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4 Self-Care Morning Positive Mantras to Boost Your Confidence 

Why would you need positive mantras to boost your confidence? You’ve heard it before, and you’ll hear it over and over again: confidence is everything.  

Confidence tells the Universe you’ve got this, and signals to the Universe that you get what you want. 

But confidence is not always easy to come by for those who don’t come by it naturally.  

How do you get it? 


confident woman

Confidence is energy.  

Well, okay, everything is energy.  

But confidence is really only energy. 

It is an energy that you exude, that comes from within, that makes you glow and shine. 

Confidence is self esteem. It is the innate knowledge that you can do, have, and be anything you want. 

For some, it comes naturally. Not necessarily easily, but naturally.  

Most people with natural confidence have either gotten that way by having lived an extraordinarily easy way of living their own life, from an early age, or from having experienced a terribly difficult time and having overcome it.  

Ample reports have shown that children raised with positive reinforcement and ongoing encouragement grow up to be well balance, extremely confident adults.  

It’s common sense – typically, when you come from a great place, you go on to do great things.  

Don’t get confused. This truth does not necessarily relate to money, big houses, fancy vacations, or material things.  

Kids can grow up with a ton of wealth and very little genuine, compassionate, positive love. 

And other kids can grow up with very little material wealth and grow up kind, loving, and intensely confident.  

The other common way you will see natural confidence comes from having overcome a lot at a young age.  

When you have “been through it all,” you’re much more likely to believe that you can continue to endure and overcome, and you are more likely to strive beyond what society tells you you are capable of.  

If you are not naturally confident, there are many ways to build that inner confidence, including positive statements, positive thoughts, making positive changes, and building a positive mindset.  

It takes time, patience, and an abundance of self-love, but anyone can get there.  

Why Positive Mantras for Confidence Are Important: the Law of Attraction 

calm woman

One of the things people hate most about the law of attraction, indeed, one o the primary reasons people reject it outright, is how neutral it is.  

The law of attraction is not the Universe; it is not God; it is not the will of God. It is an unwavering, unbreakable, unbending, constant universal law. 

It says that energy attracts energy, that you attract what you are, that like attracts like. Always, without exception. 

If you hate it,  you hate it because you have a negative mindset and you’re upset that you can’t attract good from that place, so you keep getting angrier and angrier that you cannot change your life for the better from a place of anger.  

It’s like you’re crying and screaming and shaking your fist at the heavens shouting “why me, God? Why me?” 

But, as Jordan Peterson explains in his book Beyond Order: 12 More Rules for Life, “why not you?” 

And really, why not you?  

If it is not fair that “this” is happening to you, why is it fair for it to happen to someone else? Would you, in all your limited human consciousness, transfer your pain to someone else? Would you set yourself up as a god and hand out punishment and reward? You’ve got it all figured out, then?  

No, of course you don’t.  

All we can do is work here, with what we’ve got, and not worry about what anyone else is doing. “First, put your own house in order.”  

And putting your own house in order will take a lifetime.  

And, seemingly magically, the more you put your own house in order, the more you watch your life change. You do good things for yourself, you feel good about the things you do for yourself, and the Universe responds in kind by sending you more opportunities to do good things for yourself.  

All you have to do is open your eyes and believe. 

Positive Mantras for Confidence: How to Change Your Mind and Believe 

Probably the biggest to overcoming a lack of confidence, especially when it is deep inside your comfort zone to have negative beliefs and negative feelings, is to heal your subconscious mind.  

Because here’s the thing: you were born loving. Before you were born, you were pure loving energy with infinite wisdom and power. You were one with the source of all energy – some call it God – and you still are.  

You are an extension of source.  

Anything outside of that loving, kind, compassionate, good energy, is based firmly in the human experience. Evil, hatred, fear, shame, worry, anxiety, are all human limitations.  

And in small measure, they are good for us. Fear in the human world keeps us safe, worry allows us to think of solutions, shame holds us accountable for our actions.  

But too much of these negative feelings can become overwhelming and shift your entire system and way of thinking into the negative, triggering negativity from the law of attraction.  

Remember, the Universe is never judging you. It is only responding to you. It is a neutral party in what you are attracting.  

It is up to you to shift your life and build more confidence, triggering the Universe to send you only good.  


Daily Routine 

The first step to positive mantras for building confidence is to take a look at your daily routine.  

As Abraham Hicks says, “A consistent formula gives me consistent results.”  

Look around.  

What time do you wake up? What time do you go to bed? How do you sleep? Do you exercise? What foods are you eating? Do you drink too much? Do you meditate?  

These elements are all foundational, and free, ways to build a better daily routine into your life that leads to more confidence and ultimately will make you feel unstoppable.  

In our society, we pay far too little attention to how much of an effect our daily habits have on our overall health, and to how much our physical and mental health are connected.  

Begin with Exercise 

Mantra: I am strong. 


I always recommend beginning with exercise, and exercise as early in the day as possible. Exercise motivates you to do good things for yourself and it makes you feel strong. 

It begins a healthy cycle that sets the tone for your whole day.  

Moving your body creates endorphins, which are happy chemicals, in your brain. The more exercise you can get outside in fresh air and sunshine only multiply those happy chemicals further.  

Just 30 minutes a day of walking with a positive, upbeat podcast or uplifting music in your ears will set you on a cycle of joy and abundance, which leads to confidence.  

It will also make you pay better attention to your diet.  

Change Your Diet 

Mantra: My body is a temple. 

healthy food

You are what you eat. It’s true. If you’re eating garbage – processed foods, saturated fats, tons of sugar, no veggies, not enough protein – you’re going to feel like garbage, and your head will be filled with garbage.  

Exercising helps you crave healthy foods. No one goes for a run and says “mmmmm I want a greasy burger with fries now.”  

Not to say you can never have a burger and fries (Come on, I’m not crazy), but you will start to see your junk food as the occasional treat, not dietary staples.  

More foods in your diet that come from plants or animals that eat plants, more color in your diet, and more water and herbs and spices, will shift the way your body feels, which will shift the way your mind feels.  

Begin with breakfast, a low carb, high protein, plant heavy meal that makes you feel light and energized. 

A changed diet on top of regular exercise will also induce and help you maintain good sleep.  


Mantra: I am worthy of rest. 


Sleep, in my opinion, is still grossly underrated in our society.  

Fortunately, good nutrition and regular exercise, especially early in the day, will encourage your body and mind to sleep well at night.  

After a few nights of great sleep, you’ll feel refreshed and capable of taking on the world.   


Mantra: The Universe has my back. 


Finally, make sure you sit in meditation for 20 minutes each morning, ideally before you do anything else.  

It will connect you to Source Energy and remind you just how powerful you are.  

These four positive mantras to boost your confidence are best done in the morning, after you have practice each of the self care steps in this daily routine.  

Wake up and say your sleep mantra. Meditate and repeat your mantra. Eat and say your mantra. Exercise and say your mantra.  

This way, you are not simply saying positive mantras to boost your confidence that you might not mean.  

You are taking action that is good for you, and by extension good for the Universe that loves you so much and for your community. Then you are speaking out loud the goodness you have participated in.  

Before you know it, you’ll be the strong, loving, confident human being you came here to be.  


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