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7 Mantras to Balance Your 7 Chakras 

7 mantras!?

If I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it a million times. “Mantras are crap.”  

It’s true.  

So many people resist mantras, even refusing to speak them. And I get why.  

But mantras can actually be extremely beneficial to a robust spiritual practice, especially when doing a 7 mantras chakra cleanse.  


Because you’re essentially casting a spell.  


It’s called spelling for a reason.  

The act of using letters to make words and words to formulate meaning is indeed casting a spell.  

Words matter much more than you think, especially when those words are in your head.  

So, when you are setting an intention, praying, or blessing, you must use words. And many times, we call those words mantras.  

Think about it, even the creation story in the beginning of the Christian bible requires words.  

Thought. Intention. Words.  


And God said, “let there be light,” and there was light.  

Before every creative act, words are spoken.  

Why They Don’t Work 

Wellbeing Coach, Middle Aged Woman Practicing Mindful Acceptance Meditation. Positive Mindset Concept

“No.” You say. “They’re crap. They don’t work. I tried it once. I said, ‘I’m rich’ every day for a month, and I never got rich.”  

Well, yea, if this is you, you’re right.  

They don’t work. At least, not like that.  

The essential ingredient behind every word you speak into existence is belief. Indeed, it goes even deeper than belief to trust, to knowledge.  

When you believe something, you allow for doubt. But when you know something, no one and nothing can convince you otherwise.  

Remember, God didn’t say “I believe there will be light.” God knew there would be light. God spoke it into existence.  

When you know your own power. When you know you are rich, you are, indeed, rich.  

We Are the Gods We’ve Been Waiting for 

“Well sure,” you say. “But I’m not God.”  

Aren’t you, though?  

Really, aren’t you?  

In the beginning, there was Source Energy, let’s call it God to stick with the theme here.  

That consciousness, God, created everything we see. As we know from nature, you cannot create something without also including your own energy into the thing you create.  

Everything you create, everything, is an extension of you. It carries your fingerprint, your energetic vibration. It is, essentially, more you.  

Such is the same with God.  

God created plants, fungi, animals, and humans, each an evolution up the scale of intelligence.  

We are all extensions of God. Gods in human form.  

We were God before we came into human form, and now we are merely, profoundly, having a human experience.  

As such, we, too, can speak reality into existence with our words.  

We are that powerful.  

And once you know, you know, and there is no unknowing.  

Begin with What You Know 

But of course, you cannot move from what you know to what you don’t believe in a single leap. Abraham Hicks calls this the scale of emotion.  

You have to move up gradually from small stuff to positive things, new ideas, and finally to big change. The best way to do this is to build a daily practice of mantra meditation. 

When you begin speaking your will into existence, you must begin with what you know, even if you have to do a little mental gymnastics to make it so.  

For instance, you can say “I am rich in love. I am rich in joy. I am rich in emotion.” If you are on hard times financially, you will not be able to say “I am rich in money” with conviction.  

Remember, the Universe has one single, powerful, unwavering law called the law of attraction.  

The law of attraction states that like attracts like. You attract what you are.  

And the universe does not speak in words. It speaks in energy.  

So if you are saying “I am rich,” but you are feeling “I am so broke. I need money. I’m in trouble.” The universe responds to what you are feeling, no matter what you say.  

So you must say what you know to be true.  

self love

“I am rich in love.” And you really know how rich in love you are. Then the universe will send you more riches. And indeed, because the universe knows so much better than you do, it will send you riches in a variety of ways.  

Express gratitude for your gifts, and you will continue to receive them. That is the law.  

7 Mantras for 7 Chakras 


If you are at the beginning of your chakra work, just beginning to clear and cleanse them, it can help to have a practice in place with a mantra to clear each one.  

Remember, you must actually believe, and even better to know, what you are saying.  

Plan to spend at least 20 minutes in meditation, taking your time to work on each chakra and repeat each mantra several times before moving on to the next.  

Ensure your environment is clean, clear, quiet, and free from distractions.  

