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Heal the Sixth Chakra with Affirmations

6th chakra affirmations can change your life.

sixth chakra affirmations

6th chakra affirmations are helpful for those among us who struggle with literal third eye blindness. If you’re having trouble seeing things clearly or tapping into your own wisdom, your 6th chakra is likely blocked.  

So, you’ll need some practices, some rituals, and some 6th chakra affirmations to clear things up.  

The Sixth Chakra  

The sixth chakra, the Ajna chakra, is the third eye, located at the point right in between your brows in the center of your forehead. It is only one step down from your crown chakra, and thus receives direct communication from your divine communication and translates it to inner wisdom.  

It is with your sixth chakra that you look out into the world objectively, from a neutral, detached perspective, and you draw conclusions of Truth, not judgement.  

Ajna means “beyond wisdom,” and this chakra will guide you to deep inner knowledge if you let it.  

A clear third eye chakra can enable psychic abilities like clairvoyance, telepathy, lucid dreaming, expanded imagination, and visualization.  

This chakra is physically connected to your pituitary gland, the eyes, the head, and the lower part of your brain.  

The Sixth Sense and 6th Chakra Affirmations

third eye

Contrary to what we are told from birth, humans have far more than five senses.  

Those in the witchy spiritual world know many refer to anything outside of those five senses as “the sixth sense.”  

But really, this name or designation does not do justice to our abilities at all.  

Your inner self is connected to a higher power through your mind’s eye, that spot in the center of the forehead. You higher self communicates with you in the physical world through your subconscious mind, by offering inner guidance and connecting you to your strong intuition.

Maintaining a spiritual connection to your higher consciousness is a powerful tool for opening your 6th chakra and seeing the bigger picture, accessing your deepest wisdom and staying in the present moment.

Mat Auryn, author of Psychic Witch, explains that we actually have four other senses in addition to the five we all think of – seeing, hearing, tasting, touching, and smelling.  

We call those other four senses the four “clairs,” based on the French word meaning “clear.”  



Clairvoyance translates from the French to “the ability to see clearly.”  

Clairvoyants can often see spirits and energy; they can read auras and see across dimensions into alternate realities. Clairvoyants are intensely connected to their third eye chakra.  



Clairaudience means to hear clearly, so clairaudients can often hear voices from beyond, they can hear what you are thinking if you project it loudly enough, and they can hear between words, the unspoken things you don’t say.  

Clairaudients are also in touch with their third eye chakra.  



Clairsentience translates to “feel clearly.”  

Clairsentients feel things deeply. They are usually the empaths among us, and it can be a painful gift to be in touch with if you have not learned to set boundaries.  

Clairsentients are connected to their third eye chakra, but they are also incredibly tuned in to their solar plexus chakra, trusting their guts, and their root chakra, which connects us to our community.  



Finally, claircognizance means “to know clearly.”  

It is the least discussed among the clairs and many witches and spiritual teachers do not even know about this gift.  

It is the most difficult to describe. “You just know.”  

For years, I told myself I had no gifts. I knew I was a witch from the time I was in the fourth grade and began making up supernatural stories to entertain my friends. I could feel my powers of persuasion, but that didn’t feel like a supernatural gift, really.  

It was only years later, after going through a decade of academia, honing my intellectual abilities, that I sat with a mom friend of mine, an acquaintance, really, and confessed my absence of a gift.  

She was a psychic healer, and I had only just met her.  

“I always thought it would be so cool to have a gift.” I told her. But I just wasn’t blessed with one. 

“You’re claircognizant.” She said, matter-of-factly. 

I had never heard the term, but it clicked for me instantly. I just knew.  

Claircognizance is directly connected to both the sixth and seventh chakra. It’s all in the head. 

Created Equal 

As Mat explains in his book, every single one of us is born with access to all of these gifts, but some of us are born stronger in some areas than others.  

We can, of course, hone our supernatural senses over time, but instead, in this day and age, our senses are dulled until they are all but wiped out.  

Just as we are all created equal among our five physical senses, we are all also created equal among our four metaphysical senses. 

But those senses are shut down by “the real world.”  

Our parents tell us to grow up. The rest of the world does not talk of these senses, and if you join the parts of the world that do take these things seriously, you’re called crazy.  

And you end up running a witchy spiritual website. Not too bad after all, all things considered. Thanks, 6th chakra affirmations.

The Age of Aquarius 


Fortunately, we entered the Age of Aquarius back in 2012, and more of us are waking up to our extraordinary senses.  

The Age of Aquarius is a time when humanity finally takes control of our own reality, our own destiny, and our own rightful heritage.  

Consciousness is expanding, and people are finally starting to talk about it on all levels of humanity.  

Things will be rough for a while, of course, as the Piscean Age comes to a final close. Old habits die hard.  

But as humans continue to seek more peace, more joy, more humanitarianism, and more cooperation among us, the old ways of a cold, malevolent, controlling patriarchy must fall.  

What will this require of you? An opening and clearing of your sixth chakra.  

To navigate this changing world and changing reality, you will need to wake up to your gifts, your other four sense, and figure out where your real power lies.  

6th Chakra Affirmations 

The first thing you must do to enter this period of awakening is to open up your crown chakra to the flow of energy and creative imagination to access deeper truths at the point of your third-eye chakra. 

This will eliminate negative thoughts and put you on your true path.

The crown chakra is opened in morning meditation.  

Sit with yourself, by yourself, in a clean and clear space, every day before you do anything else for anyone else and clear your mind.  

As you enter a 20-minute meditation, picture light coming down into the crown of your head from an infinitely unconditionally loving universe and providing you with all the information and intuition you need.  

Spend some real time on this step. Allow yourself to open up. Sit up straight, and receive.  


Then, allow that light to move into your sixth chakra, your third eye.  

Picture a small white scrubbing pad gently clearing away the dust and debris from your third eye.  

Ego is dust and debris.  

Judgement is dust and debris.  

Shame is dust and debirs.  

Remember, the universe has your back. You are fierce and fearless and unstoppable.  

You are fully equipped to see the world as it is, in its crumbling state that will allow for genuine healing and rebuilding, and you can do your part to heal and rebuild, while having compassion for the crumbling.  

Those are your first two 6th chakra affirmations.  

Speak them to yourself in meditation: “I am fierce. I am fearless. I am unstoppable.” 

These 6th chakra affirmations are critical to your spiritual progress as your ego will react with fear. It will try to keep you comfortable. Your ego wants to keep you safe.  

But you did not come into this life to be safe.   

You came into this life to expand.  

And you were born into a time of great expansion.  

Rebecca Campbell, in her book Rise Sister Rise, explains that those of us who were born into this age, the rise of the divine feminine, a time of great awakening, were born here for a reason.  

We all have a role to play. We came here with intentions.  

And the only way to understand those intentions is to open up our seventh and sixth chakras and receive, as the divine feminine receives.  

So that is your next 6th chakra affirmation: I came here with intentions.  

You were Source Energy before you came into this body. You knew what was ahead of you. You knew, in fact, everything.  

Remember, Source Energy is all knowing, all powerful, and all present at all times.  

That was you. That is still you, only in this limited human form. You are an extension of that energy, and you can communicate with it at any time.  

Which is your next 6th chakra affirmation: I can communicate with Source Energy at any time.  

Communicating with Source allows you to remember your intentions, tap into your intuition, and see the world through your sixth chakra.  

Which is your final affirmation: I see things clearly.  

And so it is.  

Happy manifesting! 

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