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What Is a Twin Flame? 7 Signs You’ve Met Yours 

While the general concept of a twin flame has been around for thousands of years, it is only recently that the topic has entered larger conversations in the spiritual world.  

People tend to worry over things like karmic relationships, soul mates, and twin flames much more than they should, and so the twin flame has entered the realm of religious zealotry in some ways.  

As such, it’s a good idea to parse through what we know from mythology and what we can at least loosely anchor in logic around the twin flame.  

What Is a Twin Flame?  

If you look up twin flame on the internet today, most websites will tell you that twin flames are two halves of a soul split into two bodies. It is also referred to as a mirror soul.  

A lot of modern literature will insist that a twin flame relationship can be entirely platonic, and that it should last a lifetime.  

It will also tell you that not everyone has a twin flame. In fact, they say, it is very rare to have a twin flame because it requires your soul being split in half. Your job, then, is to find your twin flame as part of your purpose in this lifetime.  

Um… what?  

Quite often, in fact, twin flames get confused with karmic relationships (those meant to teach us something while on earth) and soul mates (those we have a deeper connection to both inside of and outside of the material realm).  

Let’s look at the mythology to try to break some of this chaos down.  

Mythology of the Twin Flame 

Some will say that the idea of twin flames originated with Plato in Symposium, where the Greek philosopher explains that the first humans had four arms and four legs, a single head with two faces, and two sets of genitalia.  

The gods apparently found these humans to be too powerful of a force on earth, but still wanted humans around to continue on their earthly work, so Zeus decided to split the humans into two bodies.  

Humans would then spend their lives longing for their other half, with the genitalia perfectly matched up to connect us.  

The Sumerians also have a symbol of a lion’s head with two tales, which some infer as a reference to twin flames. They also have a story of the uncoupling of the god Anu and the goddess Ki from a commingled state in their creation myth.  

And of course, the Chinese have the yin and the yang as polarities that works best in union and perfect balance.  

Indeed, in most religions and spiritual traditions, once a man and woman are joined under “God,” whoever that god may be, no earthly force can separate them.  

The idea is that you are meant to work through life together.  

The Problems with Taking Mythology Seriously 

The primary problem with taking mythology and religion seriously rather than as a simple guide is that it can seriously mess up your life.  

It can also lead you to seriously mess up other people’s lives.  

I have seen and studied far too much of history to feel good about basing desperate actions on mythological or religious teachings alone.  

Especially when no logic lies behind the mythology, the myth can be twisted and corrupted, and a lot of damage can be done as a result.  

My mother stayed in a destructive and violent marriage for more than 30 years because she believed her husband was her twin flame.  

I know too many women on a depressing search for a twin flame, feeling incomplete and empty because they have not been matched up yet.  

Further, the idea that you don’t even have your entire soul is outrageous.  

If you believe in a soul, the idea that your spiritual self comes here from a dimension beyond us in order to have a human experience in a human body, how can you believe that you would only get half a soul?  

It is this kind of thinking that gives religion and spirituality a bad name.  

This is why they call us “woo woo.”  

It’s like saying “God is on my side.”  

Or, my favorite, when athletes thank God for their win. 

Um… what?  

No. It makes absolutely no sense that a loving God, the Universe, Source Energy would take sides in something so trivial as a sporting event, or that it would save one child but allow another to die, allow for starving children over here but ensure that this child’s parents are rich with luxury.  

There needs to be some logic to it all, as we do have a universe that seems to continue to order and intelligent design.  

We can’t always see the mechanisms or understand how things work, but we can at the very least rule out arguments lacking in logic.  

The Logical Argument for God 

The only logical argument for God, the Universe, or Source Energy is one that equates it to creative energy, let’s call it nature.  

A consciousness that we are all part of, all connected – rocks, trees, plants, animals, earth, air, fire, water, humans – and we basically breathe life into ourselves.  

We, humans, are the gods, currently in human form and without the omnipotence, omniscience, and omnipresence we have when in spirit form, but still able to access it through alignment with our higher selves.  

No other argument for God as some sort of sentient being that hands down punishment and reward, and takes sides, or splits souls in half, makes any logical sense.  

Thus, the twin flames argument when taken literally makes no sense. But that does not mean it isn’t real.  

We just have to rethink it a bit.  

Difference Between a Twin Flame and a Soul Mate 

I think the sticking point for most people who want to insist that twin flames are two halves of the same soul is that they want to differentiate it from any old soul mate.  

A soul mate is someone who is connected to you both as a spirit and as a human.  

Of course, you can have many, many soul mates.  

Indeed, there are compelling arguments for soul contracts, agreements you make with other spirits, while still in spirit form, that you will fulfill during your human lifetime.  

For example, you can agree to have conflict of some sort with someone, as a sort of lesson.  

You can agree to be related by blood.  

You can agree to be a caretaker.  

You can agree to pretty much any kind of encounter, and then you are compelled to fulfill that agreement while in human form.  

A powerful energy draws you to that contract.  

A twin flame, however, is described, metaphorically, as your other half.  

The twin flame is the person who not only inspires you to be your best self, but also someone who you have the potential to do great work with while in these human bodies.  

And I actually think this makes perfect logical sense.  

I have seen this kind of relationship play out over and over, usually in romantic relationships but also in totally platonic relationships between best friends or siblings, for example.  

So, you can certainly use the term twin flame for that type of soulmate connection to elevate it above the standard soul mate without cutting your soul in half! 

7 Signs You’ve Met Your Twin Flame 

Now, we’ve got a definition for twin flame rooted in spirituality and logic, the first thing you have to remember is that you have nothing to be desperate about.  

The greatest thing you can do to attract your twin flame is just live your best life, be your best self, and enjoy life. Put your own house in order, as psychologist Jordan Peterson says. 

Your energy will naturally attract your twin flame.  

But how will you know if you have found him or her?  

  1. You’ve met yourself 

The feeling when you meet your twin flame is like meeting yourself. You feel an instant recognition, and you feel seen and heard, held by the other person.  

  1. Tons in common 

You will discover quite quickly how much you have in common. You find yourself shocked by how many similarities you have.  

  1. Deep connection 

The more time you spend together, the more connected you feel, like you’re tied by something greater than just the two of you.  

  1. Need to Grow 

You notice that, while you enjoy each other, you also feel the need to do something together, something that contributes to a greater cause than just your relationship.  

  1. Growth over romance 

You will also find that your compulsion to grow is larger than simple romance or sex. You both want to push yourselves to greater heights together, to the benefit of you both.  

  1. Balance 

You feel balanced together, like that yin and yang from Chinese philosophy. It really is like having your other half.  

  1. You are your best self 

And perhaps the most striking sign you have met your twin flame is that you are your best self around him. He wants only good things for you, and you want the same for him. And you feel inspired to aim higher.  

Again, if you have not found your twin flame, rest at ease. Do all the things in your life you want to do, improve yourself, care for yourself, love yourself, and this love will naturally find you.  

Happy manifesting.  

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