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54 Positive Self-Love Affirmations to Build Your Self Worth

Self-love affirmations can in fact save your life. 

Not alone, of course. You need to put several other practices into place, but the power of affirmations is undeniable. 

But there is, as usual, a catch. 

You have to believe what you are saying. 



You gotta believe it. 

Self love affirmations

Belief Is Everything

If you suffer from low self-esteem and are filled with negative thoughts, if every day is a bad day and your head is on a loop of negative self-talk, mantras and affirmations are not going to help. 

Not alone anyway.

You’ll say something like “I can do this.” A powerful affirmation to be sure. 

And your inner voice will respond with “No. You can’t.”

Sorry not sorry.

That inner voice can be brutal. 

Some call it the inner a$$hole.

And no wonder. 

The inner voice can be so negative, so awful that you find you constantly lack self-confidence, and self-confidence is at the root of everything you achieve. 

You can because you think you can. 

If you think you can’t, you can’t. 

And your inner voice is the primary ruler of your thoughts, whether you like it or not. 


And most of us don’t like it. 

So, you must take a solid, strong approach to shifting into believing you are worthy of love, into having positive thoughts, into high self-esteem, and into the self-confidence that helps you truly believe you should, can, and do love yourself. 

You must gradually shift your vibration.

Shift Your Vibration for Self-Love Affirmations

One of my favorite Abraham Hicks oracle cards says “I can gradually shift my vibration.” 

The point here is that you cannot leap from angry to joyful.

You cannot leap from afraid to fearless. 

You cannot leap from self-doubt to self-confidence. 

It is a staircase of thought and emotion.

And you can either fall down it or climb it. 

In this case, the case of building up your inner self, you must make the climb, and that means introducing positive thoughts, speaking daily affirmations that you actually believe, doing good things for yourself, shifting from negativity to a positive mindset, taking a deep breath when you’re overwhelmed, and keeping your focus on personal growth. 

Because, really, why not? 

Your inner voice will tell you you don’t deserve it, but you need to combat that voice with “really? Why not?”

333 Meaning in Law of Attraction

If anyone, why not you? 

There are people who have been through worse, done worse, felt worse, and they dragged themselves up from the very bottom of the gutter with everything gone and nothing to lose, and they led themselves through the darkest tunnels into the light. 

That, honestly, is one of my favorite self-love affirmations: 

If anyone can do it, I can do it.

Think about it. We’re all created equally, with equal opportunities to rise and fall; ample evidence shows that some of the people who have started out in terrible situations have gone on to do great things, and some of the mightiest figures, the most successful people, have fallen terribly far. 

So, we can all rise and fall. We can all get up and kill it at life and we can all give up. 

And you are one of those anyones. 


So, if anyone is out there that can do it, you can do it, too. 

To begin, start with affirmations you actually believe. 

Self-love affirmations are total bullshit if you don’t believe them. Your inner voice will knock them down in one punch. 

So start with what you do believe and build from there. 

Try these self-love affirmations in ascending order: 

I am human

The chances of me being here are like three billion to one, yet here I am

All humans are children of an infinitely loving Universe

The Universe has my back

I came here with a set of intentions

Where I am right now is part of that set of intentions

If I am in a struggle, it is a struggle I am meant to overcome

How do I know? I am still here

If I am here, I can breathe

If I can breathe, I can think

If I can think, I can seek inspiration

If I can seek inspiration, I can listen to my intuition

If I can listen to my intuition, I am always being guided by the Universe, which loves me

If I am guided, I can tap into that loving guidance

From that loving guidance, I can make shifts

My shifts are small but powerful

I can learn to believe in myself

I can honor the love of the Universe by loving myself 

I take care of the things and people I love

I will take care of myself

Today, I will do good things for myself

I am worthy of that love, simply because I am alive

I am worthy of good things

When I love myself, I am better able to serve others 

I can find my life’s purpose in the process

Speak these powerful affirmations every day, memorize them, before you do anything else, before you check social media or even try to step out of your comfort zone, sit in meditation for your mental health and repeat these positive self love affirmations. 

As you gradually shift your vibration with these self love affirmations, take actions every day that support your shifts. As you put each of these practices into your daily routine, you will find you have a more positive attitude, you are having a good day more often than you thought possible, and you have a happy life, to your surprise and delight. 

What’s more? Your inner critic is not so critical anymore. She’s actually more supportive, less focused on past mistakes, and more eager to see your confidence levels shift you into building confidence and doing wonderful things. 

These practices will help you shed bad habits and become a better version of yourself. 


Not negotiable. Sit in meditation daily and quiet your mind. Slowly, you will find your inner critic softer, kinder, and more loving. 

Plan for 20 minutes every day, but don’t shame yourself if you miss a day or two. 

Your only goal right now is to sit and do a personal body and chakra scan, checking in on all of your parts, and all of your connections, clearing your mind of all chatter, before your day begins. 


Moving your body every day, preferably outside, in ways that challenge you to work hard, has more benefits that I can list here. 

But for starters, you will feel better physically and mentally. You mood will lift. You will likely lose weight, so you will feel lighter on your feet. You will get stronger and be capable of more, which will boost your confidence levels and make you a more positive person.


Put exercise into your regular practice and your positive energy on your best days will be through the roof. 

Eat Well

You’ve heard it before, and I’ll say it again here: treat your body like a temple. 

Nourish it, love it, care for it, feed it well, give it the good foods and plenty of water it needs. 

A tremendous amount of mental health issues, mood disorders, and physical ailments are connected to poor nutrition. 

Just a lack of basic vitamins and minerals your body needs can deplete your energy, leaving you with negative energy and low self-worth. Your personal life has to be dedicated to building yourself up with good food and nutrition. 

You will have to be your own best friend as a first thing first. 


Your nightly routine should include a wind down to 8 hours of solid, restful sleep every single night. It is the most important thing you can do to get yourself into a great place for a long time. 

Cut Toxicity

Sorry. Not sorry. You have to cut all toxic people, things, movies, books, quotes, social media, media, out of your life. 

If you feel like crap, it is largely related to your environment. 

So take a clear-eyed look at your environment and start making some cuts. 

rose quartz chakra

Positive Self-Love Affirmations

As you shift your vibration, you will be able to take on more hopeful, more insightful, more inspired affirmations. 

When you are ready, try these on for size as you try different things in your life and get more creative ideas for growth: 

I am ready to level up

I am made for big things

I am a creative being

I am inspired

I help others grow when I grow

I am modeling behavior for others

I can change

I am made for change

Life is change

I have overcome in the past, and I will overcome now

I can lift myself up 

I am worthy of greatness

I only compete with myself, and only with love

I can do hard things

I have done hard things

Life is good

Life is working out for me

Great things are on their way to me

I can get softer and gentler

I can learn to love myself better

As I know better, I will do better

The Universe is communicating with me

I am open

I am allowing 

I will surrender to divine will

And that’s it. With those affirmations and some gentle loving shifts in your vibration, you will be a whole new you in a short time. 

Happy manifesting!

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