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6666 Meaning Law of Attraction

6666 Meaning Law of Attraction

If you’ve ever heard of numerology, you may have heard of the number 6666. This is an Angel Number that can have a powerful spiritual meaning in our lives.

For the law of attraction to work, certain things need to be in alignment. These could be people, places, things, and events you encounter based on the decisions you make.

An Important Message from your Guardian Angels

If you see the number 6666 a lot, it could be an indication of a positive sign from your guardian angels or higher self that through recent work, you are attracting the right energy.

Compassion and love rule the 6’s. 4 is a sign of stability so when you see four 6s, it is a great sign of good fortune coming to you.

The best way to incorporate this energy is trusting your past experiences led you to this moment. This is the right time to make important decisions in various areas of your life.

Where You Might See This Number

Often, this number doesn’t show up until later in life as it brings a new way to see the big picture. It can come as a spiritual awakening, or after times of need have settled.

Since it’s not often we see four 6s at once, you might have several small occurrences of them throughout the day. Here are some signs to look for:

  • In a tarot reading. The Lovers, the Devil, and the 6 of any suit (Wands, Swords, Cups, Pentacles). See the image below for an example. This reading is usually a good omen for your love life.

  • In poker or blackjack. If you get multiple 6s in one hand, especially 4, like the 6 of Clubs, Spades, Diamonds, and Hearts, it could mean you will win big.
  • If you find a coin with 1966 on it, these are getting rarer, but that is a sign that things are going right in matters of the heart.
  • If a friend’s address has two or more 6s contained in it, this could be a sign that the friendship will contain. Similarly, if you count 6 windows or rows of 6 windows on a house or building, this could also be a sign.
  • If your life number is #6, this message may resonate with you more as you might be very attuned to what others are feeling, but not always what they are thinking. Be careful if you find yourself idealizing others too much or sacrificing yourself to appease their wishes.
  • If you check the time you see figures that add up in 6s, such as 4:06 pm, 6:00 am, or 5:01 pm.
  • When you see your heart rate at the gym and take a picture of it… are there any 6s or numbers that add up to 6?
  • In license plates

Interpreting the 6s in a Tarot Reading

Referencing the image above, we see that both the lovers and the devil have two beings of yin and yang or male and female energies. If both the Lovers and the Devil show up in a reading, it typically tells the story of something very intimate but potentially sinister going on here.

Thus, it’s usually an indication that a relationship is going through turmoil, but that it can be saved. Sometimes a combination of a self-care remedy, such as a bath alone, and a selfless remedy, like a good shoulder massage, can work wonders, even for such a relationship.

If you see the reading with the four minor arcana cards, we see quite a different story. Of course, it still counts as 4 6s if you were to see 2 minor arcana with the 2 major arcana, but for simplicity, we will focus on the minor arcana meaning separate from the major arcana as it will help you piece them together.

In the Art of Life Tarot, we see a lot of longing faces, but also some joy in the 6 of wands and some selfless action in the 6 of pentacles. However, in the Rider Waite deck, we see some giving in the 6 of Cups as well, while in the Art of Life it is more about a goodbye.

In this message, I see a lot of relationships forming, but it could be an indication that your victory is small without the presence of others. It could also mean you had a great victory, but your priorities are shifting outward and away from it to something more charitable.

A Little History of Numerology

Numerology began as a 12th-century practice but fell out of popularity until 1500 when French reformers brought it back to the public to recover Christian philosophy from ancient scriptures. Reading scripture was a way of life, and learning mathematics and geometry and then applying it to the scripture was one method to make sense of it.

Biblical scholars used numerology for three things:

  1. Soul searching
  2. Soul defining
  3. Soul learning

This reminds me of how I often feel after writing a short story in that after searching for your characters, defining them, and shaping them through their actions, you learn something new about that character.

More on the Law of Attraction

The number 6666 has highly spiritual energy. This spiritual energy is often associated with the crown chakra, located at the top of your head and resonating above. Chakras can be described as locations where sources of energy resonate around.

One way I like to apply the law of attraction is to try a body scan from the top of my head to just my heart while meditating. While full-body scans are great too, you can tune in better to this angel number through these areas.

Whether you have accessed it recently or not, you are made of unconditional love. The law of attraction dictates that this unconditional love is available to you at any time.

Twin Flame Numbers

Also known as twin flame numbers (one common one I see a lot is 2:22 while watching a video), these are repeating sequences that you keep coming across. If it isn’t your spirit guides or your future self, your twin flame could be waiting for you to discover them.

Typically, a twin flame number is a message from yourself rather than someone else. However, with the 6s, there is usually talk of partnerships.

6666 In Astrology

Another way you might see this twin flame is within your astrological chart. For example, the Sixth House in astrology rules health. Often, personal health defines how the rest of the day goes.

The 6th House is very powerful, so one way to take hold of it is by taking good care of your body. If you’re experiencing physical limitations, such as trouble lifting, you could try strength training.

The 6th house also rules service, work, and pets. Ruled by the communication planet Mercury and the zodiac sign Virgo, this is a very disciplined part of life.

When planets are moving through the 6th house in your chart, it can show up through dietary issues, obsession with health, and different illnesses.

Many of these difficulties are easily remedied through a more structured daily routine, as Virgo likes structure. Because it’s so rigid, this number can serve as a bit of a calling out or a call to action, depending on how you receive it.

You see, oftentimes, 6666 comes up when materialism has taken over your life. If you receive this message, you may find peace through selfless actions.

Seeing A Repeating Number

Seeing a repeating number can be alarming. We want to know that everything will be all right.

If you’re worried, don’t be, because this serves as a thank you note from your angels for being so present in the world. That being said, you might have a lot of healing coming ahead, but it’s only a result of the healing you have already done.

The Bible and Why This is not the Devil Speaking

According to the Book of Revelation, 666, a very similar number to our angel number here, was a mark of Satan in the bible. The 6th day of creation was when the Almighty brought humans to earth.

Since the number 6 has such positive meaning on its own, why are these so similar, the devil’s number and the angel’s? Perhaps it is because humans are so imperfect.

We make mistakes all the time, big or small, and some mistakes can succumb to a more devilish vibe. But because 6666 comes after 666, it enacts an opposite reaction.

What I’m trying to say here is, that if there was ever a time in your life when you experienced selfishness and addiction, this is a sign that you are ready to turn that all around. Hence, with this number, the angels are calling, and they are here to guide you to a safer place, and I hope that gives you peace of mind.