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What Chakra is Moldavite Good For?

Often referred to as the “Stone of Transformation”, moldavite is a powerful stone for emotional healing and manifestation.

Let’s delve deeper into the wonders of this mysterious stone and the amazing benefits it can bring to your spiritual practice.

A History of Moldavite

Brought to Earth 15 million years ago after an asteroid strike, moldavite’s complete origins are still debated by scientists. What is known is that moldavite was formed when a meteorite collided with the planet near the Moldau River in Czechoslovakia.

Prized in various cultures throughout the ancient world, this rare gem has been found in the site of one of the world’s most ancient Goddess statues, Venus of Willendorf. While controversial, some have also linked moldavite to the Holy Grail. Prized by royalty, this rare stone was thought to bring good fortune and prosperity.

Physical Characteristics and Colors of Moldavite

The violent collision of the meterorite produced the range of shapes (from spheres and flattened pieces to drop and rod-like shapes) and glassy appearance associated with moldavite.

A member of the Tektite group (natural glasses produced by collision of ancient meteor strikes), moldavite is unique among this group of stones.

Rather than the shades of brown and black characteristic of the group, moldavite has a deep green color and is the only kind that lends itself well to jewelry making.

A genuine moldavite stone tends towards darker green colors such as moss. While it is glassy, it is not particularly shiny. Instead, it has a matte look to it with a variety of textures from rough to smooth.

Cleansing Moldavite

Like all gemstones, it is important to cleanse and charge the crystal prior to using it to remove any lingering energetic residue. Here are a few good methods for cleansing moldavite:

Running Water: Combined with visualization, placing the stone under running water is a quick and easy way to cleanse it. Simply visualize dark energies leaving the stone as you wash it. Natural sources of water like lakes and streams aid in effectiveness.

Soil: Buying moldavite overnight in fertile soil cleanses and charges the stone with the life-giving spiritual power of the earth.

Burning Sage: The age old use of (ethically sourced) sage to drive away negativity applies to stone cleansing as well. Pass the stone through sage smoke to clear negative energy.

Sunlight: Similar to burying the stone, exposing moldavite to sunlight for a few hours cleanses and charges the stones.

What Chakra is Moldavite Good For?

Perhaps stemming from its unearthly origins, moldavite is associated with the chakras that connect us to the higher realms and deeper within ourselves – the heart, third eye and crown chakras.

It is important to note that while these are the major chakras moldavite works most effectively for, the benefits are not limited to those areas.

Because those three chakras are such major aspects of both our physical and spiritual bodies, the impact of moldavite extends throughout all the chakras as well as several parts of the body.

When starting with moldavite and using it with your chakras, many people experience immediate shifts and the feeling of heat and vibration coursing through the body, flowing to energetic centers and activating the chakras.

Moldavite and the Heart Chakra

At the “heart” of our spiritual journeys is emotion. To make progress on our paths, we need to be able to not only process and deal with our emotions, but to experience them and understand the higher realms that they are taking us.

The Heart Chakra

With the heart chakra acting almost as a gateway, balancing our emotions with tools such as moldavite can be a quantum leap for those struggling with feelings of isolation or emotional blocks.

As a stone of connectivity, moldavite’s energy is powerful in expanding love and compassion. Moldavite is linked to our inner depths when it comes to emotions, allowing for emotional release and transformation.

Blocks in the heart chakra influence the energies we emit and how we interact with others. By transforming and releasing negative emotions, moldavite helps us make decisions out of healthy, balanced emotions instead of fear, anxiety, and confusion.

It should come as no surprise that moldavite can also be beneficial in the areas of love and relationships. By transmuting our emotions internally, this stone helps us relate and even love others in new ways.

Moldavite and the Third Eye Chakra

Strengthening our auric fields, moldavite helps dispel negative energies and brings clarity. As we work through our emotions and clear emotional blockages, we are able to see things more clearly and sharpen our perception.

Third Eye Chakra
Third Eye Chakra

It is through our perception that we can, in a metaphysical sense, travel through time by taking a look back through our past, present, and desired futures.

Once negative emotions have been dealt with at the root in our heart chakras, moldavite can take us into an understanding of why things happened the way they did.

What decisions were made and how did that impact my emotional outlook? Where are my choices stemming from now?

By understanding the past and seeing the present clearly, we are now longer bound in a cycle of repeating past hurts and destructive behavior. As long-forgotten memories come bubbling to the surface, moldavite’s impact on the crown chakra provides the emotional tools to work through them, learn and move forward.

Working to open our third eye, moldavite can be used to start deepening our journey inward through the avenues of dreams and thoughts. By connecting us to our inner selves, moldavite fosters clear internal dialogue so that we can learn just who we really are.

Moldavite and the Crown Chakra

Just like the chakra was a gateway to understanding the higher realms through emotion, the crown chakra is a gateway to spiritual mastery of the universe beyond our everyday spiritual existence.

Crown Chakra
Crown Chakra

The perception, clarity, and emotional healing brought about by moldavite become integrated into the tools needed for spiritual exploration and higher levels of mental control.

When you are no longer ensnared by emotional confusion and can see the world as it really is, you have the power to direct your life through a place of true understanding.

The Physical Healing Benefits of Moldavite

By engaging the heart, third eye, and crown chakras, moldavite helps us integrate our emotional and spiritual bodies to reach new understandings and experiences.

Besides spiritual healing and transformation, the stone also has significant benefits for the physical body as well such as:

  • Improving eye heath
  • Protection against mental degeneration
  • Promotion cell rejuvenation
  • Recovery from gastric ailments

Using Moldavite

People often wear moldavite as jewelry in order to keep its unique energies with them as they go about their day. As a tool for emotional balance and auric cleansing, moldavite helps with keeping negative emotions and influences from hitting us.

Moldavite’s ability to work well with other stones also makes it a good inclusion for crystal grids. Placing it in the center of the grid can expand the power of the other stones and crystals present.

Individuals new to the stone should note the powerful energies of the stone. When held for the first time, individuals may experience a rush of emotions and physical sensations such as a sudden feeling of warmth and light-headedness.

If you begin to experience sudden or unpleasant sensations when interacting with the stone, wear the stone in short increments until you are acclimated.

For those inclined to go out into natural settings, bringing a moldavite stone along deepens the experience. This is a great time to activate the stone by exposing it to sunlight or cleanse it by placing it in earth or sand.

What Crystals and Stones Work With Moldavite?

Because it acts like a powerful amplifier, moldavite pairs well with many different crystals depending on what goal you wish to achieve. To better harness the power of this sometimes overwhelming stone, here are a few crystal and stone pairings for moldavite and their spiritual benefits:

  • Rose quartz – Deeply associated with the heart chakra and unconditional love, rose quartz provides a gentle balance to moldavite’s strength in bringing up emotional blockages and trauma.
  • Natrolite – Natrolites are high vibrational crystals that are often used to foster personal shifts. When combined with moldavite, the crystal is a power stimulant for both the third eye and crown chakras.
  • Amethyst – Having the attributes of wisdom with the ability to aid in spiritual and emotional balance, the pairing of moldavite and amethyst is an excellent one for those working with the crown chakra.

The beauty of moldavite is deeper than its enchanting exterior. As we contend with the hustle and bustle of the modern world, it can be difficult to find the equilibrium we need to explore our inner depths and discover personal spiritual gems.

Acting as both protection and amplification, the stone keeps one grounded while simultaneously opening up new pathways for spiritual growth.

By deepening connections to the self and the cosmic, moldavite’s powerful energies take the wearer to new heights of personal and spiritual fulfillment.

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