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7 Super Awesome Crystals for Enhancing Psychic Abilities

If you’ve always wanted to better harness your intuition, you likely want to develop your psychic abilities. Unlike in the movies, it’s much more than peering into a crystal ball.

Psychics can see beyond basic perception, unveiling greater wisdom and messages from the Universe simply by opening their Third Eye. All people have this — it’s one of our seven core chakras.

Even if you can’t see the future per se, psychic ability helps you discover the truth of a situation, allowing you to make wise decisions. It’s essentially following your gut to a happier, more balanced existence.

But how can you cultivate your deep-seated intuitive abilities? With the right crystals, you can cleanse and align your Third Eye … expanding your perception and gaining meaningful insights.

The Importance of Intuition

We call it our “spidey sense,” premonitions, or just a “feeling,” but your intuition is actually a highly evolved protection response. Our nervous systems receive thousands of inputs per moment, then draw a conclusion.

That includes events that are not perceptible to the naked eye. What we witches call psychic ability is highly refined intuition that processes complex, covert information.

While psychics have gotten a bad reputation, there are many legitimately clairvoyant people in the world. They usually aren’t selling their services in tourist traps, though.

Psychic ability is all about tapping into the Universe’s messages, revealing its wisdom, and applying it to a human situation. It is a combination of insight, intuition, and empathy.

And believe it or not, you don’t have to be innately psychic to benefit from these abilities. In our modern lives, we’ve often been told to doubt our feelings.

Our society emphasizes cold, hard facts and persuasive media. Emotions and gut feelings are often considered weak or foolish.

But nothing could be further from the truth! Just take a couple of examples of how intuition has saved lives.

A young woman saw a man walk into the store and had a terrible feeling, so she dragged her sister outside. A few minutes later, the man began firing a weapon at the customers and staff.

A father had a bad feeling when the smoke alarm went off, even though there was no fire, so he called the fire department. They discovered a carbon monoxide leak that would have killed the entire family.

Intuition overrides our logical brain — and that’s a good thing. We must be able to perceive and process subtle cues that show us the true shape of a situation.

That is the core of premonition, and it is vital to sustaining relationships, honoring our purpose, and avoiding danger.

To unlock this power, we must align and open the Third Eye chakra.

How the Third Eye Chakra Enhances Our Intuition

According to ancient Hindu traditions, our chakras are energy centers that continually drive our body’s systems. The Third Eye is our chief connection to the Universe’s greater knowledge.

third eye chakra

By opening the Third Eye, we can perceive what’s happening beyond our cognitive processes.

In fact, our thoughts can be a little slow compared to the body. For example, research has shown that we process visual cues much faster than we can form words about what we see.

Our premonition is also quite strong. One study found that people can predict whether a tower of blocks will fall within just 100 milliseconds!

When we escape our highly coded, linguistic world — which anthropologists call our phenomenological experience — we’re better able to attune our attention to the Earth. We tap into our natural senses.

It’s like how dogs and cats seem to sense when a storm is coming or if a stranger is dangerous. We humans can do that too, if we escape our social programming and cultivate our intuition!

So, which crystals can help you refine your psychic ability?

Top Crystals for Psychic Abilities


This incredibly powerful crystal aligns your Third Eye with the Crown Chakra, bringing your intelligence and intuition together. From there, you can surmise the truth of a matter.

Amethyst has long been considered a sacred stone capable of channeling the Universe’s messages. As the crystal of choice for seers and sages alike, it is vital to enhancing your psychic ability.

Amethyst Quartz

Lapis Lazuli

Associated with the Third Eye Chakra for millennia, the beautiful lapis lazuli is cherished for its intuition-boosting powers. Its indigo hue activates and aligns our Third Eye, helping us see the truth of a situation.

Lapis lazuli is also called the Stone of Wisdom, and indeed, it is the perfect crystal for introspection and affirmation.

Lapis Lazuli
Lapis Lazuli

Clear Quartz

As a famously cleansing crystal, clear quartz helps us dispel negative energies and see to the heart of the matter. It is perfect for clearing your mind — and therefore achieving clarity.

Clear Quartz
Clear Quartz


Also known as the stone of attunement, kyanite cleanses your auras and invites your body to resonate with higher frequencies. Consider it your radio transmitter for greater messages from the Universe.

This beautiful blue-and-white crystal puts the vision in visionary, creating strong intuition and clarity as you develop your psychic abilities.



Countless cultures throughout history have leveraged dreams as a source of vision and wisdom. With the heavenly celestine, you too can alter your consciousness for deeper truths.

An exquisitely complex and effervescent crystal, Celestine allows you to expand your vision and go beyond mere perception.



To escape your socialization’s limits on your perception, you need a way to identify healthy boundaries and your deepest purpose. Amazonite is ideal for this.

Amazonite’s brilliant blue-green hue activates both the Heart and Throat Chakras, allowing you to translate your values into proactive communication. It is vital to emotional intelligence, which plays a huge role in psychic abilities.



Even the spidey sense is susceptible to flights of fancy. To ground your enhanced intuition and avoid false perceptions, you need sodalite.

With a deep blue hue speckled with reflective gold marks, sodalite stabilizes your Third Eye in the Root Chakra. It affirms your strength and wisdom as you discover hidden truths.


Rituals for Psychic Ability

Many of us seek greater clarity or insights into a situation through divination. Whether we’re assessing potential outcomes through tarot or simply meditating upon an answer, the crystals I’ve listed can help by opening your Third Eye.

Here are some rituals to further enhance your psychic strength.


While crystal balls have often been misrepresented in pop culture, they are valuable tools for introspection and intuition.

Scrying is the art of cultivating premonitions by peering into a reflective surface. Allow your mind’s eye to unveil the truth.



Incorporate your chosen crystal for psychic ability into your tarot practice. You may hold it in your hand or use it to cleanse the area before your reading.

Allow the crystal to focus your intention and clear your head so that you may find the truest answer.



Empty your mind of presumptions, biases, and worries, opening the gate for messages from the Universe. To do so, place your chosen crystal in the middle of your forehead (the Third Eye).

Practice releasing your thoughts and allowing your gut to take precedence. Embrace the crystal as a conduit between your knowledge and the Universe’s wisdom.

What is Intuition?

Our intuition is more than a feeling — it’s a vital tool for protecting ourselves psychically, emotionally, and spiritually. By enhancing our psychic abilities, we can defend our loved ones and restore balance in our hectic lives.

Crystals are a powerful means of unlocking that intuition and harnessing it for our inquiries. With practice, we won’t always need the crystals to detect a hazardous situation.

Plus, a deeper sense of balanced and authentic purpose helps us serve others. We all share in the wisdom of the Universe, and it is our responsibility to enlighten others.

Your gut has much to teach you. Let it harness a broader perception to transform your life and others’ lives for the better.

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