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Affirmations for Family Protection

Affirmations for family.

How do we influence them?

The most annoying thing to me during my childhood was when my parents, or some other grown up, would tell me to do something while doing the opposite. Or tell me not to do something while themselves doing it.  

Hypocrisy at its finest.  

Your family’s needs can feel overwhelming when you feel like you are responsible for them. So instead of carrying around a burden on my shoulders, I aim to get rid of the negative thoughts, family drama, and thoughts of tough times and instead focus on the best way to take care of my family.


I introduce positive thinking, loving words, daily affirmations, and positive statements and positive thoughts into our lives and know that I am the best parent I can be right now.

So today, when deciding on affirmations for my family, I constantly ask myself, am I modeling the behavior I expect?  

I also follow up with a clear question on what my actual role is in this situation.  


The most important thing we can do when we want to influence anyone, especially our family, is to model the behavior we expect.  

People ask me all the time “how do you get your kids to eat so well.” 

My kids have always been big fans of fruits and vegetables; they eat their quinoa and their beets, their sardines and their sweet potatoes.  

“I eat well.”  

That’s my response.  

Modeling is a powerful tool for positive changes and good things. I’m far from perfect, but I try to be a positive role model in different ways as the head member of my family.

I’m not eating fast food every day (I see you and your tempting burger and fries, In N Out) and expecting my kids to have salad instead.  

We make the occasional trip out for burgers as a treat, and we mostly eat plants and lean proteins at home.  

They see me eat it, they want what I have (the nature of children) and then they eat it when I put it on their plate.  

Obviously, this is not true in all cases. My youngest does not like potatoes, and my oldest does not like yogurt. They are allowed their tastes.  

And I always remind them that their tastes may change.  

I just model.  

I do the same with exercise, time outside, meditation, screen free time, and so on.  

If we want to influence our family, we must model what we expect.  

So, your first affirmation for family is “I model the behavior I expect.”  


I have written on this topic before in other articles because it is highly relevant to the world of a spiritual witch on all levels.  

You cannot bless someone.  

You cannot curse someone.  

You can only influence someone.  

The amount of influence on another person depends on two things – how powerful you are and how impressionable they are.  


Affirmations for Family: Your Power 

It always makes me laugh and shake my head when I see headlines about witches cursing this or that major celebrity or political figure.  

Is it possible to enact this kind of curse? Sure. But it takes an enormous amount of power, a tremendous amount of focus and concentrated energy, and the person you are cursing must be impressionable.  

Because if you are trying to curse someone who is in a positive space, it will bounce right off them like they’re rubber, and as the child’s rhyme goes, it may very well stick back to you like you’re glue.  

That’s how energy works.  

The law of attraction states that we attract what we are. This is an unbreakable, unwavering, constant universal law. If you are hyper focused on exacting a curse, you are sending out waves of negative energy. The reason for the curse does not matter.  

It is not up to you to punish another individual. That is up to them and their own karmic energy.  

In the end, you may find you hurt only yourself drowning in all that dark magic.  


Positive power is more powerful than negative energy.  And positive family affirmations open up our family life, so we can see the benefits of positive affirmations and work towards having a happy family with great experiences, kind words, and positive messages.

It makes me a better parent to express divine love and have a positive attitude and positive energy with the members of my family.  

Abraham Hicks says, “one thousand times more powerful.” 

Which is why it is much easier to bless someone and exert positive influence in others’ lives.  

Even if that person is in a negative space, you have massive potential to draw them out into the positive purely through your positive influence and blessing.  

Affirmation for positive influence: I love you. I am grateful to have you in my life. You are worthy of everything you desire, and I pray you get it.  

Impressionability: Kids 


Equally as important as your power is the other person’s impressionability.  

We have enormous power of influence over our children because we feel powerful as their parents, and because children are naturally impressionable, and even more impressionable with their own parents.  

Which is why we talk so much about cycle breaking in the witchy spiritual world.  

