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13 New Moon Affirmations To Help You Love Life And What It’s All About

The new moon is a great time to set intentions and affirmations. It’s going to kick off a new cycle in your life.

Use it as an opportunity to improve life by setting some positive goals.

Often, we forget how much is already good, already working, and already there when we’re in a negative or bad mood.

And that’s why these new moon affirmations are perfect for any time.

New Moon Affirmations

“I focus on my priorities and release anything that doesn’t support me.”

You’re being called to focus on the priorities that fuel your fire and let go of any other responsibilities or commitments that don’t support you right now.

No one can do it all, so be realistic about what you can achieve. Don’t stress or over-schedule yourself!

And remember: there is no wrong way to do this work. These affirmations are meant as a guide — not a set of rules — so feel free to add your own words of wisdom that will help you make meaningful changes in your life.

“I have complete faith in the universe and know there is a plan for me.”

This moon phase is an excellent time to reflect on whether we’re trusting ourselves, our intuition, and our ideas enough.

I’d say that should be the focus of our affirmations throughout this phase. But at this specific moment, it’s essential to trust that whatever you’ve envisioned for your life, the universe has a plan to help you get it.

It may not be clear right now what action steps to take or what decisions to make, but if you keep reminding yourself that something is working out behind the scenes, you’ll feel more confident about taking risks without knowing exactly what will happen next.

“I am patient with myself and others as I work towards my goals.”

The ability to be patient is not a new concept—we’ve all heard the saying that patience is a virtue, but most of us have no idea what it means.

Patience is a form of action, and like any action, it requires energy and focus. And it’s not as simple as just waiting for things to happen; we must also be patient with ourselves in our pursuit of goals.

The best way to learn about patience is by being patient with yourself.

“I focus on the present moment.”

This affirmation reminds us to focus on the present moment. Often we worry about what happened in the past or what’s going to happen in the future, which can become tiring.

When you say this affirmation, use the present tense and focus on how your actions make you feel in this moment.

You don’t need to worry about how things went yesterday or how they’ll go tomorrow—you need to enjoy yourself now. Are you doing something that makes you happy?

Are you living in the moment? If so, great!

If not, try to be more mindful of your actions as they happen.

“I am open to new opportunities and experiences.”

New moons are the perfect time to set intentions for the month. Use this affirmation when you’re eager for change.

“I let go of all that no longer serves me.”

This moon has you thinking about planting seeds and starting new projects, but first, you have to let go of all that no longer serves you.

This is a time to release negative emotions, let go of bad habits and toxic relationships, say goodbye to the past, and allow yourself to move forward.

Take this time to reflect on what keeps you from being your best self, and then consciously choose to let it go.

“Every day, I’m becoming the person I want to be.”

Affirmations take many forms and can be used in many different ways, but here are some general rules and examples:

“I am ready to make a fresh start.”

If you’ve been holding yourself back from a significant change—starting a business, making a move, or going after an opportunity that excites you—now is the time to make that leap. But don’t be afraid to take things slow and steady; there’s no need to rush headlong into something simply because you’re ready for it.

Think of this as the first step on your journey and remain realistic about what needs to happen next.

It’s also important not to look back (or dwell on the past).

This isn’t always easy, but if you can focus your energy on moving forward rather than being swept up in feelings of regret or nostalgia, you’ll find that manifesting your desires is much smoother with the moon’s influence.

“Today, I choose happiness.”

The law of attraction states that the things you give your attention to are the things that will grow in your life.

If you focus on the bad stuff, then more bad stuff will show up to match it.

If you focus on good things, more good things will come into your life.

Happiness is a choice, and your attitude is the tool you use to choose it.

You can be in a million different situations, but how you feel and their effect on you is up to you—and only you.

If someone tells an awful joke at work and everyone laughs except for you, don’t let them decide whether or not their lame joke made your day worse by forcing yourself to laugh along with them (even though it crosses everything in your being not to).

If someone cuts in front of you while driving on the highway, don’t let them determine whether or not road rage is going to eat away at your patience for the rest of the day.

You get to decide how much control other people have over your emotions and well-being—take this power back by owning who decides what affects how you feel.

“I trust in my abilities to handle whatever life brings me today.”

There’s no doubt about it: Life throws us curveballs, which can be hard to deal with.

But when we stop and really think about it, most of us have the ability to handle whatever comes our way. If we didn’t, we wouldn’t be here!

That said, if you know someone who isn’t as resilient as they could be, this is a great affirmation for them.

Share your optimism by forwarding this article or sending them the link directly.

You may just give them the motivation they need to embrace their power to overcome obstacles.

“I recognize my own self-worth; my confidence is soaring.”

Why it works: It’s easy to get caught up in comparing yourself to other people, but this affirmation reminds you that you’re a remarkable, unique individual and to stop putting yourself down.

Remember: If a tree falls in the woods and no one is around to hear it, it still makes a sound.

In other words, regardless of what anyone else thinks of you, who you are as a person matters.

You matter.

“With every breath I take, I become more confident and inspired.”

Start with a deep breath.

Close your eyes and breathe in slowly through your nose, taking some air into your chest.

Exhale slowly and gently through your mouth.

Repeat this several times, making sure to keep your shoulders relaxed as you breathe.

Breathe so deeply that it causes a slight ache in the back of your throat (in a good way).

Feel the weight of each breath on your exhales. Seriously feel that sh*t, like how it’s grounding you into the physical world around you.

Feel how each breath is taking away all the “what ifs” and “maybes” from hovering over you by relieving stress and anxiety from every part of your body.

There are no limits to what you can achieve with these affirmations—they’re only here to help guide you towards what makes you feel fulfilled in life and push out any remaining negativity holding you back from realizing just how wonderful your life really is right now.

“It’s okay to step back from a project when I need a moment to myself.”

Our lives are busy, and sometimes it can be challenging to have time for ourselves.

We tend to push through the day and just get things done.

We don’t want to disappoint people or let them down, so we often put everything else before us.

This is when you need to slow down on your projects and make sure you are taking care of yourself first.

You need to put yourself at the top of your priority list because if you keep trying to push through, then your projects will suffer, and you will be miserable while doing them.

Remember that it is okay to take a step back from something when you need some space from that project or person. It’s not selfish, and in fact, it will likely help with how well your work turns out!

The new moon is a great time to do some positive thinking.

We often think of this time as a gateway to starting new things, and that’s true—but it’s also a great time to really focus on yourself. The sky is dark, the sun and moon don’t reflect any light at all, and the world feels totally blank.

You can take advantage of this feeling of renewal by focusing on yourself and your needs.

Don’t be afraid to think about yourself! You deserve it!

Set goals for yourself!

Whether you’re working through an emotional problem or trying to find your career path, use this quiet time of reflection to make plans for what comes next.

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