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How to Know if You Have Hidden Healing Powers 

Before we get into how to know if you have hidden healing powers, know that one of my least favorite things that people say is that they are healers.  

I really, really, really don’t like when people call themselves healers.  

No one, not a single person, can heal another person.  

Just like you cannot bless another person.  

You cannot curse another person.  

You are not a healer.  

You may be a facilitator of healing.  

But you are not a healer.  

And when it comes to hidden healing powers, yes, you have them.  

How do I know?  

Because we all have healing powers.  

If we are not actively healing, then, yes, we may have hidden healing powers.  

Here’s what I mean.  

Physician, Heal Thyself 

Isn’t it interesting to note that so many doctors are run down, stressed out, and deeply unhealthy?  

A lot of doctors smoke! Eat crap. Don’t sleep. Don’t exercise.  

It’s crazy.  

But that goes to the point about healing.  

They may know how to perform surgery or prescribe medication.  

They may know how the human body functions at its most basic level.  

But if you do not look at your doctor and think, “wow, this person exudes health,” then they are likely not even facilitators of healing. They may even be practitioners of illness.  

Abraham Hicks will point out that quite often when you go to the doctor, they look for something wrong rather than promoting what it right.  

And you know the rule, if you look for something hard enough, you will probably find it.  

Fortunately, our bodies, the human bodies, were designed to be highly efficient and always in healing mode.  

Your natural state is one of perfect health.  

The problem is that you spend most of your life blocking that health by sitting for too long every day, not moving your body, eating crap, putting toxins in your body, not getting enough sleep, not managing your stress levels, and not connecting with nature and other humans in healthy ways.  

You are keeping yourself in a state of sickness.  

So, if you are one of these people, and you are in really good company, then, yes, you may have hidden healing powers, and they may be buried deep.  

Hidden Healing Powers 

If you are working on your health, actively, you eat well, you sleep well, you manage your stress, you move your body, you don’t put toxins in your body, and you connect with nature and other humans, you probably don’t have hidden healing powers.  

Your healing powers are likely active, well, and alive for all to see.  

You likely have people coming to you for advice quite often.  

Others who need healing are attracted to your wellness, your joy, the sunshine seems to burst right from your inner being.  

And you can have a powerful influence on others. You can facilitate wellness and healing in others without a medical degree or license of any sort.  

Healing powers are only hidden when you are blocking them  

Joe Dispenza describes this reality quite well in his book Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself.  

Jesus was not healing people; he was helping people get out of the way of their own illness.  

You have to hold yourself in an illness. You must contribute to your illness by focusing on it, by reminding yourself of it, by talking about it.  

In most cases, healing simply requires us to get out of the way.  

Move on with our lives.  

Do the good things for our bodies, minds, and spirits, and let nature take care of itself.  

Your body knows exactly how to heal every single aspect of any illness you have.  

And, as Caroline Myss points out, every single illness has a spiritual and emotional component to it.  

It begins as a thought, as an illness in the spirit.  

It then develops into a physical illness once you have not attended to your mental and spiritual needs for too long.  

If you are hoping to help others heal, your power is in tapping into your ability to facilitate healing.  

And how do you do that?  

Well, first you have to make sure your hidden healing powers are no longer hidden.  

Tap into Your Hidden Healing Powers to Help Others 

Again, every single one of us has the ability to heal ourselves.  

We are all created equal, with perfectly designed bodies shaped by the set of intentions with which we came into these lives.  

Yes, some of us came into these lives blind, deaf, or with otherwise impaired abilities.  

But if you look at those of us with so called impaired abilities, you will see some amazing magic that has come from those people, often more magic than comes from perfectly able bodies individuals.  

Our impairments are gifts that show us just what we are capable of, lessons to us that show us the power of humans when we communicate openly with our spirits.  

When we shift to thinking of everything as a gift, everything that happens as happening for us rather that to us, we become truly healed and then we can become facilitators of healing.  

Jesus was able to do this because he understood that everyone he looked at was perfect.  

He saw each human as perfect, as healed, as whole, and the power of his influence was so great that he helped those people who healed see themselves that way, too.  

This process of healing thyself is what Dispenza outlines in his book – you must see it in your mind before you can manifest it into reality.  

You must see it already done.  

If you want to help others heal, you must learn to see them as perfect, as whole, as complete, as truly gifted.  

Then, let the power of your influence be so great, that they seem themselves the way you see them.  

That is how the healing begins.  


The first and most important step you can take as a facilitator of healing is to model. 

You must be healed, healthy, and exuding faith in the body, mind, and spirit connection in order to influence others.  

All of your power is in influence, and you must influence with your being, your state of being obvious to anyone who looks at you, long before you open your mouth to speak a single word.  

Model what healthy looks like, find your own inner peace, surrender to divine will, trust your intuition, and listen to what others tell you.  

That is the nature of the true “healer,” or one with hidden healing powers.  

If you are drawn to this journey, then you already have everything you need inside of you.  

Now, go forth and be it.  

Open Up 

To facilitate healing in others and unlock your hidden healing powers, you will have to open up.  

The surrender to the divine requires a great deal of faith and trust in Source Energy, in the higher consciousness we come from, in your higher self.  

You must stay curious, open, interested, and engaged with the world and the Universe.  

Be present and open to each moment.  

Accept every single moment as if you had chosen it, as Eckhart Tolle teaches us.  

Because, according to the law of attraction, you have.  

You brought whatever is in your life into your life, and so has everyone else.  

So when you are working with others, this understanding is a big part of healing.  

You must be able to see, without judgement, that whatever illness anyone is suffering from, be it mental, physical, or spiritual – or all three – they attracted this into their lives for a reason.  

It is a gift, a lesson, an opportunity.  


And death is nothing to fear.  

We do not stop death from coming by fearing it or fighting it, but we continue living through loving life and exploring it with joy.  

Help others see this, and you contribute to enormous healing and longevity.  

Find the Others 

You are the sum total of the 5 people with whom you spend the most time.  

So find the others like you.  

Collaborate, share ideas, include, welcome, grow community.  

You will become better and better and healing and facilitating the more you surround yourself with people on the same path of opening up.  


And finally, share.  

Give generously of your gift.  

Do not look at this ability to help others heal as an opportunity to get rich or make profit.  

Yes, if you provide a service, charge a reasonable fee.  

We live in a capitalist society where money is our means of exchange.  

But do the work as if it were for free.  

Do it with joy in your heart, with overflowing love, and good health in your spirit.  

And you will be surprised at how abundant your life will become, how literally rich you can actually grow, and just how many people you will help.  

Happy manifesting! 

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