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111 Meaning and 7 Reasons Why You Keep Seeing this Number

111 Meaning is very simple to understand.

Energy flows where attention goes. Anyone who has spent significant time knows and accepts this reality. 


If you are trying to understand the 111 meaning that keeps showing up in your life, it is time to take a look at where you attention is going.

Your Focus: 111 Meaning

You’ve heard it before – your greatest fears will come upon you. 

It is not because they are fears, though fears are indeed powerful.

It is because they are your greatest fears. 

The fact that they are your greatest fears means, by definition, that you have a tremendous amount of focus placed on them. 

You worry, you dream or have nightmares, you talk about it, you put all of your energy there. 

And as everyone knows, energy is everything. 


If you are pooling a vast amount of energy into your fears, the Universe will bring them to you because that is how you express your desires, through energy. 

The Universe does not judge you or criticize you. It has not will of its own in the way we think of will. It does not stop and say “hmmmm… this is a fear, and she probably does not actually want this in her life.” 

No. The Universe merely reads your energy and responds in kind. 

It says, “her focus is here, so we will send her more of that.” 

Your job then, for the duration of your life, is to work on your focus. 

Fears Are Merely Contrast Amplified

As part of your practice, you must learn to allow negative thoughts, negative feelings, and negative experiences to be contrast. 

In an infinitely wise, loving, and nonjudgmental universe, each person is allowed to have their own experience according to their desires and energy. 

Thus, you must allow others to have those experiences without inserting yourself into them. 

Think of all of life as different movies to watch and witness. 

Each person is the main character in their own movies and also supporting characters and extras in other people’s movies, depending on how we create our own movies. 

You do not have to be in someone else’s movie. You don’t have to be a supporting character or a villain. You may just be an extra, entirely unaware that you are even in that person’s movie at all. 

The more you engage with another person, the more you will show up in their movie. 

And energy is infectious, so you must be careful who you spend your time with. 

That’s how fear gets in. 

Either you are watching scary movies, scary news, or scary events taking place in other people’s lives, and you are internalizing it rather than simply saying “that is not my reality.” 


You can have compassion for others, in real life or in stories, without internalizing their pain and suffering. 

The entire world is made up of what we do want and what we don’t want, according to our energy.

We call what we don’t want “contrast.” Contrast exists merely to show us what we don’t want so that we can head away from it and toward what we do want. 

Fear then, is merely contrast emphasized or multiplied. 

You saw contrast and focused on it. Now it is a fear. 

You worry. You have anxiety. You stress out about it. 

And with all of that energy, for long enough, you will bring it more and more into your existence. 

You will start to see your fears showing up more and more, confirming for you your fears and anxieties, giving you still more reason to have fear and anxiety. 

Until you bring it into your reality. 

Love Is One Thousand Times More Powerful than Fear

Likewise with Love, only even more so. 

There are only two basic human emotions – love and fear. 

Everything else we feel stems from one of those two basic human emotions we are all born with. 

Fear is powerful, yes. It is supposed to be so that it turns us away from what we don’t want. 

The wonderful thing is that Love, with a capital L, is much more powerful. 

Abraham Hicks says Love is one thousand times more powerful than fear or any negative emotion. 

If you can hold onto Love and keep your focus there, you can blast fear out of the water. 

To understand the 111 meaning, you must begin from that place of Love. 

Apparently, you have been focusing on Love, joy, happiness, abundance, curiosity, hope, and other positive energy for 111 to be showing up in your life. 

Your focus is on track, you are undergoing a spiritual awakening, and these repetitive numbers are showing up to tell you “Keep going!”

111 Meaning Law of Attraction: 7 Reasons

The law of attraction tells us that we attract what we are. Whatever you have been focusing on intensely is now coming into your life. 

Nothing in your life can get in there without you having invited it in. 

So, the spiritual meaning of anything in your life is that you attracted it there. 

Now, why are you seeing 111?

First, understand that according to numerology, 111 is one the most powerful “angel messages” you can get from your higher self. 

You higher self is always communicating with you, sending you messages at all times to “go this way” or “over here!” 

The problem for most of us is that we are rarely paying attention. 

The 111 meaning shows that you are finally paying attention!

It is the number 1, which represents new beginnings, independence, and leadership, combined with the 11, which represents greater power, insight, creativity, and intuition. 

Here’s why it might be showing up specifically for you right now. 

New Beginnings

If you have just started venturing into the realm of spirituality, 111 shows up to welcome you. It is telling you to remain open, to get into your creative space, and to listen to your intuition. 

Don’t stop now. The Universe has your back, and it is communicating with your directly to tell you so. 

Right Direction

If you have recently made a change in your life, the 111 meaning is that you are headed in the right direction. It is a confirmation that you have made the right choice and that your rewards are just ahead.

Don’t give up. All paths have their challenges and contrasts, and you must trust that you have what it takes to overcome them and reap the benefits. 

Otherwise, you would never headed this way. 

New Relationship

Have you made a new friend recently, or reunited with an old friend or family member? 111 shows up to encourage the growth of this relationship. 

This is an opportunity to complete a soul contract and either help the other person or be helped by them. Nurture your relationship and allow it to take its course naturally and with love. 

Right Path

Sometimes, walking on a certain path in life can get frustrating and overwhelming. You might feel like you’ve been doing this forever!

111 shows up to tell you to stay the course. You are on the right path. 

The only reason things take longer than you expect is because you are blocking or resisting in some way. 

So, pay attention to your 111 sign and step into a space of allowing and surrender. Keep going on your path and find the joys upon it. 

Gratitude is a huge leap forward, so if you can find things to be grateful for on your path, you will watch it unfold more quickly and with greater successes to celebrate. 

Soul Mate

You may also be connecting with a soul mate in life. It could be the great love of your life or even a new child or deeply intimate friend. 

We have many soul mates in our lives, many soul contracts to fulfill, and 111 shows up to say you are in one now. 

Have love and compassion for this person, and work to see them through the eyes of the Universe, from your third eye. 

Good News

Sometimes, 111 will show up to say you have good news coming, and it is likely surprising and delightful and even unexpected. 

Or it could be that some news you recently received is better than you thought it might be. 

Shift your perspective to see things through a lens of love and you can often see news in a new light. 

New Job

confident woman

And finally, you may either have just gotten or are about to get a new job, and the 111 meaning is that this is a great opportunity for you based on your deepest desires. 

In some way, this new job will bring you more than you ever imagined you could have. 

Give it your all and express your creativity in this job, and watch it show up for you. 

In the end, 111 is here to tell you that you are an amazing spirit having a human experience and that there is great love for you here. 

All you have to do is receive it. 

The best way to bring positive changes, great things, and even a love life into your reality is to focus on positive things and let you life get into the right place and on the right track with a new start.

Now is the good time for new things, for a new path, to get out of your comfort zone and tap into your inner wisdom and positive affirmations and watch for a good sign to head in new directions.

Happy manifesting!

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