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10 Powerful Root Chakra Affirmations for Balancing Your First Chakra

Root chakra affirmations can make all the difference. The human experience begins entirely at our roots. It is a blessing and a curse. 

An unbalanced root chakra can lead to a lifetime of troubles. 

A balanced root chakra can open you up to possibilities and potential you never imagined. 

For this reason alone, it is essential to have powerful root chakra affirmations and practices that keep you grounded and deeply in touch with your most critical element of the human experience. 

Root chakra affirmations

The Root Chakra and Root Chakra Affirmations

I remember when my daughter was very little, walking hand in hand with her and looking up at the trees. 

We lived in an urban downtown neighborhood, but it was filled with trees of all kinds. 

This particular tree was large, tall, and bushy. 

It was an intensely windy day, and the trees were swaying mightily. 

“Oh Mama, what if that tree falls over? What if it falls on us?” She asked me, her little face concerned for us and for the tree. 

“Oh honey,” I reassured her. “That tree has very strong roots that go deep underground, so it knows how to bend without breaking or falling.”

I went on, of course, as any good witch mother would do, to relate trees and their roots to humans and our roots. 

I told her of how we humans needed to know where we come from, who we are, and what we believe in, so that we, too, could learn to bend and not break or fall over. 

As long as we remain grounded in these aspects of our humanity, we can endure. Everything is bearable. 

Human Birth and Our Roots


To be clear, before we are born, we are divine. We are pure, infinite, loving energy. 

The express and sole purpose of the universe, the driving force behind it all, is to expand. 

Human creation, as with all of creation, is a direct result of this purpose. 

Spiritual teacher Deepak Chopra and astrophysicist Menas Kafatos explain this quite well in their book You Are the Universe.

Science is catching up quite nicely to what mystics and spiritual teachers have long intuited. 

We are the gods we have been searching for. 

But, if we are gods, why come into human form at all? 

That god energy, as we know, is all powerful, all seeing, all knowing, all present. 

It is capable of anything and everything and can predict with one hundred percent accuracy all potentialities. 

Why bother to come into a human body that suffers and struggles and is so limited? 

The answer is that there must be some value in limitation.

And that value must be so tremendous that we, in our god selves, are willing to subject ourselves to the pains of humanity to access that value. 

It could be, indeed it seems it must be, that contrast is the key. That we experience so much more happiness for having experienced sadness, so much joy for having experienced pain. 

When you are a god, there is little to be in awe over. 


But when you are human, there is so much that is indeed profoundly awesome. 

Thus, the key of humanity lies in humanity itself. 

The whole point is to be human

To live the human experience. 

This explains why the root chakra is the first chakra, and the most important one to our humanity. 

While the crown chakra, the seventh chakra is the most important in terms of our connection to the divine, from which we came and to which we will return, the root chakra is our connection to the earth of which we are made, and to which our physical body will return. 

We are born human, and at our birth we are instantly linked to several communities that form our roots. 

We are living creatures, so we are connected to all living creatures; we are human, so we are connected to all human beings; we belong to our country, to our state, to our city, to our neighborhood, to our family, to our culture, to our sex, and so on. 

Our roots are dug deep from the moment we are born with all of these identities. This is why root chakra affirmations help.

It is up to us then, for the rest of our lives, to wrestle with and situate ourselves among those communities, to ground ourselves in our identities, and to clarify for ourselves what those identities mean to us, how they will shape us, and how we will use them as powerful tools rather than reasons to have negative thoughts or be victimized. 

Don Miguel Ruiz explains the stories in our heads that are planted by those around us and that we create throughout our lives in his book The Voice of Knowledge.

A Blocked or Unbalanced Root Chakra

Crown chakra

A blocked or unbalanced root chakra can mean colon issues, bladder issues, lower back problems, left arm, leg, or foot issues, inflammation, cramping, prostate issues, and sluggishness. 

The root chakra is located at the base of the spine and at the soles of your feet. It is the energy center that roots you into the ground and into your various tribes. 

