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How to Make a Manifestation Journal In 3 Easy Steps

Do any of you know the Law of Attraction? I have an inkling that you’ve heard about it before. It is the conviction that you attract what you think or that you can create anything you dream about.

As you’re manifesting, a manifestation journal will become incredibly important for bringing the thoughts in your mind into reality.

What Is Manifestation?

Many of us have experienced a lot of bad things over the past couple of years. We’ve faced grief, anger, and frustration. All the same, we want meaning in our life. It is part of what makes us who we are, and in search of meaning, you probably encounter the word ‘manifestation’ a lot.

You will also come across it if you’re interested in astrology, dousing, healing crystals, or tarot cards.

But what is it exactly? The simple explanation is it’s about putting purpose to your goals, dreams, or aspirations in life and seeing them come true. It’s the belief that whatever you can think of, you can turn into reality. It’s like the Law of Attraction, which states that positive thoughts bring about positive experiences.

Manifestation, for me, is a word that focuses your mind on creating the things that you’ve always wanted to do. We’ve always been manifesting in life, but most of the time, it is subconscious. By learning how to manifest, in this case, writing a manifestation journal, we become conscious of the power of our mind and can bring these things into reality.

Manifestation, Mysticism, and Spirituality

Manifestation is a practice that is close to mysticism and spirituality, which isn’t surprising. After all, all three help us look more into and connect with our inner being.

We’ve always been all about being clear about what we want to happen in our community, right? We’re all about setting intentions, whether it’s for a promotion or a better relationship.

This routine is like manifestation, which shows how these three interact.

What is a Manifestation Journal?

Now, let’s talk about what a manifestation journal is. It’s basically a journal that helps you purposely create the future you want.

This is one of the many ways you can apply manifestation in life by putting your intention into words. Just remember that whatever you put into the world comes back to you.

What should be in a manifesting journal?

Try to focus on only the positive in your journal to set positive experiences for yourself.

With that said, let me teach you now how to make a manifestation journal.

Steps on How to Make a Manifestation Journal

To start a manifestation journal, begin by:

1. Choosing a Journal

First, you’ll need a journal. There’s no specific or perfect journal for your journey to manifestation. It can be a fancy one or just an ordinary notebook. You can even just write in a journal app on your phone. The only important thing is it inspires you, that it’s something you’d actually want to write in. So, try to look for a journal that feels like you and is something you can take on your journey.

2. Creating a Journal Routine

Creating a routine and making your manifestation journal a ritual is one way to make it more powerful. You can do it in the morning, night, or any part of the day, but a routine helps to set your day’s tone. I like to do it first thing in the morning with the mind the freshest it is.

There’s also nothing wrong with doing it at night. Here, the manifestation journal you write can be a way of reviewing your day, which allows you to set a path for tomorrow.

3. Try Manifestation Journaling Techniques

Some people simply write their raw thoughts in their manifestation journal. But you can try some journaling ideas that can help define your aims and visions.

I have tried many of them myself and found some work while others don’t. It depends on the person, but it’s great to try them all out yourself.

How do you write a manifestation journal example?

Some of these journaling techniques and ideas are:

Manifestation list: It’s the technique where you create a specific list of the goals, dreams, and aspirations you want to manifest.

Scripting: This technique creates a detailed script of the ideal future you hope to have.

Affirmations: These are positive statements repeated to yourselves to encourage positive feelings, thoughts, and attitudes.

“How do I feel right now?”: Anytime you want to write in your journal, do a quick intuitive-scan and ask yourself how you feel. Write anything that comes to mind in your journal without analyzing or judging it.

Daily mantra: This helps set the day’s objective, which you do by choosing a card from your Affirmation Deck. The card you chose will be your guide for the day, which you write in your manifestation journal.

Self-Care: This technique helps you be more purposeful in doing self-care by writing them in your journal. It can be any small thing, like reading a book, as long as it makes you feel good.

What should be in a manifesting journal?

How to make a manifestation journal is not complicated. It’s all about changing your mindset.

It starts with learning how to appreciate what you have, identifying what you want in life, and putting intent into it. But of course, you also have to work hard to make your desires and hopes come true.

However, just the resolve to make your goals and visions happen is enough to push you and get you grinding.

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