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Moon Water for each Moon Phase: How to Set Spiritual Intentions 

Moon water is one of the most powerful elixirs you can make because of how much ritual and intention must go into the process.  

We realize when we engage in any sort of “magic” or ritual that the power is not necessarily in the ingredients themselves but in the intentions behind them.  

Egg shells scattered at your doorway do not ward off evil or bring good fortune by themselves.  

It is the act of scattering the egg shells, where you mind and spirit are when you are doing the scattering.  

My husband and I wear matching red leather bracelets.  

There is no actual power in the bracelets to keep us together, or to enhance the divine feminine in me and the divine masculine in him.  

The power is in the symbolism behind the fact that we both wear the bracelet. That we wanted to. That it takes intention to put the bracelet on every morning.  

Symbols and rituals hold enormous power when we ourselves imbue them with such.  

Alone, they are empty items, empty gestures, and become just another part of the flotsam and jetsam of life that we ignore.  

Moon water is one such symbol and ritual that can hold tremendous power if we imbue it with our spiritual intentions.  

Spiritual Intentions 

Spiritual intentions are everything.  

To set spiritual intentions is to bring your mind, your body, and your spirit all into alignment with the higher consciousness we all come from and to which we will all return.  

Joe Dispenza has written extensively about this process and its inherent power in his book Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself and in his other books as well.  

He notes the ample evidence that shows how powerful we are when we align.  

He teaches a meditative process that will heal virtually any illness from which you suffer, from cancer to MS to brain tumors.  

You can literally do anything when you set your intentions and line them up with spirit.  

Realize that in the very beginning, all of creation was brought into being through intention.  

Before there was matter or material, anything to see, taste, touch, hear, or smell, there was only energy, a consciousness that set intentions to create.  

That creation began with matter, matter than stemmed from energy, and remember, energy never dies.  

So energy created energy created energy.  

That consciousness, which we can call Source Energy, the Universe, God, Nature, whatever you like, manifested all of matter from pure intention.  

Intention that had no doubt, no fear, no resistance.  

That is the key to spiritual intentions.  

And our consciousness, our spirit form, has always been a part of that larger consciousness.  

We are like tiny drops of God poured into human forms, and we created ourselves.  

We were not created by God.  

We are God, and we manifested human bodies to have a human experience.  

Before we came into these bodies, we were that pure consciousness; with infinite wisdom and knowledge, with limitless power, and with omnipresence.  

We could see everything, be everything, and do anything, and we could know the consequences of all potential actions at any time.  

We also had billions of years of experience to draw from.  

Given that infinitude, we set intentions for how we hoped our next life would go.  

You see, the purpose of the Universe is to expand, and the purpose of human life is to create and do so joyfully and in a way that wakens our human consciousness up to the higher consciousness.  

We are constantly creating in this lifetime, but most of us are doing so unconsciously, with no idea how much power we have.  

Essentially, everything that happens in your life, you could walk through and say, “I did that.”  

Stub your toe: “I did that.”  

Win a million dollars: “I did that.”  

Take ownership of it all, use it all to your advantage, and you will begin to understand how to set spiritual intentions and really direct your life in a way that lines up with the Universe.  

How to Set Spiritual Intentions 

The Universe is a joyful, loving energy that is always rooting for you and wants only your highest good. 

Obviously, right?  

I mean, if you are the Universe having a human experience, it makes sense that the Universe would root for itself.  

There is no negativity outside of the human experience.  

Negativity is a purely human creation and is confined to us.  

The Universe is so far beyond negativity it cannot even recognize it. Think about it.  

You cannot create from a negative space.  

Creation only comes from love.  

And the Universe is never destructive.  

Furthermore, the Universe is vast and infinite. It is unkillable and undamageable.  

What is there to be negative about?  

If you want to start lining up with this purely positive, infinitely wise and loving, creative energy so that you can manifest your every heart’s desire, you must do the work of surrendering.  


The most powerful step you can take to line up with the Universe is to meditate.  

Sit for 20 minutes each day, before you do anything else, and meditate.  

Quiet your thoughts, still the voices in your head, and just be.  

Sink into the higher consciousness that is the larger part of you.  

Witness yourself there, sitting or lying down, your mind, your body, your breath.  

Recognize yourself as a tiny being in an infinite Universe.  

Allow yourself to just be present.  

When thoughts come into your head, simply let them float back out again, gently.  

When you meditate, you get intuitive hits and hints from the Universe, guidance as to how to achieve your goals and reach your dreams.  

From there, you can also take measures that will help you flow more freely with the Universe like eating well, getting plenty of sleep, cutting toxins out of your life, and managing your stress.  

The more relaxed and physically healthy you are, the clearer you can get on hearing the Universe.  

Then, you simply set your intentions, write them down even, and open yourself up to the Universe’s guidance as to how to get there.  

The Power of Water 

Water is great for setting intentions because it is a physical property you can work with, and it is also the element that is the most symbolic of change, adapting, and flowing.  

Water does not force or insist, it does not resist or fight.  

It flows.  

It is relentless, it is infinite, and it flows.  

When you work with water, you are reminding yourself to also be in flow, to adapt, to adjust, and to shift with the natural shifts of the Universe.  

Moon Water for Each Moon Phase 

To make moon water, all you need is a clear mason jar and water.  

Fill your jar with water, put the lid on it, and then leave it outside under a moon phase that best meets your needs.  

You can of course build any other ritual around your intentions.  

You can write your intentions down and place them under your jar.  

You can burn your intention in a fire under the moon while you drink your water.  

You can bury your jar halfway into the earth.  

You can dance under the moon while the moon blesses your water.  

You can bring all four elements into the ritual in a combination of any of these rituals, make it your own, imbue it with the power that speaks most to you.  

New Moon 

The new moon, when the moon is completely dark because the sun is not shining on it, is a time for new beginnings.  

The intentions you set around a new moon to make new moon water will involve creating or building something new, starting a new project, or trying something new in your life.  

Maybe you want to get pregnant or start a new business, start a new fitness regime or diet, or maybe you want to learn a new language.  

Waxing Crescent 

The waxing crescent moon, heading on its way to a full moon, is when you set intentions for motivation, for an energetic boost, or for a sign of the direction to take on your project.  

Full Moon  

The full moon is when you celebrate how far you have come and release any blocks you have been holding onto that have gotten in your way.  

Realize that any time you start something new and begin work on it, it is natural for blocks and resistance to come out. The full moon allows you to recognize and release them.  

Waning Crescent 

The waning crescent moon is an opportunity to seek inspiration for a new project, allow yourself to drift into dreamland, sit back, rest, and relax after a job well done.  

In each ritual, you will fill your mason jar with water, set your intention, and leave the jar out under the moon.  

In the morning, drink the entirety of the water, and know that your intentions are always loving honored by the Universe and that guidance is already on its way.  

Happy manifesting! 

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