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Solar Plexus Chakra Affirmations to Feel Calm and Strong 

The solar plexus chakra is perhaps the trickiest of all the chakras to understand and get into clear balance.  

This energy center is the home of your personal power and self-confidence; it is also the seat of your “gut instincts.”  

Solar plexus affirmations, and the practices that accompany them, are a powerful way to help you attain strength in each of these areas. A simple, but not easy, task. Like anything having to do with the law of attraction and personal growth.  

Like most things spiritual and energetic, of course.  

Solar Plexus Chakra 

The solar plexus chakra is the third chakra up from your root.  

After your community center, the root chakra, and your chakra for creation, the sacral chakra, the solar plexus chakra is linked directly to your relationships to the individuals in your life.  

Caroline Myss points out in her book Anatomy of the Spirit that this chakra, when blocked, can cause tremendous suffering in our nervous systems.  

Women particularly struggle with our solar plexus as it is in our nature as the nurturing sex to serve others. We often forget to serve ourselves.  

Or we become codependent, creating and building relationships that drain us rather than fulfill us.  

Personal Power, Self-Confidence, and Instincts 

Sadly, most of our behaviors when it comes to our solar plexus chakra and our relationships with others are rooted in our past, our childhood, and the ways in which our mothers and the other women in our lives modeled for us.  

Learned patterns from childhood are incredibly challenging to overcome.  

It can be done, of course. But it takes awareness, time, persistence, and patience.  

Which often means we must connect our third chakra to our fourth, the heart chakra, the home of self-love.  

Blocked and Unbalanced  

When your third chakra is blocked and unbalanced, your instincts are off, your “gut feelings” lead you astray, and you find yourself repeatedly hurt by or hurting others.  

The solar plexus chakra is also referred to as the manipura chakra; manipura means lustrous gem.  

It is associated with the fire element and passion in relationships.  

Thus, if your fire is too hot, it is unbalanced, and you will find yourself attempting to control and manipulate those around you. Sure, you may think it is all in their best interests.  

But someone with a truly balanced third chakra allows others to live their lives on their own terms.  

Remember, we each come into these human bodies with our own set of intentions, our own guides, and our own intuitions.  

If the fire is too low, you will find yourself being controlled and manipulated by others; you have low self-esteem, and your subconscious mind has been co-opted by someone else.  

Their inner voice has become your inner voice.  

This other person could be your own controlling mother, a spouse or intimate partner, a friend, or even someone you have adopted as your guru.  

Again, even the most well-meaning leader, guide, or healer must operate from a place of guidance, not control.  

It is the helper’s job to help you see your own strength and your own inner voice. Not to become your strength and inner voice, which is not good for anyone.  

Instincts vs. Intuition 


Where the solar plexus chakra gets really tricky is in differentiating between instincts and intuition.  

To be clear, intuition is your inner wisdom that comes from your divine self, from the Universe.  

It is always True, with a capital T. And it always comes from a place of genuine, unconditional Love, with a capital L.  

Intuition guides you always toward your highest good and toward your yes. It does not warn you, caution you, shame you, or blame you.  

Intuition knows that everything always works out, that there are infinite options and pathways toward your goals and dreams, and that nothing is impossible or to be feared.  

Your intuition encourages and supports positive changes, positive affirmations, and positive energy.  

Your intuition, in terms of chakras, is rooted in your crown chakra, your third eye chakra, and your throat chakra, all above the neck and connected directly to the divine.  

Your instincts, on the other hand, are all earthly. They are the lessons your human body and human brain have learned since you arrived.  

Your instincts must be honed, visited, revisited, recognized, shifted, adjusted, and checked in on all the time.  

They are ego based, situated firmly in your human body and in the human experience.  

They can be way off.  

Depending on what you have learned from people and limited perspective situations in your life, your instincts can make you sexist, racist, classist, and more, and you won’t even realize it.  

New Yorker writer Malcolm Gladwell discusses this phenomenon in his book Blink.  

If you double down on your instincts without checking in with them, checking on your perspectives, and consulting with wiser people, you can cause yourself and others a ton of damage.  

And your ego will have you doubling down on the damage you cause, justifying hateful and hurtful actions.  

And ultimately, you will make yourself sick.  

Hate and hurt are poisons that infect you from the inside, starting with your solar plexus and your entire nervous system.  

Fortunately, you can hone good instincts through practice, or maybe you have built really strong instincts as a result of a healthy childhood and strong, wise leaders in your life.  

It is a simple matter of connecting your third chakra to your seventh chakra and checking in regularly.  

Ask yourself “does this come from a place of love or fear?”  

If it comes from love, you know it is intuition.  

rose quartz chakra

If it comes from fear, you know it is an instinct.  

Then you have to ask yourself if the fear is a rational one.  

Then you have to evaluate the costs and the benefits.  

I go over this with my kids a lot.  

Should you jump from that rock into the water?  

Check in with your gut – your solar plexus.  

Are you afraid? Is the fear warranted? Evaluate your surroundings. Will it be more fun with a little risk? Or more risky and likely to get you hurt?  

In the human experience, we have to be willing to engage in risk; our instincts caution us against risk, try to keep us safe and comfortable at all times.  

But it’s like that quote about a ship in harbor. It is safest in harbor. But that’s not what ships are made for.  

We did not come here to always be safe.  

Sure, we want to live long, happy, healthy lives, so we have our instincts for that. But we also want to push the limits, experience, new things, and expand. That’s what we have our intuition for.  

Balance and Clear Your Solar Plexus Chakra 

A balanced solar plexus chakra will have you calm and strong at almost all times.  

When you start to feel anxious and jittery, a sign that your chakra system is out of alignment, the most effective way to bring it back to your inner wisdom is to place your hand just above your belly button, center yourself, seek inner peace, and connect your heart chakra to your solar plexus chakra.  

You can chant, one of the best ways to bring your third chakra back into alignment with your chakra system.  

Chant one long “oooooooommmmmmmmmm.”  

The om sound brings resonance into your solar plexus chakra and is the first and foremost solar plexus chakra affirmation.  

Solar Plexus Chakra Affirmations 

Further solar plexus chakra affirmations must reside with their practices.  

The first is to meditate each morning. Sit quietly for 20 minutes and align your chakras, focusing on your solar plexus and picturing light pooling there.  

As the light pools in your solar plexus chakra, repeat these words out loud:  

“I am strong, confident, smart, and capable.”  

Then, as you go through your day, bring yourself back to that moment in each decision you struggle with, or each time you doubt your decision-making skills.  

When you finish your meditation, repeat these words out loud:  

“I have strong intuition, and I trust my intuition to inform my instincts.”  

Then, as you go throughout your day, check in with yourself, ensuring your inner wisdom is correcting your solar plexus as needed.  

When you are struggling with a decision, repeat these words out loud:  

“I am always being guided, and that guidance is allowing my instincts to support me in this life.”  

This solar plexus chakra affirmation allows you to trust your intuition and divine guidance to inform your instincts in real time, so you can fulfill your life purpose and really begin to live your own life and not the life of someone else, or dwell in your past mistakes.  

In the end, remember that everything, yes every single thing in life, is a practice. It is an art. We must allow ourselves grace and compassion as we work through this human life in this human body.  

Your goal is to be your most authentic self, and clear your solar plexus chakra so that these powerful affirmations can be powerful tools to support you along the way.  

Happy manifesting! 

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