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Can A Psychic Reunite Lovers?

Can A Psychic Reunite Lovers?

Relationships and love are some of the most popular issues brought to psychics. Many want to know if happiness or heartbreak is in store or if their partner is being faithful.

Various matters of the heart, like when to get pregnant, require more specifics than a one-size-fits-all solution. Before you book a love reading with a psychic, remember that psychics can only tell certain things about the past, present, and future.

Nothing is set in stone, and future events can shift the outcome. For insight into how a love psychic can help your relationship, check out my advice about what to ask and what not to ask a psychic.

Questions Love Psychics Can Answer

The future is not certain. You choose your own path, and your actions will always affect the outcome.

With this in mind, here are a few questions psychics can consider when performing a love reading:

“What is the best path to a happy and successful relationship?”

When you want insight into what could be the best way to succeed at something, that’s a good question to ask a psychic. This is particularly true if your relationship is still going well.

With these questions, you’re not looking for specific techniques or steps. Rather, you’ll be reaching out to the psychic for their advice on finding the best path toward success and what to keep in mind when navigating any potential issues.

“How can I attract the best partner?”

A psychic advisor can offer guidance about what the best decisions might be. They can help make it more likely that you’ll attract the right partner for your life- if there is one.

“How can I get over my ex?”

A psychic advisor can assist with navigating the aftermath of a breakup. They might even be able to offer some insight from beyond the physical realm, like interference from past lives.

A psychic advisor can help clients focus on reigning in their expectations and moving forward healthily, regardless of if the person comes back.

“Is my relationship in a good place?”

A psychic can read the energy surrounding a relationship and offer insight into how it feels, indicating connection or distance between those involved. However, a psychic can’t tell you if the relationship will last forever.

They can tell you if things feel like the two of you are on the same page at that present time.

What Psychics Can’t Tell You

No matter how gifted or tuned-in a psychic is, nobody can predict every detail of a relationship’s future. With this in mind, here are some questions you should avoid during a love reading:

“Have I met ‘the One?’”

A psychic can’t answer a question like this. Especially if the other person isn’t present, it can be difficult to get a true reading of a relationship’s strengths.

What’s more, “the One” can change. Relationships take work, and often “the One” is the person willing to do that work with you.

“Will my former lover come back to me?”

After a rough breakup, you might feel lost without your ex or believe that you two should be together. Unfortunately, that other person disagreed.

That person will likely not be there to read, and it’s also important to remember that no one can change another’s heart. Breakups are awful, but remember that living in a relationship where the love is gone isn’t any better.

“When will I meet my soulmate?”

Exact dates and timeframes are something a psychic can predict. When they get messages from the spiritual realm, it’s not in a linear timeframe.

Like all choices in life, relationships are based on free will. No psychic can predict exactly what a person will do with that free will.

Tarot Cards Can Suggest a Reunion

Relationships with others are an important part of life. While romantic relationships are wonderful, they are the be-all and end-all of happy connections with others.

When a relationship ends, we’re often left with many questions and no answers in sight. A tarot reading about the relationship and potential reconciliation can help to provide some guidance.

During these tarot readings, you’ll typically get signs that you either need to reconcile with the person or forget about the past and move on.

The Best Cards to See if You Want a Reconciliation

If you’re looking for a reunion with your ex, the following cards can guide you during your reading and offer insight into how you should move forward. Love reunion tarot readings can predict the future, but they can shed light on areas you should pay attention to.


Tarot Card Justice

When the Justice card shows up during your reading, you’re likely dealing with an imbalanced relationship. You might only be thinking about yourself and your happiness, or your ex-partner could be guilty of the same thing.

Justice is all about karma, fairness, and righteous repercussions for our actions. If you see this card and you’re working to prevent a breakup, try taking the person to couples counseling, where you can discuss potentially unfair or unjust actions.


temperance tarot card

The Temperance card connects to moderation and melding with another. Tolerance is key in relationships of any sort.

It asks you to focus on how you’ve handled joining your life with another’s. Your and your partner’s past will mix, which can be rocky.

When you see Temperance, it reminds you to be patient and not cut off ties with your ex right away. Being open and understanding will be crucial for the coming events.

Hanged Man

The Hanged Man tells us that we’re stuck, hanging by our feet with nowhere to go. Getting free will be important at this time.

the hanged man tarot card

The Hanged Man also tells you that this change is about you, not your ex or partner. Now is the time to dig deep into yourself and reconnect with your spiritual and practical sides.


This card implies that the relationship started at the wrong time, and it may not be right for you. Unfortunately, some things are not meant to be, and that’s okay.

Your relationship wasn’t right. Now is the time to take stock of the goodness in your life and start anew once the flames have died out.

The Tower can seem unsettling, but it reminds you that now is the time to tear down what it’s working and build something new. Change is required to move forward, but better things are on the way.


Judgment tells you that a major change is needed. Look at the good, the bad, and the ugly of everything you’ve been through until today.

Time to start over and learn from past mistakes. Make better choices this time around and put the past behind you.


Alright, calm down. I know the Death card can be scary, but it’s actually one of the most helpful cards to get during a tarot reading.

When the Death card comes up in a love and relationship reading, it can symbolize the need to break free from stagnant emotional patterns, letting the old die to make room for the new.

When you’re currently in a relationship, it can mean that you need to change things significantly for it to work. Or, it could mean that the relationship as you know it must come to an end– whether that’s a breakup or a huge shift in how it works depends on the situation.

How Accurate are These Reading?

Psychic tarot readings about love and relationships are always up to interpretation, and new decisions by both parties will affect the outcome. Love readings and simple three-card tarot spreads can provide insight, but what you do with it is up to you.

Card interpretation is subjective. Wishful thinking and “pushing the cards” can happen when you put too much stock into something and only see what you want to see.

How to prepare a new tarot deck

Getting a professional tarot reading can help, and being honest with yourself can help even more. Remember the types of questions that can and can’t be answered.

Love tarot readings can offer guidance, but they’re not a step-by-step or how-to guide. The hard work will always fall on you.

A psychic reading about your relationship can help when you feel lost or unsure. They can offer something to look forward to even if it’s not your ex coming back.

The future is always in your hands, and the cards will often tell you what you already know deep down. If they suggest the breakup is for the best, look deep to see if you actually do agree- as much as it can hurt to do so.

If you’re interested in growing your ability to read tarot cards, check out Learn How to Pull and Shuffle Tarot Cards Like the Professionals Do It.

How to prepare a new tarot deck

Connecting with your psychic self can help you to get some answers. Still, communication and hard work are always crucial to relationships.

Also, never underestimate the value of seeking professional guidance. A couples counselor can help greatly and ensure both partners are communicating.