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Astral Projection: An Intentional Out-of-Body Experience 

Astral projection. What is it? How is it done? Can you do it? Should you do it?  

All great questions.  

And all worthy of exploration.  

I cannot help but think of Abraham Hicks when questions like this are asked.  

Or even Jordan Peterson.  

“If you knew how badly you wanted to get into this body, you would not be so anxious to get out of it.” ~Abraham Hicks 

“Before you go looking outside of your house, put your own house in order.”  

~Jordan Peterson 

Look, I get the curiosity.  

There’s a great book by Richard Bach called One, wherein he describes dream walking with the woman who was the love of his life at the time.  

They would consciously go into their dreams at night and plan to meet there.  

And by all accounts, they did! 

Then you hear stories about people in surgery or at death’s door who have experienced astral projection.  

So what is astral projection?  

Astral Projection 

Astral projection is the experience of your consciousness leaving your body and being able to visit other places, either on this earth, off this earth, or out of this realm or dimension.  

This latter part depends on your belief in a multi-verse – the theory that there are infinite universes just like ours with infinite possibilities played out in those universes.  

It is a wonderful, fascinating theory, just like astral projection, and I love watching movies and reading books on the subject.  

But before you go trying to astral project, you have to check in with yourself.  


I am a firm believer in the put your own house in order first philosophy, and, in most educated opinions that I have heard, this philosophy is essential to long term human growth.  

Seeking to leave your body before you have mastered all the steps that lead up to it is like a baby wanting to scale Mount Everest before it has mastered crawling.  

Most of us are barely crawling.  


Astral projection goes beyond even flying.  

Put Your House in Order Spiritually 

The spell, manifestation, or energy required to astral project calls upon you to be loose, gentle, light, free, and purely loving.  

I would venture to speculate that’s why Richard Bach and Leslie Parrish were able to meet in their dreams. They were so caught up in a state of genuine Universal love that they could fly.  

Most of us, however, are still strung out on resistance, shame, guilt, doubt, anger, frustration, anxiety, depression.  


Most of us have an enormous amount of negative energy to work through before we venture into the land of astral projection. 

If you are on that journey toward astral projection, and you are wondering how to get there, buckle up.  

You’ve got work to do.  

And an essential ingredient to that work will be patience.  

Because it may take a long time.  

But rest assured, you can begin a form of astral projection today.  

Woman with crystal


The very first step to getting your house in order spiritually is to meditate.  

You must learn to connect to your higher self, the unconditionally loving part of you that is pure positive energy, that knows what Abraham Hicks tells us, that we can never get it wrong and we will never get it done.  

That there is no “complete” version of you.  

You are already complete.  

That there is not “getting whole.”  

You are already whole.  

That there is not “fixing” you.  

You are not and can never be broken.  

When you get to know that version of yourself, you are that much closer to astral projection.  

So every single morning of your life, without fail, wake up, stretch off the night of sleep, brush your teeth, drink a glass of water, get outside for some sunshine on your face, and then come inside, sit on your yoga mat, and set your timer for 20 minutes.  

During these 20 minutes, perform a full body scan, from your crown chakra down to your root chakra, and from your head to your toes.  

Spiritually and physically, check in with yourself, take your measure, take stock, clear your energy, imagine each of your body parts whole and well.  

As you make your way down to your toes, hear the Universe tell you that you are loved.  

That you are love.  

That you are connected to all life.  

That you are a god having a human experience.  

That you can do anything you set your will to.  

You are magic.  

You are the spell.  

As you finish your full body scan, allow yourself to sink deeper into yourself.  

Allow yourself to transcend your body.  

As Joe Dispenza says, you want your body to be asleep and your mind to be awake.  

This is the first step to having an out of body experience, connecting with your higher self.  

Then, just lay like that for the rest of your time.  

No sound, no distractions, no thoughts.  

Just deep meditation. 

When thoughts do come into your head, and they will, allow them to move right back out.  

Simply remind yourself with a single word in your head like “thinking.”  

And then get back to that sinking in, behind the veil state.  

Practical Preparation for Astral Projection 

So what holds you back from simply astral projecting from that state?  

Well, nothing, except everything else.  

You see, it will be difficult enough to master sitting down for 20 minutes every morning, sinking into your higher self every day.  

Then you will need to work on holding that loving, positive vibration throughout your day.  

Sure, you will get knocked off by a cranky coworker, a wild driver on the road, a screaming kid, an overdrawn bank account, and more.  

And that is normal.  

You are after all having a human experience, not a purely spiritual one.  

But each time, you will be challenged to step back into alignment.  

You don’t get to throw your hands in the air and say “well my day is shot.”  

You have to breathe, pause, witness your experience right now, feel your feelings, and then forgive, have compassion, and get back into alignment with your spirit.  

Astral Projection and Your Body 

You see, far too many of us are trying to get out of our bodies, and, like with most things spiritual, if you want to have a genuinely spiritual out of body experience, you first have to love being in your body.  

The movies and books will tell you about dissociative disorders and having our physical bodies possessed by other spirits.  

And while all of that is fun, and scary, to imagine, the simple reality is that it is hard enough to allow your consciousness to leave your body. You sure as hell cannot force your consciousness into someone else’s body, suppressing their consciousness entirely or even liminally.  

We simply were not created that way.  

We cannot be possessed.  

Not even Abraham Hicks possesses Esther Hicks.  

The collection of spirits that makes up Abraham is welcomed to share in the human experience Esther is having so that they may communicate with us. 

If at any time Esther wanted control of her body back, she could simply come back into her full consciousness and evict Abraham.  


Your physical body belongs to you, and you must love it.  

You put all of your creative energy and power into coming into this body experience while you were still in the astral realm on the astral plane.  

Don’t be in such a hurry to vacate it now.  

The existence of a soul is no minor thing. 

The most important step you can take to develop an astral body that can travel outside your body is to deepen your spiritual practice.  

Deepen your love energy.  

Love your physical form.  

Lucid Dreaming for Astral Projection 

Another form of astral projection you can begin practicing now is lucid dreaming.  

You can stay within your own body but manifest a vivid dream that allows for a different way of experiencing life.  

Entering dream states like this require full relaxation, maybe a little lavender tea with a bit of valerian, and a will to enter the astral world.  

Before you go to bed, commit your human consciousness to the idea of astral projection in your dream, to leaving the physical plane and the material world, and having an adventure astral projecting.  

You can practice this every night after you have put your practical approach to deepening your spiritual experiences into place.  

Congratulate yourself and then say, “let’s see what else is out there.”  

Perform your own personal calming, pure energy ritual wherein you open yourself up to dream worlds in which you are the main character.  

Your supernatural powers really are boundless, and it is more than a good idea to put your faith in them.  

Just be sure you love your physical self more than you want to escape into the spirit world.  

You will be among the astral bodies soon enough.  

There is no reason to rush.  

Happy manifesting! 

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