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The 7 Karmic Lessons of Numerology: Which One Is Yours?

According to Numerology, we are born with specific strengths and weaknesses. Karmic lessons are those weaknesses we can improve upon.

Identifying these Karmic Lessons is simple. If you can spell the full name you were born with, know the English alphabet, and can count to 9, you’re all set to begin.

yinyang karma

How Do Karmic Lessons Work?

Each letter in your name represents a number from 1 to 9. Letters A through J of the alphabet have the chronological number to coincide with it, A equals 1, B equals 2, C equals 3, and so on, up to J equals 9, then it starts over again with K equals 1, and so on.

Karmic Lessons Calculator Using Numerology

Karmic lessons are found by looking at the letters in your full birth name. Calculate your own karmic lessons using your name and this chart.


Any numbers that are missing are your Karmic Lessons.

On average, most people have two Karmic Lessons, but it’s not unusual to have 4 or 5, and some may have none.

Don’t be discouraged by your Karmic Lessons or the number of them you have. These are intended to be motivators, an insight that can guide you to a more well-rounded existence.

karmic lessons and numerology

Missing numbers simply inform you of the tools you don’t have in your toolbox so you can master them in this lifetime.

On the other hand, any repeating numbers in your name are your Karmic strengths; they are the talents you inherently possess and can build upon. These strengths will assist you in mastering your weaknesses.

Why are Karmic Lessons Important?

Why is it important to know your Karmic Lessons and work to improve them? Let’s say you have trouble maintaining relationships, often feel lonely, and don’t understand why.

Likely the number 6 is missing from your name. Thus, Karmic Lesson 6 represents an issue with commitment and taking responsibility in a relationship.

Knowing this will give you hope and direction to consciously learn how to connect more deeply with others and what role you have in building a lasting, prosperous relationship.


Keep in mind, if there is one of any of your Karmic Lesson(s) number(s) in any of your other core numbers, the effects of that lesson are reduced.

If you’re unsure what those core numbers are or how to calculate them, they are Life Path, Heart’s Desire, Expression/Destiny Number, Personality, Karmic Debt Number, and your Attitude/Sun Number.

What are the Karmic Lessons, and how are they improved upon?

Now you know how to find your Karmic Lessons what insights do they provide? Let’s start with Number 1.

Karmic Lesson 1 indicates a lack of initiative and effort, independence, and confidence.

Those with this lesson will be challenged by the strong-willed people that come into their lives. It is meant to teach assertiveness through the practice of ignoring what others think, having faith in one’s abilities and judgment, and rebelling against procrastination.

karmic lessons and how to do them

Karmic Lesson Number One

Number 1 also deals with abandonment-of-self trauma, forcing you to disconnect from yourself to avoid feeling the traumatic emotions. Acknowledging the trauma, accepting the whole self, and realizing the tools to handle it is in the whole of you.

To aid in your healing, try chamomile tea and the crystal, yellow jasper during meditation, in your pocket, or placed under your pillow.

Yellow Jasper
Yellow Jasper

Karmic Lesson Number Two

Lesson 2 is probably dominant in our society as it indicates a lack of tact and sensitivity towards others, along with a need for personal recognition and reward. To improve on these, practices in diplomacy and working as part of a team will allow you to succeed in situations that require patience and depend on the contributions of others.

Ironically, missing 2’s struggle to speak up for themselves, fearing and detesting conflict. Moonstone and green obsidian are excellent tools for this struggle.

Karmic Lesson Number Three

Lesson 3 centers around self-criticism and a fear of not being perfect. Perfection is an impossibility, and the need for it will prevent you from doing the things you enjoy in life. Continue to remind yourself your expectations are unrealistic. Life is messy, embrace it! Interestingly, many who are missing 3 become artists, but to succeed a missing 3 needs effort in perseverance.

Often ignored as a child and not allowed to express their true selves without criticism, 3 has feelings of inadequacy. Eucalyptus plant and blue lace agate transmit the healing energy to accompany you on your healing journey.

Karmic Lesson Number Four

If missing a 4, you might lack direction and focus, and it’s easy for you to feel confused, lost, and frustrated. You have no clue what direction your life is moving in, or if it’s standing still, so building a foundation on routine will help you plant your feet on the ground. Concentration and discipline won’t be easy, but constant and consistent practice is key.

