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8 Protection Crystals for the Home: Create Positive Energy

8 Protection Crystals for the Home: Create Positive Energy

Protection crystals are great to have around your home, even if the reality is that you don’t really need to protect yourself from anything.

It’s true. 

Since everything is energy, you get to simply decide that you are safe, loved, held, and adored by an all powerful Universe, and, like magic, you are.

That’s how this all works. 

And if you believe in magic, you don’t get to only believe in some of it. 

You have to be all in. 

I remember a while back I listened to psychologist and author Jordan Peterson on the theory of God and atheism.

For years, I had been calling myself an atheist. 

A witch, yes, but an atheist nonetheless. 

Because I did not believe in the God that most people describe. 

Here’s how I have always seen it: either you believe in logic, or you don’t. 

The idea that there is a god in the clouds who rains down fire and brimstone on people who displease him does not make sense to me. 

The idea that god has a chosen people, a select few, who “He” loves and welcomes into heaven and the rest of the people need to get in line and hope to be included does not make sense to me.

Why would a god create humanity and only a few of them are his chosen children? 

No sense. 

So much of it all, amongst all major religions, makes no sense. 

But, when I took it all from a metaphorical perspective, it started to come clear. 

When I began to think of “God” as Love, as the literal definition of love, it started to makes sense. 

And when you think of an all powerful, all seeing, all present, infinite consciousness as love, you begin to open to what all of it means. 

And you realize you don’t need to be protected from anything because your very existence is protected inherently. 

You Are the Universe

spiritual protection

So I called myself an atheist. 

Atheist means “does not believe in God.” 

And, in reality, I don’t. 

When you define God as some male gendered judge, which is how most religions explicitly define “Him,” then yea, I’m an atheist. 

I am a witch. 

I work with energy. 

I believe in the Universe, Source Energy. 

Abraham Hicks even hesitates to use the word God to refer to Source Energy because, as they say, “you humans have muddled and twisted that word so badly it does not even closely resemble the Truth of Source Energy. 

Source Energy is the literal source of all energy. 

Nothing could exist without it. 

The Universe is the higher consciousness from which we all come, of which we are all a part, to which we are all connected, and to which we all return each time one of our temporary human bodies expires. 


I have always believed in that. 

That I am the god for which I had been searching.

That we are all gods. 

That we are all Source Energy, a vast and infinite ocean, in a drop.

And when we are in our spirit forms, we set intentions for how we want our human experience to unfold, for how we hope to expand. 

Remember, the express purpose is the expand.

That set of intentions then determines the human reality we are born into – the time, the skin color, the sex, the parents, right down to the time and date. 

So if you are struggling or dealing with a challenge, searching for protection crystals to keep you safe, the first step you need to take is to acknowledge that you are always safe. 

That, as Abraham says, you can never get it wrong, and you will never get it done. 

You are infinite.

And this is highly logical. 

Read any scientist or philosopher on the subject. 

From Deepak Chopra to Menas Kafatos, from Ellen Vora to Michael Singer, from Bruce Lipton to Elizabeth Gilbert. 

From Jesus to Buddha. 

From Ralph Waldo Emerson to Albert Einstein. 

Anyone who has really given this deep, intense, logical thought cannot deny the existence of Source Energy. 

And they all define and describe this energy in much the same way, simply using different tools, strategies, and language to explain it.

And what it all comes down to, really, is the law of attraction

Yes, we live in an infinitely loving universe. 

Yes, we are connected to Source Energy in a way we can never disconnect from. 

But we also live in a universe that has given us total and complete free will. 

We come here with the power to create, for that is the power that will allow us to expand. 

And for creation, we need to dance with chaos. 

We need to be able to see dark so we can see light. 

We need to be able to feel pain. 

If we were not meant to have the full human experience, we may as well have stayed in spirit form. 

There is great value in our human limitations. 

They allow us to have the sensory experience spirits simply cannot have. 

Protection crystals remind us of that.

Protection Crystals: We All Pray to a God

So I stopped calling myself an atheist when I heard Peterson argue that we all pray to a god. 

All of us. 

If we say we don’t, we are lying. 

Your god might be money, it might be fear, it might be work, it might be a person, it might be a country. 

But you have made something in your life the most important thing in your existence, the thing you would fight and die for. 

And what’s sad is that so many of us don’t even realize we are fighting and dying for something. 

Something that, maybe, if given a chance, we would not want to fight and die for. 

That argument made so much sense to me that I surrendered in that moment, in one final action, to my god. 


Full moon ritual

I determined that I would commit the rest of my life to the loving energy that created me, that I embody, that I am always surrounded by, that is always calling to me. 

And when you open up to that energy, you can hear it, feel it, sense it calling to you. 

“Over here!” It says. Always luring you into more joy, more love, more light. 

When you deny it, when you close yourself off, you eventually veer off course, off the path, out of joy, and into fear. 

And fear, long held, with intense focus, will bring upon you the thing you fear, and so much more. 

Because the Universe has a way better imagination that you do. 

And the law of attraction says you attract what you are. 

So if you focus on fear, the Universe will send you fear. 

It is law. 

The Universe will not deny you your experience, will not second guess you, will not try to talk you out of your focus.

It simply delivers, from a neutral perspective. 

After all, you are never in any real danger. 

You are an unkillable spirit that will eventually simply return to Source Energy, and, in spirit form, think to yourself “oh!” 

Silly me. 

You don’t need protection. 

You are never in any real danger. 


You likely need regular reminders of that truth. 

So the protection crystals I’ve listed here are reminders that you are loved, that you are safe, that you do not need protection. 

8 Protection Crystals for Your Home

Clear Quartz
Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is my favorite crystal of all time. It offers clarity and purity, cleansing and amplification. 

You should absolutely have one in your home, and maybe have one in every room. 

Keep clear quartz next to all of your other crystals for positive energy so you can amplify that positivity. 

Black Tourmaline

The black tourmaline is just one of the many black and smoky crystals in this set. 

Note that black stones and crystals are grounding. They keep you present. They absorb all of your negative energy and negative thoughts. 

Black tourmaline specifically wards off bad energy. 

Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz, on the other hand, will dissipate bad energy, expelling it from your home once it has entered. 

Keep a smoky quartz on hand if you have been in a bad place and brought bad energy home with your, or you have allowed someone with negative energy into your home. 

Get it out. 

Perhaps even sage the house at the same time. 


Obsidian is a great stone for shifting your mental thoughts back to the positive and out of the negative. 


Onyx will help you move out of pain and sorrow. If you have just ended a relationship or left a workplace, onyx will help you clear it out.


Agate is the flip of these previous stones. 

It will soothe you, relax you, and help you have gentle sleep so you can wake up refreshed. 



Keep citrine in your home especially in winter months to keep your attitude sunny and bright. 

No fear during those dark months. 


Amethyst brings calm for your anxiety, soothes panic, and reminds you that you are a peaceful and loving child of a peaceful and loving universe, that you don’t actually need protection from anything at all. 

You are safe. 

Happy manifesting!