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Breakup and Broken Heart Affirmations to Help You Heal

So you’re looking for broken heart affirmations. 

Ah, they always come to the witch with their broken hearts. 

It’s true. 

For millennia, people have been turning to their village witch for advice, and spells, for a broken heart. 

And real witches, the one who use their powers for good, have always said the same thing: magic cannot control love. 

Indeed, love controls magic. 


That’s right. 

Love controls magic. 


To understand this concept, you first must understand love. 

When we talk about love, we are talking about Love with a capital L. 

Not the selfish, self centered, jealous, demanding, angry “love.” 

That’s not love. It’s ego. 

Overprotective, overbearing, punishing and rewarding, anxious, depressed “love” is also not love. 

Love is open, pure, positive, soft, gentle, easy, relaxed, kind, receptive, generous. 

Love is also firm, holds space, and holds boundaries, lest you be confused that love is passive and victimized. 


Because love, real Love, begins always within. It actually begins much deeper and higher than simply “within.” 

It begins with your higher power. 

When you realize that you are god in human form, that you are the universe having a human experience, you love your spirit, Source Energy, God, whatever you want to call it, first and foremost because you realize that everything else is temporary and illusory. 

You came from infinite power, infinite wisdom, and an all present energy that is pure unadulterated love. 

Then, you chose to come into this human experience to expand. 

When you understand that, you love yourself, the highest form of yourself, above all else. 

And when you can start from there, and understand that everyone else on earth is the same as you in that way, then Love takes on a whole new meaning. 

You begin with The Universe. You then love your human self and act in ways that are deeply loving toward that self. 

Finally, you can love others from that space. 

The end of a relationship and a broken heart is a great way to make you a better person, understand you are worthy of love, and let go of your negative self, the one who does not believe you have a good reason to love life. 

Your broken heart affirmations can begin from there: 

“I love my higher power.” 

“I trust my higher power to always guide me toward my highest good.” 

“I love myself in all my forms.” 

“I am worthy of deep, intense love.” 

“I let go of what is not loving toward me.” 

The Heart Chakra: Broken Heart Affirmations

This hierarchy of love, from your higher self and God to your human self and then to others, is why we have the heart chakra at the center of our being. 

We connect with and love the earth we come from and our community as a whole from our root chakra, then with others related to our creation from our sacral chakra, then with other individuals from our solar plexus chakra. 

We connect with and love our higher self and God from our crown chakra, we see with that loving gaze from our third eye chakra, and we speak that loving truth form our throat chakra. 

From God down, and from others up, all leading to our heart chakra at the very center, equidistant from both. 

Thus, when we have troubles in our heart, we have to check in with ourselves first. 

Our heart chakra is the place where we love ourselves, we have compassion for ourselves, we hold space for ourselves, above all else. 

When we put others before us, our hearts break. 

When we love ourselves first, we can let go of those in our lives who leave for whatever reason, trusting that the deep, higher love is always present, and that this life is merely temporary. 

We will meet those we loved so much and lost in the afterlife and likely in the next if we have a soul contract with them. 

Love that is painful or love that is toxic is a love we have to learn to let go of. 

Broken heart affirmations: 

“I let go of what hurts me.” 

“I am only hurting because I am clinging.” 

“I can let go.” 

“I feel and release my pain.” 

“I am seeking joy.” 

To release pain, hurt, and heal a broken heart, meditate on your heart chakra with the above affirmations and allow yourself to soften and release more and more with each meditation. 


Meditation to Heal a Broken Heart

Each morning, when you rise, before you do anything else, make your bed, brush your teeth, drink a full glass of room temperature water with a splash of lemon juice, all to clear your space and set the tone for the day. 

Then do some gentle yoga that shows love for your body. 

Finally, set your timer for 20 minutes and either sit or lie on your back in a clean and quiet space. 

Bring your rose quartz crystal and your clear quartz crystal with your for heart healing, magnification, and clarity. You can also bring malachite as it matches the green energy of your heart chakra

Your goal is to clear your mind of all thoughts and sit with your higher self for healing. 

As you sit, imagine a dark green light entering your crown chakra and clearing the way for your connection to the Universe. Then picture the light filling up your head and clearing your third eye chakra for clarity on the issue. Finally, allow the green light to fill your throat so you can speak the truth of what you see. 

Next, allow that green energy ball of light to expand into your chest and clear out your heart, imbuing you with the deeply loving energy of the Universe that always has your back. 

You are loved beyond anything you can imagine and always held with support and encouragement. 

Once you have filled you heart with that energy, allow it to gently make its way through your solar plexus chakra, into your sacral chakra, and down into your root chakra, and finally into the earth from which you came.

The green light will flood you with unconditional love, it will support you in your self love, and it will help you send love out to the one you have lost, cutting the cord and releasing all expectations. 

When your timer goes off, be sure to set your intention for the day of loving yourself and letting go of what no longer serves you in this part of your life. 

He’s Just Not that Into You

Years ago, I was struggling with a breakup, and a girlfriend of mine handed me a book. 

I looked down at the cover to see the title: He’s Just Not that Into You.

“Thanks a lot.” I told her.

“No. Really. Read it. It will help.” She said with genuine compassion. 

I did. And it did.

Turns out, the book was written by a man and woman who had been writers on the highly successful show “Sex and the City.” 

They both helped write a scene in which one of the characters is struggling with a breakup. She’s wondering what could have possibly happened. Everything was going so well.

Her friend’s boyfriend explains it simply: “he’s just not that into you.” 

“Oh.” The character says. “Okay.”

The writers of that scene went on to write an entire book on the subject. And of course it goes both ways. Sometimes “she’s just not that into you.” 

The point is that when someone is really into you, they will move heaven and earth and walk through hell and the afterlife to be with you. 

I have had the great fortune of always being with men who were super into me, including my husband. 

I have simply never been a woman who will be with a man who does not adore me. 

It’s one of my greatest strengths. 

I value myself and I expect everyone else to as well. 

If they don’t, I just move on. 

Trust me, I have many weaknesses, of which I will write in other articles, I’m sure. But this is not one of them. 

My husband chased me for months before I dated him, and then chased me again to marry him after I said “nah” three different times. 

My point is that if he’s not that into you, chances are you’re really not that into him, either. 

And if he’ll leave you, you’re better off. 

And if you needed to leave him because he wasn’t the one for you, you’re better off. 

The Universe does not make mistakes. 

The ones we’re meant to be with will not miss us. 

But we can certainly miss them when we’re so focused on the door that closed in our faces. 

It is only our egos that keep us staring at that door. 

Wish them luck and love and move on so you can find the man (or woman) who adores you. 

Great things comes from the universal love that rests in your subconscious mind, which will allow you to be the best version of yourself, head in the right direction, and find a wonderful person who will bring you good things and help you get to a better place. 

You can get a fresh start and a new life by spending time working on becoming a joyful person doing good things for yourself. 

That way, when you start a new relationship, it will be an exquisite version of the power of positive affirmations

In the meantime, get really into yourself. 

Love yourself, take care of yourself, treat yourself, date yourself, learn to love yourself in ways that will not let anyone come into your life who cannot love you as well as you love yourself. 

Before you know it, your next opportunity to be adored will be staring you in the face. 

Happy Manifesting!

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