13 Really Simple Ways To Manifest Weight Loss Super Fast

For many people, weight loss is a struggle and that’s why they want to try and manifest weight loss. They try multiple diets and exercise routines in an attempt to lose their additional weight.

how to manifest weight loss

Constant weight loss attempts without results can be extremely discouraging and cause many people to give up. 

Oftentimes, no matter how intently they are physically focused on losing weight, people are missing an essential part of their weight loss journey.

how to manifest weight loss

As with everything in life, the power of the mind must be taken into account.

Through positive affirmations and weight loss manifestation, anyone can find it within themselves to lose weight and obtain their dream body. 

The law of attraction allows you to manifest anything you want, including weight loss.

How do you manifest weight loss?

In order to lose weight using any manifestation technique, you will start in your mind by setting intentions and believing that you can reach your weight loss goals.

how to manifest weight loss

Remember that you will only achieve what you believe that you can achieve, and that any negative thoughts can actually prevent you from losing weight. The best way to start any manifestation method is to let go of those limiting beliefs before you ever take the next step.

There are a number of things you can do in order to start manifesting your weight loss.

By understanding that manifestation is an important step on your journey to your ideal weight, you can learn a powerful way to reach your end goal. Remember that your manifestation technique is to get you in the right mindset, a healthy diet is still going to be a big part of those success stories.

But manifestation does a great job helping you switch over to healthy foods and even control your body weight.

I know that social media is full of all sorts of 369 techniques and fad diets when it comes to weight loss manifestation. But, this is a step by step guide to help you control excess weight no matter how much body weight you have to lose.

How to Manifest Weight Loss Fast

The Law of Attraction is the concept that a single positive thought can cause positive outcomes, while negative thoughts cause the opposite. It is rooted in the idea that what we believe or think attracts certain circumstances or events. 

how to manifest weight loss

Believing in the Law of Attraction helps people learn to control their thoughts and be intentional. They become skilled at speaking being positive and putting their desires out into the world, knowing that they will be returned, fulfilled. 

When it comes to weight loss, the Law of Attraction is just as valuable and effective. It requires training your brain and moving from a thinking negative thoughts about your body to a place of belief and gratitude.

Train yourself to love your body, to care about your physical health, and to have compassion on yourself.

Believe your body is good, believe it can lose weight, and be prepared to continue affirming those beliefs. 

Setting your intentions is an essential part of manifesting weight loss. This means that you need to know what you want, know your goals, and be specific about what you’re asking for. 

When setting your intentions for manifesting, be clear.

Don’t just say that you intend on losing weight.

Instead, set a specific goal by saying you intend on losing X- amount of pounds. By setting clear and specific intentions, you are putting your exact goal into the universe, preparing yourself to be a recipient from the Law of Attraction. 

  • Say Weight Loss Affirmations

The things you say matter.

how to manifest weight loss

They restate intentions and send your beliefs out. Even if your mind is having difficulty believing something, it will begin to take root in your subconscious mind as truth. 

Saying affirmations is the foundation, the beginning, the root, of manifestation.

Weight loss affirmations prepare your mind as you begin to believe that you are capable of losing weight and that you will be successful in reaching your weight loss goals. 

There are many ways to say affirmations every day.

If you find that you are thinking or saying negative thoughts, replace them with positive ones. You can listen to positive affirmations while you are falling asleep and repeat them to yourself throughout the day or during meditation. 

Another great way to say weight loss affirmations is to write them down and put them in various locations where you will see them throughout your day.

Put them at your desk, in your kitchen, on your bathroom mirror; any place you are sure to see them and read them during the day. 

The more you say, read, and think your weight loss affirmations, the more you will begin to believe them and manifest them. 

  • Develop Your Mindset

Manifestation requires a positive mindset.

For many people, this doesn’t come naturally. In fact, it can actually be quite challenging for some people to begin thinking positively.

how to manifest weight loss

This is why an understanding of the Law of Attraction and repeating regular affirmations is essential; they help you develop your mindset. 

When you are manifesting weight loss, your mindset is going to be more important than the weight loss itself.

This is because all of your actions and your results stem from your thoughts and beliefs.

Getting your mindset on track sets the foundation for effective weight loss. 

  • Work on Mental Consistency

Keeping your positive mindset, thoughts, beliefs, intentions, and affirmations at the top of your mind requires consistency.

how to manifest weight loss

It can be a challenge to keep your positive mentality, especially when the realities of life hit or if you’re not seeing results as fast as you want to.

Negative thoughts constantly battle to take over your mind and it’s your job to prevent that. 

Be consistent with your affirmations, your positive thoughts, and in reminding yourself of your intentions. Say and read your affirmations daily and make a habit of changing negative thoughts into positive ones.