It is upon you to clear and balance your root chakra by dealing with your health issues on a physical level first, and then, regularly and systematically, dealing with your emotional and spiritual issues. 

If you are feeling disconnected, alone, nervous and anxious, lacking, angry, or overly passive, you may be having root chakra issues. 

Your physical body, your mental health, and your spirit are constantly calling you to get right, to find that peaceful energy, and to bring your subconscious mind into alignment with spirit. 

All of this starts with your roots. 

10 Powerful Root Chakra Affirmations and Practices

Balancing your root chakra, at first, will feel very easy. Then it will get progressively more difficult, but still relatively simple. 

Be sure you build on your root chakra practices so that you have the strength to make the necessary progress and open yourself up to your full potential. 

Basic Needs

The first, and most important thing to do to begin to bring your root chakra into balance and clear up any dark energy there is to ensure your basic needs are met. 

Get yourself into a safe, secure place where you can sleep comfortably, eat well, and be alone when you need to be. 

It seems silly, but many people don’t have these basic needs met, and it is critical to our ability to thrive as humans that we do. 

Rent a room in a nice house from someone, stay with a friend or relative who will give you at least a year to get on your feet, or rent your own space if you can afford it. 

But get to a place that is within your means so you can begin to breathe freely and get out of survival mode. 

You cannot thrive from survival mode. 

Root chakra affirmations

I am worthy of safety, security, and my own space. 

I am free in my own space to connect to my roots. 



You cannot find balance if you do not have rest. 

Aim for at least 8 hours of solid, restful sleep every single night. If you are in crisis mode, this will not be easy. 

It may mean putting your electronic devices down two hours before bed, turning off the TV, going out into the grass or dirt barefoot and “earthing” for 30 minutes, drinking lavender tea, or even meditating to get yourself into a calm space hours before you plan to fall asleep. 

Root chakra affirmations:

When I rest, I honor my roots, I honor myself. 

From this rested space, I can explore and examine my roots. 


Speaking of meditation, you must build 20 minutes into every single day, ideally all at once, and ideally first thing in the morning to set the tone for your day. 

Sit quietly, clear your mind, and allow divine guidance in to show you the way to a strong root chakra. 

The energy will begin at your crown chakra, clear its way through your entire chakra system, and settle into your root chakra, rooting you into the earth and connecting you with all of life. 

Reminding that you are never, ever alone.  

Root chakra affirmations:

In stillness, I gain clarity. In clarity, I find peace within. 

When I give myself peace, I can love where I came from and who I am. 


1212 angel number

Exercise is a great way to get energy moving through your physical body, boost your mood, and get heal yourself from the inside out. 

Aim for 30 minutes of dedicated exercise every single day, ideally outside, and ideally incorporating some form or resistance training a couple times a week to strengthen your muscles, which will strengthen your brain and your mind. 

Root chakra affirmations:

When I move my body, I move energy through my chakras and clear them out. 

With a clear root chakra, I can explore my identity and love myself more. 



Drinking 8 glasses of water each day is an often-overlooked way to move energy through your body. 

Root chakra affirmations:

Water nourishes and cleanses my body and clears out my energy centers. 

With water, I wash away all that no longer serves me. 


And finally, diet. 

With an unbalanced root chakra, we often eat junk and make ourselves feel even worse. 

When you can introduce healthy, plant based and all natural foods into your diet and get rid of excessive sugar and alcohol, your root chakra healing can really take off. 

Root chakra affirmations: 

My body is a temple, beginning at the roots. 

I nourish my roots by eating the plants and animals which are already a part of me, and I am grateful for their service to my body. 

In the end, you can welcome a healthy body, positive thoughts, positive energy, and a sense of security and much more personal power than you can imagine once you accept that you are worthy of love.

You will be building on a foundation of faith from your base chakra, reversing your imbalanced root chakra, and introducing positive statements and positive changes into your belief system and find deep inner peace on a regular basis once you introduce these powerful chakra affirmations into your wheels of energy. 

Happy manifesting!

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