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The Art of Manifesting with Crystals 

Manifesting with crystals is indeed an art. All magic is an art.  

And we know that all art must be practiced.  

You may be born with certain natural artistic talents, but still you must hone those talents to perfection.  

There is no utter genius who was able to come into this life and simply create perfection without a single day of practice.  

The Art of Manifesting 

The key to manifesting anything, and drawing on any divination tool, is to understand that it is indeed an art.  

Think about the greatest manifesters we know about in history.  

Remember, you don’t have to like these people. Just recognize that they are in point of fact brilliant at manifesting.  

Napoleon Bonaparte is one of my favorites. He was a war general, very good at what he did, and he just worked hard at his passion: fighting for what he believed in.  

He was encouraged by his peers to put his name in the ring as the next leader of France after the royalty was expelled (and executed), and so he did.  

And from there, he placed himself as supreme leader of France.  

Then supreme leader of the French Empire, which he expanded France to be one of the largest empires in history, controlling most of Europe.  

The fall of Napoleon was due, in my opinion, to his focus on his ego rather than on his manifestations. 

It is thusly that all great manifesters fall.  

On the opposite side, Queen Elizabeth was an amazing manifester in her own right.  

Her rise was in the reverse direction. At first, her focus was on her ego, looking for the right suitor, afraid of enemies, worried about her appearance to her critics.  

And when she shifted her fears and ego-based concerns, she rose to become one of the most beloved leaders in the history of the world.  

She put her best wishes for her country alongside her talents and led England to heights it had never seen before and has not seen since.  

Both Napoleon and Queen Elizabeth practiced, failed, succeeded, flailed, fell, and rose again.  

They were not overnight successes.  

We see the same things in our artists like William Wordsworth, who spoke of humans as Universal, divine beings, Pablo Picasso, who painted Guernica, a depiction of the horrors of the bombings under Hitler and Franco, which went on to show at the World’s Fair, and Toni Morrisson and Gabriel Garcia Marquez, who struggled with poverty and rejection only to become two of the world’s greatest writers of all time.  

Michael Jordan practiced basketball every day of his life for hours.  

Lady Gaga dedicated her entire being to become the darling singer she is today.  

Tony Robbins overcame poverty and neglect to help others and build an empire.  

And so it goes with every single great artist, business leader, inspirational speaker or writer that we can name.  

You will be hard pressed to find a single person in the entire world who was born perfect, lived a perfect life, and went on to great, inspirational things.  

So, if you are seeking a way to discover your own art of manifesting with crystals, know that it will take time, energy, patience, and an abundance of self-love.  

Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz

Manifesting with Crystals: What You Seek Is Within 

Once you have accepted that you will have to practice your art, you must also accept that everything you need is already inside of you.  

And everything you will need to know is also already inside of you.  

You simply need to unlock it.  

When we read books, listen to podcasts, go to weekend retreats, and, yes, read blogs, about these subjects that interest us, we are not really learning anything knew, we are remembering we have known all along.  

We are finding the ones who speak, write, or represent the information we need in the way we need to hear it, right now.  

So if you are reading this now, know that your own manifestation has brought you here to read these words.  

To understand that all of your power is inside of you, not outside of you in some book, podcast, or blog.  

You don’t need a guru to do things for you.  

You may need those who have come before you, been there before, undergone what you are going through, to confirm for you that you already have what it takes.  

Manifesting with crystals is the same as manifesting with or without anything else.  

Crystals are merely a focal point for your energy, albeit pretty focal points.  

Abraham Hicks, when asked about divination tools like tarot cards, crystals, and even chakras, noted that they could be anything. Anything at all that will distract you from feeling like you are not enough.  

“It could be a doorknob.” They say.  

Anything that will attract your attention for long enough to allow you to step into receptive mode.  

Get out of your own way.  

When it comes to manifesting, anything at all, you simply need to release negative energy, draw on your natural state of unconditional love, and embody positive energy about your specific goals.  

Then sit back and let the Universe deliver.  

