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Are You a Spiritual Healer? Here’s How to Know 

Ugh. This topic is tough. You think you’re a healer? It’s a rough road, and it is fraught with charlatans and challenges.  

Spiritual healing is not for the faint of heart, and the truth is that anyone can be a spiritual healer, and also, no one should really be a spiritual healer.  

Here’s what I mean.  

Spiritual Healers 

There are different kinds of healers, and I am leery of most of them.  

In fact, when someone says, “I’m a healer,” my intuitive bullshit radar instantly starts beeping.  

The Laying of the Hands Healer 

There is the Jesus level healer, who can literally lay hands on someone and heal them. These healers are few and far between.  

If you are one of these healers, maybe you are a doctor or a midwife, a naturopath or a chiropractor, be careful.  

These kinds of healers are typically empaths, so you can feel the pain and energy of someone else, you can tap into where they are wounded, and you may absorb their wound or discomfort when you heal it.  

It takes a concerted effort and guarding of your energy to not become ill as a result of healing others.  

Furthermore, most healers who can heal know the biggest, most important secret of healing – that you can heal yourself.  

Which is why, I believe, there are so few genuine laying of the hands healers.  

We don’t actually need them.  

We are them.  

We already have everything we need inside of us to heal ourselves.  

Jesus himself said, “all these things you will do and far greater.”  

And guess what? When you keep trying and trying to tell people and show people what they are capable of, and they never listen, you get exhausted.  

It is draining to constantly be healing people who are perfectly capable of healing themselves.  

Spiritual author Richard Bach wrote a great book on this subject called Illusions: The Reluctant Messiah. 

In it, he, Richard, describes meeting a man who had been a Jesus type figure, preaching on a hill, showing people what they are capable of, but the people just kept coming, helpless, insisting he heal them, rather than taking responsibility for their own healing.  

Finally, the messiah retired.  

He could not take it anymore.  

He did not think God sent him here simply to heal but to show others that they too could heal.  

And I have to say I agree with him.  

The Intuitive Healer 

The intuitive healer is a whole other ball game.  

The intuitive healer is also empathic but is endowed with gifts that allow them to see what is ailing you and why.  

We find intuitive healers often in naturopathy and functional medicine but also as counselors, therapists, and coaches.  

A true intuitive healer can tell you what illness you suffer from, where it is in your body, how serious it is, and what blocked energy has caused the illness.  

Caroline Myss is a great example of an intuitive healer, and she tells her story in Anatomy of Spirit as a harrowing one.  

It took a great deal of nervous system breakdown and psychological struggle for her finally to accept her gifts.  

She legitimately thought she was losing her mind.  

One really important note about the intuitive healer is that she does not heal you directly. She identifies your illness and your pathway to wellness, and she can guide you there.  

You must do the healing yourself.  

The Helper 

Then there is the helper.  

I use the word helper for anyone who is not doing direct healing or identifying clear cases of illness and pathways to wellness. 

Unless you can do one of those two things, either directly healing or intuitive healing, you are not a healer.  

And it really does drive me crazy to hear and see people calling themselves healers when they cannot actually heal you. 

You are not a healer.  

You are a helper.  

And maybe your power to help is profound.  

But you are not healing anyone. 

You are helping them heal themselves.  

It is an important distinction.  

And it is important that you make that distinction for yourself, so that you don’t end up with people draining all of your energy to get you to heal them.  

If you are empathic, you will likely drain yourself in an attempt to heal, something you were not put here to do.  

And if you are not, you will end up angry and bitter at people who will not take responsibility for their own healing.  

How to Tell if You Are a Spiritual Healer 

So, how can you tell?  

Well, you’re probably not a laying of the hands healer, or you would not be here wondering if you are. 

You would have directly healed someone and said “oh, yep. I’m a healer.”  

It is also unlikely that you are an intuitive healer, or, again, you would not be wondering if you’re a healer. Instead, you would be wondering how the heck to manage your gift and not go crazy.  

There is a chance you are headed in that direction, though.  

Caroline Myss was in her thirties before she really began to understand and utilize her gift for others.  

Before that, she thought she was just a normal, happy, stressed-out journalist.  

You may be on the path to intuitive healing, and if you are, it may be incredibly uncomfortable.  

Myss describes migraines, body aches, lack of sleep, fatigue, and so much more before she fully embodied and embraced her gift.  

I would argue that a lot of that pain and discomfort comes from resistance.  

Everyone who undergoes a major transformation in life is not in pain because the levelling up is painful but because your subconscious does not want to go.  

Your subconscious has kept you “happily” on autopilot through most of your life, hurting yourself and others, numbing yourself with drink and drugs, ignoring your call to aim higher, and living either in the future or the past.  


But there is a great shift taking place right now, a mass awakening across the globe, of more people seeking more.  

More love

More peace. 

More connection.  

And we learn very quickly when we have this craving that it is not based in the human sensory experience but in the spiritual realm.  

We learn that in order to be truly fulfilled, we have to surrender to our divine purpose.  

And our subconscious rejects all ideas of surrender.  

“No.” It says. “I have been driving this vessel on autopilot for so many years. Go back to sleep.”  

So you get headaches, migraines, body aches, ringing in your ears, nervous system issues, shaking, lack of sleep, and more.  

This is not a necessary part of awakening.  

It is resistance. 

At any time, you can simply accept that you are transforming.  

You can stop worrying about what is coming and simply be with what is.  

You can surrender.  

If you are opening up to psychic gifts like being an intuitive healer, simply surrender.  

When you feel yourself triggered, with your back up, ready to fight or flee, get soft.  

Get softer.  

Get gentler. 

Practice inordinate amounts of relaxation, calm, rest, and self care.  

This is your awakening, and it does not have to be painful.  

Indeed, it can be ecstatic.  

You only have pain when you act from a place of fear, and if you are going to awaken, you will have to relinquish all fear anyway.  

You may as well do it now.  

And again. 

And again. 

Spiritual Healer? Be a Helper 

Whether or not you are a healer, or are becoming one, you can always be a helper.  

How do you know if you are a helper?  

You want to help.  

That’s the very first step.  

The second step is to explore your existing gifts.  

I am what psychics call “claircognizant,” meaning I just know things.  

I can see through lies and deception, read energy in others, and give exacting counsel on life, and many health, issues.  

My read on things and people is almost always right on.  

I have, I would say, a 99.9% success rate.  

Enough to say I am never wrong.  

I use my gift telling people’s stories for them, helping others understand themselves, and holding space for people who are hurting.  

It took me years of being judgmental and critical of others, being self-righteous (because I was so often right) and burning a lot of bridges before I learned to use my powers for good.  

To discover how you can use your gifts, and what kind of helper you can be, take the necessary steps to get to know yourself.  

Meditate, journal, seek counsel from those wiser than you, and surrender.  

Surrender again and again to the Universe and your divine purpose.  

Then, all you have to do is have faith and remain open. 

Your pathway will be revealed to you in due time.  

The less resistance the better.  

Happy manifesting! 

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