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8 Ways: How To Cleanse and Charge A Pendulum For Divination

A pendulum is a great tool for divination and communication with your higher self, guides, angels, and spirit animals. It’s also very easy to use for answering all kinds of queries, from yes or no questions to general inquiries about yourself or the future.

However, if you’re starting out with pendulums, you must cleanse them before and after use.

It can be difficult to thoroughly charge a pendulum without knowing the right methods. There are different ways on how to cleanse a pendulum to ensure that it’s able to tune in to higher energies.

This is essential if you want to receive the right answers for your spiritual growth.

Why You Need To Cleanse a Pendulum

Before you use your pendulum to ask the universe questions and receive answers from it, it’s important to learn the appropriate cleansing methods. A cleanse is necessary because the energy surrounding your pendulum is absorbed into them over time.

This means that even if your pendulum is at rest and not being used to answer questions, it can still absorb some of the energy around it.

Whenever you ask your pendulum a question, it takes in part of your worries, doubts, and fears as it tunes into your specific thought.

Ask the pendulum one question after another, and it becomes loaded with energies associated with those emotionally charged thoughts. That way, it will be hard for the pendulum to provide you with “untainted” answers.

Ways You Can Cleanse a Pendulum

I want to clarify that cleansing a pendulum is not as simple as washing it with soap and water or wiping it with a damp cloth. It’s not “unclean” in the physical sense because you’re dealing with energies you can’t see. That is why it needs these special cleansing methods for the charging process to work.


One of the age-old cleansing methods practitioners use is leaving the pendulum by the light of the full moon. Leaving your pendulum to bathe in moonlight overnight draws in Goddess energy. This can easily neutralize negative vibrations stored in crystals, which most pendulums are made of.

Check your calendar for the next full moon and charge your pendulum on that specific day. You can leave it by the window or outside the house overnight.


If you’re the type who’s more attuned to the sun, then using God energy to cleanse your pendulums is another practical way to charge it. This is the same as leaving your pendulum under the moonlight, only this time you’ll be bathing it in sunlight.

Place your pendulum by the window sill or in a sunny spot in your room and leave it there throughout the day until the sun sets.


Another method on how to cleanse a pendulum is by using Earth energy. You can do this by burying it in soil and leaving it there overnight. This is a great way of connecting your spiritual tool to nature’s frequencies by letting it absorb Mother Earth’s healing powers.

Dig a small hole in your backyard, preferably touching the soil with your hands. This allows you to connect to Earth’s frequencies as well as you bury your pendulum and say a silent thanks for its help answering your questions.

Sage or Incense

If you’re fond of the smell of burning white sage, then this method’s for you. Smudging is not only used for cleansing a sacred space for spiritual work but also for charging a practitioner’s tools. If you do this regularly, you can be sure that your pendulum always tunes into pure energy.

Hold your pendulum in the thick of the smoke. Then, visualize the smoke dispelling all the negative burdens that your dowsing tool is carrying.

Brown Rice

Using brown rice to cleanse your pendulum is very much like burying it in soil — it connects to the Earth’s vibrations. Rice is a very meaningful symbol of the Earth’s richness. It nourishes you to help you go about your day and live a full life.

Fill a small canister with brown rice, preferably with round grain. Then, submerge your pendulum and let it rest for a full day.


Translated as to “to make right,” ho’oponopono is the Hawaiian practice of forgiveness. This is a perfect way to reset your pendulum and help it get rid of all the thoughts and emotions it has accumulated from all the questions you’ve asked.

Hold your pendulum in your hands and close your eyes. Then, say this out loud: “I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.”

Cleansing Crystals

There are some crystals you can use to cleanse your pendulum. Some stones like amethyst, citrine, and carnelian, when cleansed, can purify other crystals. Their molecular structures allow them to vibrate at a certain level that rids other stones next to them of negative energies.

Place your pendulum inside a bag with your cleansing crystal of choice. Leave it undisturbed for a whole day.

Focused Energy

You can use your own energy to cleanse your pendulum. I find this to be the easiest method because it’s so convenient, and you don’t need anything else except your presence. Plus, you can perform the cleansing ritual anywhere, no matter what time of day.

Close your eyes and clear your mind. Focus on creating a positive intention that is meant to clear your pendulum of the burden it is carrying. Imagine a white light filled with love and direct it toward the pendulum.

A Word of Caution on Using Saltwater

You may have heard of saltwater as an effective cleanser. While some practitioners prefer to use it to charge their tools, I personally wouldn’t recommend it as it can corrode your pendulum’s chain, especially if it is made of silver.

There are also crystals that are not meant to be submerged in water like selenite, lapis lazuli, and labradorite. They may lose their charge, not to mention the abrasive salt can turn them dull and opaque.

Always Charge Your Pendulum With Positivity

Whichever method you prefer on how to cleanse a pendulum, what matters is the way you surround it with positive energy. If it is being charged in a field that’s filled with love, kindness, and good intention, it will be ready to answer your next set of questions accurately in no time.

If you want to learn more about dowsing, tarot reading, and other practices for your spiritual work, subscribe to my channel for basic tips on how to improve in your journey as a new witch!

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  1. Will a pendulum give you the same answers if you ask it the same questions. The answers you wish it to say. A projection on your subcutaneous or wil it answer what it wants to answer?

  2. If i cleanse my pendulum in a soil where my dog is buried? I deeply loved my dog and always think he is looking out for us. Can i do that? Or better put it away from the place?
    Thank you

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