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Rose Quartz Chakra Placement: A Healthy Heart 

Rose Quartz Chakra Placement: A Healthy Heart 

When it comes to rose quartz chakra placement, a healthy heart is the key to a healthy life.  

You can be aligned with the Universe through your crown chakra, see with your third eye, create from your sacral chakra, and more, but if your heart chakra is blocked, you will suffer untold sorrow.  

What is it that is so important about the heart chakra, and how do we heal it?  

rose quartz chakra

The Heart: Rose Quartz Chakra 

The heart chakra is the seat of self-love, primarily and most importantly. Yes, of course, you must love others from your heart chakra, and you learn to love all of life, really, from the same space, but at the very seat of a fully healed and fully open heart chakra is self-love.  


Well, let’s look at the chakras and how they interact with our relationships.  

In the Beginning, Love 

We begin at the beginning.  

Remember that chakras are energy centers that represent parts of our lives, both human and spiritual, so they connect us both to the material and immaterial worlds.  

Rose Quartz Chakra Placement

To understand this concept at its most basic, you have to understand the principles of creation.  

In the Universe, in the beginning, before all concepts of time, space, and matter, there was only consciousness.  

Deepak Chopra and astrophysicist Menas Kafatos explain this beginning very well in their book You Are the Universe.  

There had to have been consciousness because, as we know, everything springs from consciousness.  

Everything is thought of first.  

From that consciousness, then – call it God, Spirit, Source Energy, the Universe – came all of life as we know it. It slowly unfolded over millions of years.  

Galaxies with suns and planets with moons. One of those planets is earth, which, science tells us, is the physical result of stars heating up and exploding.  

And on earth, life sprung forth and evolved.  

All of life on earth is made of the same basic material. The same element you can find in mountainsides and in rivers and oceans, you can find in the human body.  

We are literally the stuff of dreams and stardust.  

With each new life form, each evolution, the Universe expanded.  

(The sole purpose of the Universe is to expand.)  

So, humans came into being as we know ourselves a few hundred thousand years ago.  

How To Use Rose Quartz With Your Chakras

We use the chakras, then, to explain and understand the human connection between the physical earth we sprang from and the infinitely wise, loving, expanding Universe that created us all.  

The Root Chakra 

From the base up, either from the soles of our feet or the base of our spine, depending on if we are sitting or standing, the root chakra is the first chakra, and it connects us, literally roots us, into the earth.  

It serves as a constant reminder that we are at one with the earth, all created from the same material stuff, and therefore all connected – One.  

In terms of relationships, the root chakra represents our relationship to our community or our tribe.  

🔁 The Sacral Chakra 

Sacral chakra

The second chakra is located just behind our belly button, where a woman’s womb is found, but we all have a sacral chakra, of course. It is indeed deeply rooted in your feminine energy, though.  

From here, we create, we give life, we nourish and nurture and include.  

The sacral chakra represents our relationship to the lives we create, those we create with, and those that create us. It is our family space.  

🌞 The Solar Plexus Chakra 

The solar plexus is located in your gut, just below your heart and above your belly button, and it is the location of our gut instincts, the lessons we’ve learned by interacting with others throughout our lives. 

As such, the third chakra represents our relationship to other individuals.  

❤️ The Heart Chakra 

Wellbeing Coach, Middle Aged Woman Practicing Mindful Acceptance Meditation. Positive Mindset Concept

The heart, the rose quartz chakra is located in the center of the chest, where our heart is found, and it is from this space that we connect to ourselves.  

At the root of all heart chakra work is self-love, and it is no coincidence that the heart chakra is the fourth chakra, centered precisely in the middle between the root and the crown.  

This chakra is connected equally to the earth and its people and the Universe and its spirits.  

👅 The Throat Chakra 

Once we pass the heart chakra, we are in divine space. The throat chakra represents your connection to divine truth and holds your ability to speak that truth without fear.  

It is located at the base of your throat.  

🧿 The Third Eye Chakra 

The third eye chakra is located above your brows and right in between them.  

This sixth chakra is your relationship to inner wisdom, translating communication from the Universe into the realities of this world.  

It is the sight of your inner being, which can only see through the lens of the Universe, unconditionally loving and infinitely wise.  

👑 The Crown Chakra 

Crown chakra

And finally, the crown chakra, the last chakra, is your relationship to the Universe.  

It is from this energetic place, at the crown of your head and the top of your spine, where your nervous system begins, that you communicate directly with the divine. You download all communications here.  

🔑 The Heart Is the Key: The Rose Quartz Chakra 

You can see then, how at the heart chakra, the divine and the material meet, and they meet in you. In order to bring these two together, your spirit and your body, you must be fully in your heart, rose quartz chakra at all times.  

A blocked heart chakra will interfere with all other chakra work, all other energy work, and all attempts to heal any part of your body, mind, or spirit.  

And in order to heal the heart chakra and open it fully, you must be in balance, in harmony with yourself, and deeply self-loving.  

This last part is really hard for a lot of people, especially those who have endured severe trauma in their lives.  

I had a really, really good friend once who was a science of the mind practitioner, meaning she was a spiritual guide for others, who was intensely angry almost all of the time.  

We spoke on this subject many times during our friendship, and she would continually try to convince me that she could absolutely love others and help others without loving herself.  

That she simply could not love herself, but she could still be of service to the world.  

Well, sure.  

Rose Quartz Heart
Rose Quartz

You can still serve and do good with a blocked heart chakra, but in the end, you may do a ton of harm to others and to yourself precisely because of your blocked heart.  

Ultimately, she ended up leaving our friendship, unable to relate to a hypothetical opinion I had on issues that had nothing to do with either of us personally or our friendship.  

She became so enraged that I had changed my mind on an issue that we had previously agreed upon that she blocked me on all social media and told me she would never speak to me again.  

Her wife and I are still friendly.  

This experience was the first time I understood how volatile having a blocked heart, the rose quartz chakra makes a person.  

When you hear people make statements like “if you don’t agree with this, we can’t be friends,” those people have blocked heart chakras.  

Because, here’s the thing: when you love yourself unconditionally, you forgive yourself unconditionally. When you can do that for yourself, it becomes effortless to do it for others. The hardest part is doing it for yourself.  

heart chakra crystals

This forgiveness does not mean that you actually have to be friends with everyone. As Abraham Hicks says, some people are easier to love from waaaaaaay over there.  

But announcing your hatred or dislike, having aggressive and angry confrontations, and setting up roadblocks to your heart are not actions of someone in their heart chakra integrity.  

They are all ego-based actions. The ego is running the show there.  

A clear, healed, heart chakra will insist you set and hold boundaries, but you can do it with love and grace.  

Healing the Heart, the Rose Quartz Chakra 

A simple ritual for healing the heart chakra is to lie in meditation every morning as soon as you wake up and every evening before you fall asleep and hold your rose quartz crystal over your heart.  

Sit for 15 minutes at a time, and envision light flowing down through your crown chakra and into your heart chakra, pooling there, clearing your space out, and opening you up.  

Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz

Then, throughout the day, check in with your heart.  

Ask yourself if what you are doing, saying, thinking, and feeling, is in integrity with deep self-love.  

You will know it is if you feel at peace.  

If you are not at peace, you are in ego space, blocking your heart.  

I said it was simple. I did not say it was easy.  

It may take you months, if not years, to clear your heart chakra.  

But it will be so worth it, and you will begin to feel the full connection between the Universe and the earth, through your root and your crown, come alive as you do.  

Happy manifesting!