This meditation is best done sitting either criss cross apple sauce or in a chair with your feet planted on the ground. You are “earthing,” and you want to be able to pull energy from the earth.  

Crown Chakra 

In meditation, we begin with the crown chakra, the seventh chakra, because it is where we connect with God, the divine spirit, and we communicate with God from that point, the crown of our head.  

Begin by imagining light entering your crown from the universe, pooling at your crown, and filling you up with divine love and wisdom.  

Mantra: God is love. 

The purpose of this mantra is to remind you that God in its most literal sense is pure loving energy.  

When you understand that God is love is a literal expression, that God is all powerful, all knowing, and all being, and that you are an extension of God, you know you are unstoppable.  

Third Eye Chakra 

third eye

Move into the third eye chakra and allow the light to pool there, cleansing and clearing the space between your brows, in the center of your forehead.  

The third eye chakra is the place from which we can see through God’s eyes. We have access to its infinite wisdom, and we see things clearly, for what they are.  

Mantra: Namaste 

Namaste translates as “the light in me see, recognizes, and honors the light in you.” This mantra opens you up to seeing God in all things, which will allow you to act from a place of love rather than ego or judgment.  

Throat Chakra 

Work that light down into your throat area, imagining the light flooding your throat and coming up through your mouth, clearing the passageway for you to communicate.  

The throat chakra is the place from which you speak Truth, and you communicate with others.  

Mantra: I can be brave 

Often, our throat chakra is blocked either because we are afraid of the consequences of the Truth or we are afraid of the Truth itself.  

When you remind yourself that, while you cannot always be strong, you can always be brave, you are more free to speak the Truth.  

I capitalize Truth here because we are talking about divine Truth, not human perception, in which there lie many truths.  

You can be brave when you trust that God is love, that God is infinite wisdom, and that God is always acting in your highest good, in relation to your desires and your energy.  


You can be brave.  

Repeat it over and over again.  

Heart Chakra 

healing crystals for heart problems

Move that light into your heart and allow it to settle softly there. Sit in your heart space for a bit longer. This is the place from which you love all beings, especially yourself, unconditionally.  

You can forgive yourself and others from here. You send out compassion. You empathize. You are love. 

Mantra: I am love. 

When you know that you are love, you know that you are an extension of God, and that, if you can forgive the people you love most in your life, then you too deserve that love and forgiveness.  

We are all created equal, after all.  

You are love.  

Solar Plexus Chakra  

Move now into your lower regions. Your solar plexus chakra is located just below your heart and sends out signals all over your midsection, keeping you in homeostasis, happy, and healthy.  
Your solar plexus is your human intuition connecting to your divine intuition.

The solar plexus chakra is directly connected to your brain stem and your pineal gland and clearing it with your own mantra, along with deep breath will bring inner peace and mental health during a difficult time.  

Both literally and spiritually, your head is talking to your gut.  

Mantra: I trust my gut. 

This one is hard in this day and age of constant information and “knowledge,” facts and figures always thrown at us.  

Everyone and everything is screaming at you “listen to me!”  

But no. You must listen to yourself. No one knows you, your intentions, and your connection to God better than you do.  

Trust your gut.  

Sacral Chakra  

Move the light into your womb space, just behind your belly button, and imagine it glowing and glittering there, excited and charged to create.  

From this space, you make new life, you bring ideas to fruition, you are a true creator.  

Mantra: I express my creativity.  

When you are in your feminine, allowing a little chaos, and creating, you are truly on the leading edge. Allow this mantra to encourage you to do at least one creative thing today.  

Root Chakra 

And finally, allow the light to push down into the base of your spine, down your legs, to the soles of your feet, and into the earth.  

Imagine the light branching out, underground, in all directions, pulling your energy into the earth, and then pulling all of earth’s energy back up and into you.  

Allow that light to work up your chakra system again, filling your body, fueling you with earth energy, grounding you.  

Mantra: I am here. 

Right here, right now, is the only place you need to be, and the only moment you need to focus on. Your life is happening right now, and this mantra, all of them, really, prepare you each day to remember that.  

Happy manifesting! 

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