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12 Life-Changing Law of Attraction Affirmations

12 Life-Changing Law of Attraction Affirmations

When we talk about attraction affirmations, we must, of course, talk about a few other things. 

The law of attraction, at its very essence, is a necessary topic. And once we cover that issue, we must also, as a matter of necessity, discuss the power of belief. 

Because affirmations, no matter what they are or who says them, are nothing without belief. 

The Law of Attraction and Attraction Affirmations

I have heard people from all walks of life, from all over the world, work hard to argue against the law of attraction. 

They call it pseudoscience. They call it religion. They call it poppycock. 


Yep. They think it’s total bull. 

They say they’ve tried it, and it didn’t work. 

They say they would never try it because they are firmly grounded in science. 

But here’s the thing, I am a with grounded in science. I love science, and I love logic. 

Indeed, I struggled for a long time to say I believed in God because, as Abraham Hicks says, “the way people use God comes nowhere near to what the actual energy of the Universe represents.” 

So I called myself an atheist. 

Which was also not entirely accurate because atheist means one who does not believe in God. But I skirted that issue by saying “well, I don’t believe in any sort of God the way most people understand it.” 

Then one day I was listening to Jordan Peterson talk on the subject, and he noted that everyone prays to God. 

It is just a matter of which god they pray to. 






You have devoted your life to something. You are working for something. You are giving yourself up to something. 

Maybe you don’t even realize it. 

Maybe you are a nihilist, and you pray to nothingness. 

But you do pray. You do aim. You do believe. 

I felt so silly. 

It felt so ridiculous to deny myself the opportunity to open up to something bigger than myself, to have my faith, to practice my magic, all because I was stuck on needing God to be defined. 

I let go. I opened up. And I embraced my faith. 

I came out as a witch, and I started practicing my magic, building a healthy relationship with my own positive energy. 

And teaching people who were interested about the law of attraction

So what is the law of attraction? 

In the Beginning

To understand the law of attraction, you first have to understand a little about how it all began. 

If we can combine both science and metaphysics, we can see that in the beginning, there was only energy. 

We know that all matter is preceded by thought, and that thoughts come from consciousness. 

Thus, before there was anything material, there was consciousness.

We can call this consciousness God, Spirit, Source Energy, The Universe, or even Nature. 

It is the creator of all we see, think, hear, feel, taste, and smell. And so much more. 

It began billions of years ago with planets and suns, moons and stars and bodies of water. 

Creation began very large, in terms of planets, and then very small, in terms of life forms. 

The sole purpose as we understand it of The Universe is to expand. 

So from a planet, we expanded to life forms like fungus. From fungus to bacteria, to plants, to amoeba, to animals, and billions of years later, only a few hundred thousand years ago, to humans. 

We humans are the ultimate life form, on the cutting edge of expansion. 

We are also, as with all matter that has been created by Source Energy, extensions of that Source Energy. 

Now, for an all knowing, all seeing, all powerful, all present energy like the Universe, the law of attraction has always been a simple rule: you attract what you focus on. 

Think a thought and it manifests itself. 


When we are not in our human bodies, we are at one with Source Energy, and we have access to all the same power, sight, and presence. 

From that position, we manifest ourselves into humans. We choose to be human. We set intentions for our next human experience, and those intentions determine the lives we are born into – the color of our skin, our biological sex, our parents, the region we are born into, and so on. 

That is the law of attraction at play. 

We focus on what we want and we get it. 

Then of course, in our human manifestations, we are limited in our human experience, so we tend to get in our own way and block ourselves. 

Why the Limitations? 

So the next logical question then is why would we, in all of our Source Energy wisdom, choose to be limited by the human experience? 

It must follow that there is great value in limitation. 

There is great value in coming into this life with a subconscious mind that can access the infinite power of the universe, while working to remain in the present tense, focus on positive thoughts, work with powerful affirmations, and work past limiting beliefs. 

The first step to this navigation is recognizing that you are inherently worthy of love. 

To do this, you must unlearn all you have learned that has told you that you are unworthy. 

You must supersede your limitations, recognizing that while you are indeed bound by your humanity while you are in this life, you are also capable of so much more than you realize. 

The good news, the best news, is that all of your heart’s desires are just on the other side of self love. The absolute positive way to accessing all of the positive vibrations of the universe, of living the life of your dreams, are firmly seated in loving yourself on a daily basis. 

You have limitations, yes, of course. 

You could not possible have come into this life with all the power of a god. What would be the point? You might as well have remained in your god self then. 

We experience great joy precisely because we know pain. We feel love because we have felt loss. 

The value is in contrast. The contrast lies in limitation. 

But, in all areas of your life, you have the ability to overcome negative beliefs, allows negative thoughts to simply be opportunities to value contrast, and you can access your god power using the powerful tool of law of attraction manifestation

 12 Law of Attraction Affirmations

One of the most effective ways to step into your power of attraction is to set a small personal goal to be complete in a reasonable amount of time and then work your way towards it with belief and intuitive guidance. 

Remember, all of your power of attraction lies in your belief that you can actually achieve what you set out to achieve. 

Affirmations only work when they are rooted in belief. 

You can say “I believe I can fly” over and over, but you don’t actually believe you can fly, so you better not jump from any rooftops flapping your wings. 

You have to believe in your power to get what you want, and that belief is rooted in self-love.

So, first, work on your self love.

Do things that show yourself how worthy you are of love. 

It helps, in the beginning, to actually work on yourself. 

Eat well, get plenty of sleep, exercise regularly, read books that open your mind, eyes, and heart, and meditate. 

Within a matter of days of putting these practices into place, you will feel yourself walking lighter, feeling better, and finding yourself more worthy of love. 

Then you begin with those first, basic, attraction affirmations: 

“I am worthy of love.” 

“I am capable of anything.” 

“I can take small steps toward my future.” 

“I can set goals and achieve them.” 

“I can work progressively toward what I want.” 

“My intuition is always guiding me.” 

These first six attraction affirmations are the foundation of all that comes after. 

You must repeat them regularly, both when you are struggling and when you are successful. You must integrate them into your unconscious mind so that you believe them without doubt. 

You can in point of fact teach yourself to believe in yourself slowly and over time if you show yourself what you are capable of. 

The Universe


You will hit plateaus. Especially if you are aiming really high. 

This is not only okay, but also as it should be. 

You will not rise like a rocket from rock bottom. 

You are climbing a staircase that will often not reveal more than two or three steps at a time. 

Take your time and build yourself up. 

Thus follow your next attraction affirmations: 

“I can never get it wrong.” 

“I will never get it done.” 

“I will continue to rise.” 

“I am always learning from experience.” 

“I am the universe having a human experience.” 

“I am a god in human form.” 

Work with these kind of affirmations, especially that last affirmation, and the laws of the universe cannot help but deliver positive change in the most delightful and unexpected ways. 

See it all as a gift, all things as positive things, and embrace life with open arms and positive feelings, and watch the positive results come into your daily life. 

Happy manifesting!