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How To Manifest With Citrine: Bring Sunshine, Money and Happiness Into Your Life

The crystal citrine is a powerful manifestation stone. You can use the energy of this yellow gemstone to help manifest your dreams and desires. The amazing stone also helps to attract abundance and prosperity into your life so that you can have the resources available to move forward in whichever direction you choose.

citrine manifestation

I’ve had many fruitful experiences using this “genie” stone. It’s my tool of choice when I’m feeling drained and unable to turn my visions into reality. And it always works when used correctly.

Learning how to manifest with citrine doesn’t mean the stone itself grants your wishes, but it works as a potent conduit for channeling your intentions.

Before you head out to buy citrine for your spell work or spiritual practice, there are a few things I want to talk to you about.

how to manifest with citrine

This stone is so powerful that it’s meant to be handled with care. A little more knowledge about it won’t hurt.

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What Citrine Can Do for You

Citrine is a transparent type of quartz crystal, which has a golden-yellow to orange hue due to the presence of iron or aluminum in it. Its name is derived from the French word “citron,” which translates to lemon.

This crystal is widely popular because it is the birthstone for the month of November.

citrine that is used to manifest with

Citrine has always been dubbed as the “merchant’s stone” or “success stone,” mainly because of its immense capacity to bring prosperity in different ways. Traders use this to attract more buyers. Artists use this to get inspiration for their work.

What makes citrine so special is the way it activates both the sacral and solar plexus chakras. The sacral chakra is associated with creativity, while the solar plexus chakra is linked to our will.

The combined activation of both chakras makes citrine a potent tool for turning dreams into reality.

Citrine Clears All Forms of Negative Energy

Before you proceed with using citrine to achieve wealth and everything else you want to have in your life, let’s talk about its cleansing power.

Citrine is an effective tool for clearing all negative energies around you. These energies include anything that contributes to lowering your thought vibrations, thus making you become vulnerable to dark emotions.

If you feel yourself shrouded in a gray cloud, using citrine to channel your intentions may work against you instead of for you.


To make the most of citrine’s manifesting power, make sure your mind is free from any toxic thoughts and difficult emotions. The good thing about this crystal is it works as a natural antidepressant by transmuting low emotional states into feelings of optimism.

🌝 How To Use Citrine to Manifest

Hold the citrine in your hand while you meditate to clear your mind and heart. Or, use it for a cleansing bath. Let it charge your bath water and mix in a cup of Epsom salt.

Add a few drops of essential oils and soak in the tub for at least 20 minutes. You’ll instantly feel all the troubles leave your body.

Citrine Raises Positive Energy

Now that you’re all “clean” and ready to start manifesting, it’s time to prepare your citrine for raising positive energy.

What makes this stone a great tool for achieving your goals is the way its structure allows it to hold thought forms.

manifesting with positive energy

Citrine, belonging to the quartz family, sometimes has an absent silicate atom, which creates a space within it. This space then acts as a black hole that stores your intentions.

This is why I encourage you not to skip the cleansing part before getting to the rising energy phase. Just think of the kind of energy you’ll be amplifying when your mind is filled with emotions that are harmful to your psyche.

And we all know about getting back whatever you send out into the world.

So, it’s best to channel only the purest of intentions into your citrine stone and make sure you’re working in total alignment with your soul’s purpose.

Citrine Strengthens Drive and Motivation

When using citrine for manifestation, it’s all in the way it increases your drive and motivation to help you achieve your goals. Because it aligns with your deepest desires and highest purpose, it works quickly to elevate your mindset.

It rids your brain of those self-defeating thoughts, turning you into the best version of who you are — one who’s capable of achieving great success in life.

use citrine to manifest money into your life

Citrine works best when you are in a meditative state. This is because you’re more attuned to your higher self and thus likely to produce the best results with your visualization and affirmation techniques.

Meditating once is not enough, though. You have to do this regularly until you’ve manifested your hopes and dreams. The key is in the habit you create with your citrine stone.

The more often you charge it with positive intention, the more powerful it becomes to draw whatever it is you’re visualizing into your present reality.

✨ Can you wear citrine every day?

Yes, it’s perfectly safe to wear citrine every day. Just make sure to cleanse and charge your stones regularly.

Citrine Awakens Your Intuitive Abilities

What happens when an individual who is motivated enough to achieve their goals relies on intuition to make the right choices? This will lead them a lot closer to what they’re envisioning, of course!

manifesting whatever you want

You know how sometimes we tend to want a specific thing but only end up making all the wrong choices? We take so many detours in life that we hardly ever become close enough to achieving our dreams.

This is what you don’t want to happen — when you’re not fully primed for manifesting.

Citrine can help activate your intuition, so how effectively you manifest depends on how you can listen actively to your inner voice.

This crystal works like an antenna, and a very high-quality one at that.

Make Your Wishes Come True With Citrine

Citrine can be a game-changer for new practitioners and those beginning to explore the fascinating world of crystals.


It helps you manifest quickly by cleansing your mind, increasing your willpower, and awakening your intuitive abilities. All these things will lead you one step closer every day to making your wishes come true.

How do you activate citrine?

To activate citrine, hold the crystalIin your dominant hand. If it has a point, you can point it towards you and imagine the energy flowing from the crystal into your own body.
You can say what you want out loud or in your head. As long as the intention is there, the universe can hear it.

Where should I keep citrine crystals?

According to Feng Shui, you should keep citrine in the wealth (southeast) corner of your home. You can keep it on your desk while you’re working or even in a pocketbook or purse. I sometimes keep mine in my bra.

What is the best way to charge citrine?

A selenite charging plate will work to charge your citrine, or you can leave it in indirect sunlight for a few hours. Citrine can also be charged in the moonlight, but it’s such a bright and cheery crystal that it works best when it’s charged in the indirect sun. Be careful not to place it in direct sunlight because it will lose its gorgeous color within just a few hours.Citrine affirmations

What do citrine crystals attract?

Citrine attracts wealth, abundance, and prosperity. If you run a business with a cash register, place a citrine stone in the cash drawer to bring money to your business.

What is the most powerful stone to attract money?

Yellow sapphire, citrine, amber, emerald, tiger’s eye, malachite, and garnet are all excellent crystals to use to attract more money into your life.Amber

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