfunctions typically mean you are having trouble communicating.


Pregnancy dreams refer to your creative process and new beginnings.


You’re feeling out of control or anxious about your waking life.

Lost Vehicle

You feel like you’re lost in life.


When you find treasure in your dream, you feel like there is something in life worth discovering.


Like with tarot, death dreams mean you are in a transition or facing an ending in life.

What Do Different Numbers Mean In Your Dream?

With numerology, your dreams are telling you something about your current state or personality.


A recurrence of the number zero signifies an uplifting experience. You feel full of potential.


You are determined and driven, feeling independent and ready to go.


Two means you are feeling vulnerable and exposed. You are deeply sensitive about something and lacking in confidence.


If you see a lot of threes, you are feeling playful and creative. You will have an easy time wherever you are.


You’re feeling practical, focused, and mentally sharp. Keep at whatever you are doing, and you will see it pay off.


Fives are all about change. You are in transition, so be easy with it, and adapt with life.


Six is a message of love. Either you are falling in love, focusing more on the love in your relationships, or about to meet a new love.


Spirituality and intellect are the focus with sevens. You feel calm and at inner peace.


Eight is an empowering number; you are feeling ambitious, and you should go for it!


Nine is an idealistic number. You’re a dreamer, even in your dreams.

Remember, as with everything else, to go lightly with your symbols, your numbers, and everything else you see in your dreams. It is all open to interpretation and context.

As you go forward, you will get better and better at it, which means you will be more capable of inducing lucid dreaming, asking questions or your higher consciousness, and receiving answers.

Before you know it, you will be communicating directly with the divine in your dreams.

Happy manifesting!

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