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Best Crystals To Help Clear Your Mind While Meditating and Manifesting

I have known some of the most amazing manifesters on the planet. People who think of something and then bring it into existence.

This phenomenon is not the same as precognizance, which is the ability to see something happen before it does. Neither is it claircognizance, which is when you just know something. This is real live actual manifestation. The problem is most of these people bring negative things into their lives.

When the objects or events they bring in are good, they are usually so small that they simply shrug them off as coincidence instead of the real magic they are.

Why? Why don’t people realize how powerful they are? Why don’t these incredible manifesters recognize their own abilities and then use them for good? Clarity.

Clarity is everything. You can do real magic, if you can just get clear. Sounds easy, right? It’s not. You’ll need a process. You’ll need consistency. And to make absolute sure you’re on track, you’ll need the best crystals for clarity you can find.

Crystals and The Law of Attraction

The most powerful law in the universe, unbending and unbreakable, even stronger than gravity, is the law of attraction. The law of attraction states that that which is like unto itself is drawn. Like attracts like.

Whatever you are focused on, you are bringing into your life, whether you like it or not. That’s the trick. Whether you like it or not. I have known countless people riddled with fears, anxiety, and anger that are constantly bringing upon themselves their fears, anxieties, and anger.

If you look around the world and decide it is filled with bad people, stupid people, and mean people.

If you sit all day and think of how you have no money, the universe responds by making sure you have no money.

Crystals to Manifest Money

Even if you sit and wish for money, but you wish for it from a place of lack, guess what – no money.

Because the universe does not hear what you say, it listens to how you feel. It hears your deepest thoughts. It reads your intentions. You cannot lie to the universe, nor can you run or hide from it.

You decide what you are worth, and the universe responds in kind.

Chaos Reigns

Except that the world has been in a state of keeping us constantly distracted for the last several decades. Industrialization and the rise of technology have kept us so busy. Meanwhile, capitalism tells us about all the things we need in our lives, and how does it tell us we need these things? By telling us what is wrong with us.

You are fat. You need this weight loss product.

You are ugly. You need this makeup.

You are bald. You need this hair tonic.

You have too much hair. You need this hair growth product.

You don’t look as rich as your neighbor. Buy this new car.

You are too busy. Buy this fast food.

You don’t spend enough time with your kids. Buy these toys.

You’re tired. Watch this device. Scroll social media. Get addicted so then you’re even more tired and will turn back to more device watching.

And on and on and on in an endless loop of chaos wherein we never have a moment to breathe.

A moment of clarity.

Chaos reigns today, and as long as we let it, we are mindlessly manifesting at random, never recognizing that we are fully responsible for every single experience we have.

Every single one.

Take Back Your Power

One of my favorite witchy incantations is one that states, “I call all my power back to me.” It is, in a word, powerful. Do it under a full moon, under a new moon, at midnight, first thing in the morning, while burning sage, while putting on a clay mask in a steamy shower.

Whenever and wherever you do it, do it.

Call all your power back to you. Step off the hamster wheel. Put down the phone. Take stock of where you are and recognize that you got you here. You are a powerful being in touch with the divine with the entirety of universal wisdom at your fingertips. You came here for the full human experience, and if you are not manifesting every single thing you want in your life, you are not living the full human experience, you are merely floating through it.

And hey, no judgement. To each her own. If you’re not worried about living the full human experience, where you are tuned in, tapped in, and turned on to the signs and signals of a universe truly in love with you and eager to bring your wildest dreams into your existence, that is perfectly okay. It takes a lot of hard work to get there. Good work. Fulfilling work. But hard work, nonetheless.

But I suspect you do want the full human experience, which is why you’re here.

Get Clear

One of my favorite expressions when it comes to the road to enlightenment and stepping into your purpose is, “it’s simple. But it’s not easy.” The steps to gaining clarity so that you can attract all you want are simple. They are straightforward.

But they require consistency and iron will dedication to being the person you came here to be.

Clarity is the most important step in the law of attraction because when you have clarity, you can attract exactly what you want and quickly.

Clarity means you see what you want, of course.

Clarity also means you can see the signs from the universe directing you to what you want.

Open your eyes.

9 Ways To Clear Your Mind Before You Meditate


Without a full night’s sleep, every single night, you are not going to gain clarity on anything. Your brain will be fogged. You will be short tempered. Your comprehension and concentration are shot. Get your sleep!

Put down the phone

In order to gain clarity, you need to be free of distractions. That smartphone in your hand is an enormous distraction. Set limits for yourself. Do not sleep next to your phone. Turn it off two hours before bed. Get clear of your phone!

Turn off the TV

Same goes for the television. Most of what we watch on TV does not make us better, more rested, or more intelligent. It is pure entertainment at best and fearmongering at worst. Set real limits on what you watch and be mindful of what you choose.


The best opportunity to breathe and gain clarity is found in meditation. Sit for 10 minutes a day at the start of each day to just breathe, and you will find yourself clearer almost by magic.


Intense cardio most days of the week leads to more clarity for a variety of reasons. It helps you sleep, it improves your heart and brain function, and it helps your breath. Go for a run!

Get outside

An incredible way to connect with nature, getting outside puts you smack in the middle of all source energy created with human beings. Get out into it as much as you can each day, and you’ll find clarity hunting you down.


Writing down your hopes and dreams is a great way to gain clarity. It brings it into real words on the page that you can see and feel, which will help you visualize.


Being artistic in any way, painting, writing, dancing, will help you get in touch with the divine. Art is divine. Connecting with the divine brings clarity. Also, it’s fun!


Finally, focus. Clarity comes with focus. So, with everything you do, be present and focus on what it is you are trying to manifest right now in this moment, even if it is just “peace and quiet.” Then watch your point of focus come into your reality.

4 Best Crystals for Clarity

One of my favorite ways to focus on anything I’m aiming for, including clarity, is with crystals. Crystals are an amazing tangible resource we have on earth to help us ground into what we want. Keep these four crystals with you whenever you are aiming for clarity, in general, or in a specific area of your life.

💎 Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz

Clear quartz is my favorite stone because it is not also the best for clarity, but it also amplifies the power of any other crystal you use.

🌹 Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz

Next on the list has to be rose quartz because it is a love stone that helps you unblock your heart. When your heart chakra is unblocked, you can draw on your most powerful manifesting gift, love.

🖤 Obsidian

This powerful grounding stone will ward off negativity and clear your mind.

🍋 Citrine


Positivity! Citrine is bursting with good vibes. Especially if you are trying to get clear on what you want, carry citrine with you.

Be Gentle

Remember as you embark on a journey toward clarity in this busy, distracted world to be gentle with yourself. It is simple to take these steps, but it is not easy.

Being hard on yourself for not getting it all right away will only block you further.

Happy clarity!

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