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15 Free Amethyst Affirmations for Calming, Spirituality, and Wisdom 

Why would you need amethyst affirmations? 


That’s it.

So simple. And yet so complex. 

Amethyst Affirmations

Amethyst Crystals are known for their healing properties on multiple levels. They are a member of the quartz family, which means they, like all quartz, bring clarity on their specific power. 

And anyone who knows anything about healing knows that you cannot heal what you will not feel. 

So, the very first amethyst affirmation you will need to begin and continue any healing process will be this one: 

“I will allow myself to feel what hurts me.” 

Amethyst is a protective stone in that it serves as a constant reminder that you do not need protection. You have nothing to fear by your own negative thoughts. 

And once you learn to control your thoughts, you have literally nothing to fear. 

Literally. Nothing.

Amethyst brings you inner peace, spiritual awareness, and a connection to your higher self through ongoing pure positive energy. 

Which is your next amethyst affirmation: 

“I am a physical extension of source energy.” 

You are a physical extension of source energy.

Source Energy 


Before you begin any healing journey it is critical that you integrate this knowledge into your being. 

You are a physical extension of source energy. 

Sure, sure, you say. But what does that mean? 

It means this: in the beginning, there was only energy. 

No matter. No material. Nothing but pure flowing positive energy. 

That energy was consciousness at a much greater level than we can even comprehend. 

And from that consciousness, all of life was created. 

The entire universe as we know and do not know it was created from that consciousness. 

How do we know? 

Because everything is a thought before it is a thing. 

We can call that consciousness God, or the Universe, or Spirit, or Source Energy. 

Or just nature. 

But it is the energy that imbues all things. 

It cannot separate itself from its creations, and humans are the latest creation that has stemmed from that energy. 

We are little drops that contain the entire ocean. 

So, when you really sit and thing about it, you will see that all of the power of the universe is contained inside of you. 

You are power, manifested

You contain the seeds necessary to do and become every single thing you desire. 

Before you came into this human experience, you were pure loving energy. 

Then, you came into this life to have fun and expand. 

That’s it. The sole purpose of the Universe is to keep expanding, keep growing, and the human experience is another way to do that. 

Our only job as humans is to have fun. 


Affirmations for feeling safe

So the next logical question I get from everyone with whom I have this conversation is “if I chose this life and my job is to have fun, why would I have chosen this or that painful circumstance?”

Why would you choose abusive parents, poverty, darker skin, the female sex, or anything else that makes life harder? 

Certainly harder to have fun. To experience the joy we came here to experience. 

Well, think about life like a video game. 

Your spirit, your true essence, is unkillable, undamageable, and only grows and expands no matter what. 

This human body you are riding around in is, let’s call it, your avatar. 

It is this level of a video game you are playing.

If you have the opportunity to have unlimited lives, to be human or not, and to experience all experiences at any time, would you really choose to be a rich white guy with loving parents in a beautiful environment every single time? 

(No offense to rich white guys.)

No, the truth is, you would not.

You would not choose the easy level of the video game every time.

From your god self position, looking out with infinite wisdom, infinite power, and the knowledge that nothing can truly harm you, that you have truly nothing to be afraid of, and that in the end, you simply return to your god self, you would choose some new challenges, new mountains to climb, new perspectives to hold, and encourage yourself to overcome those challenges and find joy amidst it all. 

Indeed, think of the people you most admire in life; they are the ones who hold joy in their hearts because of all the darkness they have travailed. 

To still be joyful at the end of each day is the true challenge. 

Which offers plenty of amethyst affirmations from our spirit guides: 

“I can be joyful.” 

“Joy is my natural state.” 

“I am the universe having a human experience.” 

“I have nothing to fear.” 

“I chose this life.” 

“My purpose is to keep moving forward and asking for more.” 

“I came here to expand.” 

“I can never get it wrong, and I will never get it done.”

Healing with Amethyst Affirmations

When you begin working with amethyst and using amethyst affirmations to undergo a true healing process, it is incumbent upon you to remember that you, in spirit form, are already whole.

It is your humanity which has been harmed, for negativity is a purely human experience. 

There is no negativity outside of the human experience, and we leave it all behind when we depart from this human body. 

Now, you understand your goal is to have true inner peace, to seek spiritual wisdom, to live in the present moment, and to make positive change in your life. 

This realization, that you are not meant to simply stumble through life like a pinball, banging into other people and experiences and struggling to survive, can have a sobering effect. 

You may have experienced, or may experience, mood swings, psychic attacks, nervous disorders, ringing in the ears, anxiety, angry frequencies, depression, and many other instances of negative energy. 

This is all normal. 

You are stepping out of your comfort zone and back into alignment with your spirit, and your body, your ego, will put up a fight. 

Sit with this discomfort and trust that “this too shall pass.”

One of my favorite amethyst affirmations is that one. 

“This too shall pass.” 

Because the truth is, unless you die, it passes. Whatever “it” is.

Your body, mind, and spirit, know exactly what to do to heal you, and amethyst is your reminder to get out of your own way. 

You want freedom? You want clarity? You want to tap into your psychic abilities and live the life of joy and abundance you came here for? 

It’s time to start healing what has hurt you. 

Stop Clinging

One of the first, and perhaps the most important, steps to healing is to stop clinging. 

Buddhist monk Pema Chodron discusses this concept in her book When Things Fall Apart.

When things happen to us, when things fall apart, we cling to them. 

We identify with them. As them. 

We get hurt, and we make that part of our identity. 

We get sick, and we make that part of our identity. 

We experience loss, and we make that part of our identity. 

All of those identities crowd out our actual identity as spirits having a human experience. 

They block us from reaching our full potential and from fulfilling the set of intentions with which we came into this life. 

We must shed all those identities and come back to spirit to heal. 

Amethyst affirmations to do shedding: 

“I am free.” 

“I cut the cords.” 

“I release what no longer serves me.” 

“I love myself as I am.” 

“I am here.” 

These affirmations have to do with living right now in this present moment. 

You were born with a free will, and you always have a choice what to do and what to think. 

Don Miguel Ruiz talks a lot about how to unlearn our old stories that don’t serve us in his book The Voice of Knowledge.

We have to rediscover our own inner voice and release the inner voices we have allowed to have power over us. 

The voices of our mother and father, schoolteachers, friends and other family, government, media, social media. 


One of the most powerful actions you can take to unlearn all you have learned that weighs you down, to release what no longer serves you, and to stop clinging to what happens to you, is to meditate. 

Practice sitting for 20 minutes every morning and calming your mind. With your purple amethyst stones beside you, imagine a divine purple light entering your body for strong healing. 

Meditation allows your body to go into deep sleep while your mind is intensely awake. 

See the energy of the violet flame warm your spiritual body from your crown chakra, into your third eye chakra, down into your throat chakra, then your heart, solar plexus, sacral, and finally root chakra.

Know that the healing energy of amethyst offers extra balance from the spiritual realm and roots you into the earth from which you came, it releases tension and helps you enter a positive lifestyle that brings wonderful encouragement for welcome differences in your life path. 

The higher realms are always supporting you with great love.

Happy manifesting!

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