How to Manifest With a Candle: Rituals To Achieve Your Dreams

Candles are great at creating a mood and improving the ambiance. But did you know? You can also use them to manifest your intentions.

We call it candle magick, which is one way we connect with our inner being. Burning the candle is like a physical representation of releasing your intention to the Universe.

Identify What You Want to Manifest

Having said all that, today, I’ll be teaching you how to manifest with a candle. Let’s start with identifying what you want to manifest.

It’s important to be certain about our intentions because only with a clear message would you receive a clear response. One way to do this is by writing a manifestation journal to go deeper into your goals, dreams, and aspirations.

Choose the Correct Color of a Candle

Once you’ve identified what and why you want to manifest, the next step is to choose the correct color of candle based on your desire. Colors have different meanings and energies that can affect the intentions you’re manifesting. Besides color, you should know that new candles work best.

So, what are your color options? There are a few, and here I’ll give you a short breakdown of their meaning and usage.


We often use white candles for purifying a space. However, they’re also associated with happiness, healing, and peace.


Black symbolizes many things, one of which is death. But it’s also associated with spirituality, protection against evil, and getting rid of negativity.


Pink candles are perfect for manifesting intentions about love and romance. This color also represents femininity and faith.


Red is for love, desire, and passion, as you all probably know. But you can also use it for courage, strength, power, even protection.


Orange candles represent warm feelings like happiness. Use this candle if you want to manifest positivity in your life.


Like the orange candles, yellow represents happiness. But it also means success, wisdom, knowledge, and confidence.


Green is associated with stability. Green candles are perfect for bringing harmony, health, and fortune to your home.


Blue candles are said to bring love and happiness. Besides those, it’s a great idea to use blue candles for intentions related to wisdom and spirituality.


Purple is ideally used when you want to feel inner peace or enter a meditative state of mind. This color can also help you feel calmed when feeling anxious or stressed.


Brown also represents harmony. Brown candles are great for manifesting good luck, happiness, or when you’re asking for guidance.


You want to use gray candles if your intention is to cleanse, release or banish. For example, if you wish to banish harmful energy around you.


Silver candles are best when you’re manifesting a better future. This is because silver represents healing, joy, and success.


Gold represents wealth, power, and victory. It’s the perfect color if you’re manifesting abundance in your life.

Pick the candle’s color that best represents your intention based on the different meanings I mentioned. After choosing the right candle, let’s move on to the next step.

Dress Your Candle to Intensify Intention

The next step – dressing your candle – is optional. If you want to, you can manifest with only a candle. But dressing can help strengthen your intentions. So, how can you dress your candle? Some candles often already come with herbs, oils, and carvings to dress them up. If not, you can buy some at mystic stores. No matter where you get them from, make sure they match your intention and strengthen it.

Pick the Right Day for Candle Manifestation

If you’re done dressing your candle, the next step is picking a day for the manifestation, which has to do with the moon phases. The phases of the moon are essential due to the moon’s energies. If you don’t time it right, you could be picking up moon energies opposed to your intentions.

On that note, my suggestion is to do it during a new moon. It’s the perfect time to bring something new into your life. This is great for manifesting unless your desire is to let go. In which case, I suggest doing it during full moons.

Look for the Perfect Place to Light up Your Candle

Looking for a place to do your candle manifestation sounds trivial, but it isn’t. It is one way to set your day right and to enhance the effect of candle manifestation. What’s the ideal place for candle manifestation, then?

I’d like you to look for a space where nothing will disturb you, like your room or a corner somewhere. If possible, be in complete darkness and turn off your phone or any other devices. That way, you can focus solely on what you’re manifesting.

Light Your Candle and Visualize Your Desires

Did you find your space? If you did, then we’re now on the most crucial step – visualizing your dreams and desires. This is when you light your candle and take a few deep breaths to concentrate on your intentions.

closeup image of classic candle

Bring your desires in your mind’s eye, making sure you can clearly see them visualized. Feel the energy that surrounds you, and then say your manifestation. A few words or a whole sentence – both are okay. Just be sure to say it clearly, and when you’re done, don’t forget to thank the Universe.

You can do this by writing an entry in your manifestation journal or just by saying it to yourself aloud. After all, manifestation works better when you choose to say your desire is already a reality.

Surrender the Outcome to the Universe

We’re now in the final step – surrendering your manifestations to the Universe, to the higher power. What do you need to do? You need to forget your intentions. You’re done setting them now, so time to step back and let the Universe do its work.

We need to do this so we don’t obsess and feel frustrated that our intentions didn’t come true. If our desires are truly for us, the Universe will guide us to make those dreams and aspirations come true.

Should You Use A Candle To Manifest All Your Dreams?

Now you know how to manifest with a candle. This is a great first step towards finding meaning in your life. Just remember that you have the power to make anything you desire come true.

With manifestation, we are only bringing those desires into light, so that we can focus on turning them into reality. Now, let’s go ahead and be the best versions of ourselves.

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