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What Is a Witchy Diet?  

First of all, witches don’t diet. So let’s clear that up right now. When I refer to a witchy diet, I am talking about the daily eating habits of a classic witch. 

So we’ve got a bit to uncover here. 

Because there are all kinds of different definitions of a witch, and you might think I’m over here with blood sacrifices or a wart on the end of my green nose. 

(I have neither.)

Or that there’s some super specific (and expensive) dietary requirements to be a witch.

(Also negative.)

The truth is that the diet of a basic witch is pretty simple, and it has a lot to do with living like a spiritual witch in general. Once you get that down, the diet part becomes really easy. 

Let’s start with the witchy stuff and then move onto the diet from there. 

What Is a Classic Witch?

The first confusion to clear up is the concept of a witch

It is critical to note that when we talk about witchy spiritual stuff here, we are talking about those of us who work hard to stay in tune with the natural laws of the universe, with the forces of nature. 

And we can be anyone from anywhere doing anything. 

A classic witch is just a woman in her own power. 

But this concept gets very controversial when we start addressing the issue of freedom of choice and empowerment. 

You see, any woman in her power treats her body as a temple. She honors nature. She loves unconditionally. And she sets firm boundaries. 

These are things we witchy women are always striving for. 

To be clear eyed, clear minded, and open hearted in all things. 

So that we may fully engage our five natural senses and our four supernatural senses as well. 

We know that there exist great mysteries we may never fully understand, and we simply open ourselves up and surrender to the Universe to guide us in our next steps to fulfill our purpose. 

And what is our purpose? 

For each of us, our external purpose will change and shift throughout our lives. It is largely based on the intentions we came into this life with, as those intentions drive our desires and our impulses. 

Our internal purpose, however, is the same. 

Each one of us is destined to wake up and be fully present in the moment in which we exist. 

Be here. Be now. 

Whatever we are doing, we do it with our full attention, all of our energy and love. 

Without despair for the past or hope for the future. 

Just here. Now. 

What does any of this have to do with a witchy diet? 

Well, a diet is your daily intake and actions; it makes up not just the food you put into your body but also the ideas and information you put into your brain. 

You have a mental diet, too. 

What do you allow to influence your energy? 

When you think about it this way, you understand that a witchy diet is all based around a witch’s greatest power. 

A Witch’s Greatest Power

Our intuition. 

All of our power really lies in our intuition

When we are in touch, fully, with those five senses, those four other senses, and our chakras are all open and bursting to communicate with the Universe, we are in our full power. 

And that power, really, lies in our ability to be fully present. 

Be fully aware, awake, and at peace. 

From that place, your intuition will guide you toward what to eat, what to watch, what to consume, what to engage with, and so on. 

Each step will appear as you prepare to take it, and you can trust fully that you are being guided by the loving hand of the Universe. 

How to Tap into Your Greatest Power

To get yourself into that place of power, you must build a consistent routine every single day that relies heavily on a well-trained subconscious. 

Your subconscious is what lays the groundwork for your everyday activities. 

Dr. Bruce Lipton, a cellular biologist, notes that we live 95% of our lives on autopilot, that is, by the power of our subconscious. 

And our subconscious, without correction and proper training, is simply replaying all it learned during the first 7 years of our lives. 

We learned behaviors, traumas, and coping mechanisms from the people with the most influence over us at that point in our lives. 

If we watch crappy television, overeat, eat crap, and self-medicate with unhealthy mechanisms, it is largely due to those early childhood experiences. 

Even in our 40s and 50s!

This is our diet. 

And not a very witchy one at that. 

Our work, then, is to step into our fullest potential and power by retraining our subconscious and essentially starting up a whole new program. 

We do this best by becoming fully present, fully aware, and fully tapped into who we are right now. 

We get honest with ourselves, wake up to our triggers, recognize our unhealthy behaviors. 

And we take the necessary steps to heal and move forward. 

My favorite story on this topic of healing is that of the prodigal son in the bible. 

He forsakes his father and his family and heads off on his own, prideful and boastful. 

He wanders through the desert for days and weeks, alone, wounded, starving, and humbled. 

Finally, he realizes where he belongs, at home with this father and his family. 

As soon as he comes to this realization, he is home. 

He did not have to wander again through the desert, starving and struggling all the way. 

The moment of surrender is the moment of complete and total healing. 

If you remain unhealed, it merely means you have more surrendering to do. 

And look, I make it sound easy, but surrendering, especially for those of us who have spent a lifetime resisting, is not easy. 

You will have to surrender over and over and over again. 

But it is worth it. 

So very worth it to pick up a witchy diet, both physical and mental, so that you can step fully into your power. 

A Witchy Diet

A witchy diet, you will find, is largely natural. 

Dr. Mark Hyman, a functional medicine doctor who has been practicing for decades, calls this diet a Pegan diet

It includes foods from all the natural, whole foods based food groups, meaning plenty of organic plants rich in phytonutrients, eating your rainbow – lot of rich colors, selecting from pasture raised, humanely treated meat sources, a wealth of nuts and seeds, herbs and spices. 

As Dr. Hyman says, food is medicine. 

It’s not like medicine. 

It is medicine. 

Food can cure virtually any illness or disease. 

And witches know this to be a fact. 

For millennia, we have known this to be a fact. 

We have worked with herbs and spices, plants and animals, all to heal and to help ourselves and those around us. 

It is, in fact, the reason we were called witches in the first place. 

There is no illness created by nature or man that cannot be cured by nature, but often indeed it cannot be cured by man. 

And the biggest trouble we have gotten into as humans is in thinking we know better than nature, that we can control or supersede nature. 

The witchy diet steps into the natural rhythms of life, it is seasonal, it honors the earth, and yes, it treats our bodies like temples. 

“Eat real food. Mostly plants. Eat less of it.” Michael Pollan, a food writer, has been saying this for decades. 

Maybe he’s a witch? 

And that’s the thing about being a witch, after all. 

Many of us are witches who do not identify as such, and many identify as witches who don’t really honor the witchy spirituality of it all. 

Being a witch is more than casting spells under the moonlight and wearing a pointy hat with black paint on our fingernails. 

I actually don’t do any of that stuff. 

Any spells I cast are merely setting intentions, and I do it ritualistically to let the Universe know I am serious about my intentions. 

Being a witch, really, is an entire lifestyle. 

A decision and a purpose to live in concert with the Universe, to honor our intuition, and to follow the guidance of Source Energy. 

A witchy diet is merely an extension of that lifestyle. 

And look, don’t be too hard on yourself for having the occasional Snickers bar or doing a Jack in the Box run on a random Friday night after drinks with friends. 

We do still live in this world of plastic and crappy food (that tastes maddeningly and addictively delicious, to be sure).

One or two indulgences will not kill you. They won’t even hurt you. 

We have magnificent bodies that know exactly how to clean up and clear out. 

The true witchy diet embraces rest, relaxation, and even a bit of junky fast food. 

In the end, it is about you being in touch with yourself, and wanting what is best for yourself in all things. 

So, relax. You’ve got this. 

Happy manifesting!

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