The more you fill your mind with good, positive thoughts, the more your positive beliefs will take over and set you up for success. 

  • Understand Your Challenges

Keep yourself grounded in reality and don’t ignore the fact that challenges and setbacks will come your way. Being positive doesn’t mean that you won’t have any obstacles.

In fact, being realistic and knowing that things will pop up now and again can actually help you stay on track. 

When you are prepared to make mistakes, and you’re prepared for bad days, and you’re prepared for setbacks, you will be able to meet each one and move past it.

However, if you ignore the possibility of obstacles, you’ll be caught off guard when they arise.

Those who aren’t prepared and get caught off guard often use their roadblocks as an excuse to quit. 

By understanding any potential challenges, you can keep your mindset in order to meet those challenges, forgive yourself, and move forward. 

  • Take Action

While your mindset and positive attitude is key in manifestation, it’s also important that you take action.

how to manifest weight loss

Don’t just sit on your couch eating junk food and watching TV while telling yourself that you can do it and believing you’re going to lose 30 pounds. Action is necessary alongside affirmations, intentions, and mindset. 

Once you know what your goals are, design specific actions you can take to reach them.

This is key for manifestation; you want your actions to align cohesively with your intentions and affirmations, which is a sign to the universe that you are serious about your intentions.

  • Celebrate Success

Congratulate yourself and be proud of yourself for every little success you have along the way towards your goal. Your celebration boosts your mindset and tells the universe that you really want this, which helps with the Law of Attraction. 

Don’t wait until you actually reach your goal to celebrate.

In fact, every time you turn down that dessert or get yourself out of bed to go exercise or drop a few pounds, celebrate!

Your internal celebration will help to build the foundation of your positive beliefs, which will accelerate your weight loss even more. 

Using the 369 Method

The 369 method is a tried and true way to manifest things, including weight loss. While there are a few different ways you can use the method, the basic concept is the same.

how to manifest weight loss

The 369 method manifests based on affirmation and feeling, so make sure to be consistent and keep your mindset at the forefront of your mind while you use it. 

The 369 method can be used with intentions or affirmations.

Do intentions or affirmations make you feel motivated, ready, and positive? Choose the one that your mind is the most receptive to and use it as you try the 369 method. 

  • Morning Intentions or Affirmations

The first part of the 369 method is morning intentions or affirmations.

how to manifest weight loss

When you wake in the morning, the first thing you’re going to do is write down your intentions or affirmations 3 times.

This prepares your mind and heart for the day ahead and ensures that your intentions or affirmations are before you. 

  • Afternoon Intentions or Affirmations

In the middle of your day, write your intentions or affirmations 6 times.

This is key, because it’s fairly common to start your day out on a positive note. Level-headed and with clear intentions, but to be bogged down and busy by mid-day, completely forgetting your focus.

You can keep your motivation and stay positive by simply rewriting your affirmations or intentions at mid-day.

  • Before Bed Intentions

Before you lay your head on the pillow at the end of the day, take the time to write your intentions or affirmations down again.

how to manifest weight loss

This time, you’re going to write them 9 times!

When you’re finished, you’ll go to bed with your intentions set, letting the universe and your subconscious do its best work. 

With the 369 method, you’re sandwiching your day with your weight loss affirmations or intentions, ensuring that they are set.

The method is a great way to be consistent with your mindset and prevent the negative thoughts from creeping in. 

How to Manifest Fast Weight Loss on Paper

Pen and paper are extremely useful in manifestation.

how to manifest weight loss

The 369 method is just one way you can write things down as you use the Law of Attraction in your weight loss journey.

However, there are multiple methods for using paper to manifest your weight loss goals. 

  • Script Your Weight Loss

Manifest your weight loss by writing things down as you want them to be.

This includes the weight you want to be, the size you want to wear, the things you’ll be able to do, the ways you will feel.

Similar to a vision board, you will be visualizing and creating a physical representation of your desires.

However, instead of using pictures, you’re going to be creating a script of your vision. 

You need to truly imagine how it will feel when you reach your weight loss goals and write them down.

Get into your heart and your emotions, experience what you’ll feel when your vision comes to fruition, and write it down. This is a great way to manifest your goals and bring them into reality. 

  • Journal for Weight Loss

Use weight loss journal prompts to help you through your journey.

Journaling can help you understand anything that is holding you back from manifestation and reaching your goals.

Guided journaling is incredibly helpful because it helps you discover essential blocks you never would have otherwise.

Obstacles that keep people from losing weight can be linked to their inability to recognize a simple truth: When they gain awareness, they remove their own blocks, allowing them to lose weight fast.

What is the easiest way to lose weight super fast?

how to manifest weight loss

It’s all about calories in and calories out. Let manifesting weight loss give you the willpower and the fortitude to lose the weight in no time.

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