We can stop cycles of abuse and trauma, of racism and sexism, all in a single generation, simply by making different choices in our lives than those who came before us did and allowing our children to witness our healthy approaches to life.  

I come from a long life of Depression era women who fed their children mass produced red meat, russet potatoes, and anything that came in a package.  

It was not their fault. My great grandmother raised six kids on her own during the Depression. My grandmother had low paying jobs and an abusive husband. My mother continued that cycle.  

It was only when I grew up, after years of Kool Aid and Wonder Bread, and my mom got colon cancer, that I woke up to the concept of our bodies as temples.  

There’s this great quote: “Every woman who heals herself also heals the women who came before her.”  

I think of this quote every time I watch my kids eat fresh green beans or snack on cucumbers in the afternoon.  

Every time my youngest eats my salad out of my bowl and my mom comes in the room to make her own salad.  

We’re not perfect, none of us. But we can break these cycles and influence these impressionable kids in powerful ways.  

Affirmation for the impressionable: I am mindful of my influence over my family.  

Impressionability: Adults 


Adults are another story, of course.  

You can have tremendous influence on an adult if they are weak willed or weak minded.  

You can also have powerful influence on an adult who trusts you and is on the same page and same path as you.  

So you must be very mindful here as well.  

You must be careful not to become a savior to someone. Many weak-willed people are needy and want someone to save them, to feed them spoons of sugar, and to take them under your wing.  

That is not your job.  

You have not come into this life to save anyone.  

Every single person has their own inner being constantly guiding them in the direction of what is best for them.  

As Abraham Hicks says, “if they’re not listening to their own inner being, what makes you think they will listen to you?!” 

It’s true. They will listen, and then they will do what they want.  

And it will drain you.  

So, do not try to save anyone.  

Anyone at all.  

You can model, and you can inspire.  

Be careful when giving advice. Make sure it is welcome.   

And pay attention to if your advice is followed, even if it is welcome. If the person does not take your advice, stop giving it.  

You will drain yourself, end up feeling depleted, and then you are open to negative changes to come into your life in your weakened state, which will take time and energy to recover from.  

So, with adults, pray for them to listen to their own inner being, and act as a model.  

When they come to you asking what you are doing that is making you light up from within, you can tell them your story.  

Then pray again and keep acting as a model.  

Affirmation for impressionable adults: I pray you listen to your own inner being.  

Affirmations for Family: Unconditional Love 

The most important thing you can do for your family, and to form loving relationships, is to love them unconditionally.  

Love them and let them go.  

The greatest thing my mom did, for all her faults and flaws, was to love us no matter what. She always told us that.  

And we believed her.  

I always wonder how, in our lives of trauma, my siblings and I all turned out okay, relatively successful, in happy, loving relationships, and with well-balanced children of our own.  

And most of us are actively breaking the toxic cycles from which we come.  

“We were loved unconditionally.” I told my husband in a lightbulb moment recently.  

“She always loved us. And we knew it. And she did not try to hurt us. We were hurt because she was hurting and broken. But she always genuinely loved us in that God like way that you just don’t hear about often.”  

And it’s true.  

Unconditional love is powerful. It is, literally, the definition of God.  

So, if we want to do anything for our families, we can do that.  

Love them unconditionally.  

While we are breaking cycles, teaching our kids this and that, healing our own wounds, falling and failing and rising again, we can reinforce over and over that we love our family members unconditionally.  

My husband said something to me one night a while back, whispered in the dark, as we both lay falling asleep.  

“I’ve got your back. No matter what. I’ve always got your back.”  

It took me a while to realize that this was his version of unconditional love.  

And it is what makes him such a powerful influence over me, even though I consider myself to be neither weak willed nor weak minded.  

We are on the same path, same page, and he has my back.  

That is your final affirmation for family: I love you unconditionally.  

Now sit back and watch them thrive.  

Happy manifesting! 

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