Often having control issues, plagued with overwhelming stress, missing 4’s benefit from adrenal and spine work, along with smoky quartz.

Smoky Quartz
Smoky Quartz

Karmic Lesson Number Five

Lesson number 5 is to be more flexible and adventurous. Life will undoubtedly throw curveballs your way, requiring you to adapt. Take every opportunity to step out of your comfort zone, try new experiences, practice spontaneity – broaden your horizon, and go with the flow of life!

Though it’s beneficial for all Karmic Lessons, mindful meditation is especially potent for the challenges of missing 5. For added benefit, incorporate bloodstone or green calcite.

Karmic Lesson Number Six

Lesson 6 was briefly mentioned above and is indicative of commitment issues and inauthentic connections. Practicing honest communication with genuine emotion will allow you to bond with others in a deeper, more intimate way, leading to longer, more satisfying relationships. Here, you want to actively listen to respond with the needs of others in mind.

Realizing their worthiness of love, those with Karmic Lesson 6 will learn to set healthy boundaries.

Karmic Lesson Number Seven

A 7 Karmic Lesson means you are lacking the fortitude and knowledge to excel in a field or talent you have a great interest in. Rather than learning the “ins and outs” you give up on what could be satisfying projects or tasks based on a surface knowledge of the how and why. This robs you of so much potential! Slow down, study the fine print, and practice, practice, practice.

If Lesson 7 has experienced betrayal they begin to keep everyone at a distance, not allowing for fulfilling relationships. Developing trust in oneself, along with a black tourmaline in your pocket, will allow forgiveness and growth.

Black Tourmaline
Black Tourmaline

Karmic Lesson Number Eight

An 8 is especially interesting as it indicates someone with exceptional potential for success, but if not improved upon they’ll never reach said potential. Lesson 8 is to learn the limits of your resources, don’t let your desire to succeed cause you to take too much risk, and rather than running with a know-it-all attitude, humble yourself to the details, demonstrating caution in expending your resources.

For 8 to work through this lesson, serpentine and amazonite may help.

Karmic Lesson Number Nine

Lesson number 9 calls on you to look beyond your life and yourself to realize your connection to the rest of the world, and your ability to impact change for the well-being of others – how exciting! Your biggest challenge is the sacrifice of self for the bigger picture, but this is where your road is to true happiness, so 9 strongly suggests you make every effort to beat this challenge. Take along some white calcite and clear quartz to energize your efforts.

Karmic Lessons are like failures, in that they are each here to guide us to our full potential. It’s easy to see these lessons as obstacles or shortcomings, but they present an opportunity for tremendous growth.

Examples of Karmic Lessons

It’s going to be any lesson that keeps coming up in your life again and again. Look for patterns in your day to day to see the karmic lessons you’re being dealt in this lifetime.

How to Get Rid of Bad Karma

According to Mind, Body, Green, there are 7 strategies to get rid of your bad karma.

  1. Identify your karma.
  2. Sever ties to toxic people.
  3. Learn from (and take responsibility for) your mistakes.
  4. Perform actions that nourish your spirit and invoke well-being on every level.
  5. Defy your weaknesses.
  6. Take new action.
  7. Forgive everyone.

Karmic Lessons FAQ

What are karmic lessons?

Karmic lessons are things we mishandled in the past that now we have to atone for. Many times you will see these in relationships that fail one after the other for the same reasons. These karmic lessons will keep appearing in your life until you learn something valuable from them.
karmic lessons and how to learn from them

What are karmic situations?

This is a relationship with someone or something that you are super into. But it’s also really, really hard to keep. It will always feel like everything is about to fall apart, and that’s because it is.

What are examples of karmic debt?

Karmic debt is something that you owe from another lifetime. karma

What is a karmic lesson number?

Each letter in your name represents a number from 1 to 9. Letters A through J of the alphabet have the chronological number to coincide with it, A equals 1, B equals 2, C equals 3, and so on, up to J equals 9, then it starts over again with K equals 1, and so on.

Karmic lessons are found by looking at the letters in your full birth name. Calculate your own karmic lessons using your name and this chart.karmic lessons calculator chart

How do you know if a karmic lesson has been learned?

When you start to recognize the pattern that is happening over and over again and seek to break it.

What is the end of a karmic cycle?

When you finally break the destructive pattern, your lesson has been learned, and you are ready to end the karmic cycle.
karmic lessons and numerology

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