The best way to do any of this is to build a regular meditation practice that silences your mind.  

When you silence your mind, you connect fully to the divine within you, and you unleash all of the power you have access to – the entire Universe is at your disposal.  

It takes time and commitment, but it is worth it. And know that, just like Napoleon, Queen Elizabeth, Lady Gaga, or any other great manifester, you will fall, you will fail, and you will rise again.  

Just keep going.  

Crystals for Grief

So, begin each day with a 20-minute mediation session in complete silence, scanning your whole body for clarity and focus, getting in touch with your inner self, your cosmic self, and releasing what no longer serves you.  

Then, you can begin manifesting with crystals.  

Manifesting with Crystals: the Basics 

After your morning meditation, you can begin your manifestation practice.  

First, you must choose the best crystals based on your goals.  

It helps to understand your chakras, your energy centers, so you know from which part of yourself you are manifesting. Then use the crystals as an external object of focus to send all of your positive energy to.  

Each chakra is connected to various parts of life that you may be wishing to focus on. The chakras below the heart are earthly based, and the chakras above the heart are divinely connected.  

The heart chakra is your personal, self-love and self-compassion, healing center – the home.  

Black Obsidian
Black Obsidian

Root Chakra 

The root chakra is where you do your tribal work. If you are manifesting something related to the community, the world, the planet, or your connection to living creatures, your focus energy-wise will be here.  

Black Obsidian is the right crystal for root chakra work.  

Sacral Chakra 

Your second chakra is the home of all your creative pursuits, including business growth, passionate love and creating life.  

Red Carnelian and Orange Calcite are your stones for these passions and fiery energy.  

Solar Plexus Chakra 

The solar plexus is your chakra for communicating with individuals, trusting your instincts, and drawing on internal energy for productivity.  

Look for Citrine and Tiger’s Eye to draw on these energies.  

Heart Chakra 

As I said, the heart chakra is your home for self-love and healing. If you have any healing to do, it must begin with loving yourself intensely.  

Green Aventurine and Green Fluorite are great for this work.  

Throat Chakra 

Lapis Lazuli
Lapis Lazuli

The throat chakra is your place of truth telling. You must be able to use your voice, loud and clear, and with love and compassion, to speak your Truth.  

Lapiz Lazuli and Aquamarine are ideal stones for clearing your throat chakra.  

Third Eye Chakra 

The third eye chakra is your place of second sight. From here you can see the truth and navigate the world using that sight. When you can do this, you can manifest literally anything, including, of course, money.  

Sodalite and Azurite are the best crystals to regain your sight and act as a money stone.  

Crown Chakra 

And finally, the crown chakra is the place from which, and through which, you connect to the divine directly. A clear crown chakra will your intuition to flow uninterrupted.  

It is perhaps the most difficult chakra to open us as so many of us have been trained to only rely on our human instincts.  

Clear Quartz crystals in abundance can help.  

Clear Quartz
Clear Quartz

Now you have your crystals, implement a manifestation practice after each morning meditation that works for you. You have a powerful crystal in your hands only because of your personal power.  

The manifestation process should include writing down your goals, creating a crystal grid (lining up your crystals in a row that feel intuitively good to you), and allowing for crystal healing.  

Speak your dream life out loud, allow negative thoughts to pass like air, and draw on your inner strength.  

Sit up straight, or stand up tall, know that your manifestation crystals draw on your good fortune and vibrational alignment to command your good health and positive thinking.  

The energy of crystals is in direct relation to your status as a master healer for yourself. Your daily life brings each stone of opportunity to complete your positive intentions.  

The first step is the most important step – knowing you have the power to do anything.  

Then, you simply allow your life force to do the manifestation work for you. The best stones are the ones you believe in.  

Over time, you can create a vision board, revealing how the law of attraction works in each area of your life, and the powerful vibrational energies of different types that are on display, from your love life to your emotional balance and even a new job.  

Rest easy. You’ve got this.  

Happy manifesting!  

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