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Can Smudging Make Things Worse?

Smudging or sage burning is a practice associated with numerous benefits including balancing the chakras, clearing negative energy, and creating a positive atmosphere. But does smudging really help?

Some people believe that smudging will make things better once it’s done, while others think that it will only make things worse.

If you’ve ever wondered whether smudging can make things worse, you’ve come to the right place. Today, I’ll talk about some situations in which smudging can be more harmful than beneficial, as well as how to do it properly for your safety and protection.

Whether you’re new to the practice or not, it’s best to understand the true nature of this very important cleansing ritual to get the best results. So, let’s dive right in.

What Is Smudging?

Before I begin with all the things that can go wrong with a smudging ritual, I will first define what smudging is.

Smudging is a type of cleansing ritual that has been used by indigenous cultures for thousands of years. It’s the act of burning herbs to clear negative energy or influences around us. The most commonly smudged element is sage, but other plants or materials can be used instead such as Palo Santo, mugwort, cedar, juniper, or resins.

Smudging is used by shamans to purify a space and invoke peace, balance, and harmony. Many people have adopted this sacred practice in the last few decades because it’s a great way to cleanse the environment of any bad juju. It’s a perfect way to do a reset especially after having a bad day at work or when feeling stuck in life.

How Can Smudging Make Things Worse?

Some of you may have already heard of smudging and tried burning a bundle of sage. You probably also noticed after you did the cleansing ritual that things didn’t feel any different. Or maybe things felt worse.

Instead of feeling calm and positive, you ended up with more toxic thoughts and felt a bit off. This is likely due to a smudging ritual gone wrong, and you’re experiencing the negative effects of it. There are various ways that smudging can make things worse, so let me discuss each one.

Impure Intention

Every ritual must begin with the right intention. An intention is a thought or feeling that you focus on before raising energy to manifest it. If an intention is formed based on an ill feeling, a grudge, or something that’s been bothering you that you haven’t had a chance to shake off, this can affect how your smudging will turn out.

Before you start burning sage or other herbs, remember that it’s important to have serene thoughts and the purest of intentions. Beginning with a clouded mind or harboring resentment will only give rise to negative energies. Often, they attract dark entities that take over your sacred space, creating an imbalanced atmosphere.

Incorrect Herbs

The most common herb used for smudging is sage, and it is different from the sage you use for cooking. White sage is known to have properties that can cleanse the air of toxins — literally. It purifies the area from fumes that come from paint and other chemicals.

White sage also has an antibacterial effect, which helps combat allergies caused by dust, pollen, or mold. That is why using just any herbs won’t work.

Fear or Shame

Perhaps you were coming from a place of fear or shame when you did the smudging ritual. Or, you were feeling hesitant around the people you thought would judge you for your practice. These things affect how effective smudging can be.

If you think something dark is already at work within you, take a breather and try to purify your thoughts. Do this until you’re feeling a lot more positive and at peace before you begin smudging. The whole point is to get you out of that dark place and into a more mindful and intuitive space for your cleansing ritual to work.

Frustration or Anger

You may be feeling frustrated or angry with yourself or someone, or because you’re not getting the results you want out of your practice. All the hate, grievance, and bitterness you’re feeling will only fuel the dark energies within and around you even more.

This raises the negative vibrations, which will affect the overall frequency of the space you’re in. When you go to other places, you’ll only bring that same frequency with you. This can be a recipe for disaster.

How Do You Smudge Properly?

When smudging properly, it’s important to have pure intentions, use the right herbs, and only come from a place of peace, balance, and positivity. Doing so can guarantee a clean space for your practice and also bring nothing but love and light into your home.

Before choosing your herbs, don’t forget to honor where they come from. Start with a feeling of gratitude whenever your ritual requires taking something from nature. This shows how much you respect the Earth’s energies that you want to tune in to.

Cultivate mindfulness by first taking stock of your life and reflecting on situations that are making you feel stuck at the moment. Identify what’s making things stagnant and slowly release the stress and negativity. Find that perfect moment of surrender before you begin smudging.

You aren’t ready for smudging only when you’re completely trouble-free (because I know how impossible that is). Instead, it’s when you’re at peace and fully aware of who you are and the world around you.

Experience the Benefits of Smudging

If you follow these helpful smudging tips, you’ll certainly go a long way with your cleansing ritual. Remember that for the space purification process to work, you must start from within. If done correctly, you’ll experience all the wonderful benefits smudging has to offer.

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