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10 Powerful Heart Chakra Affirmations 

10 Powerful Heart Chakra Affirmations 

The heart chakra is perhaps the most important chakra to have clear, so powerful heart chakra affirmations are in order, among other things. 

Getting your heart chakra clean and clear may take a lot of work, a lot of study, and a lot of patience, but be kind to yourself along the way, and you will find a whole new pathway through life that opens you up to wonderful opportunities, adventures, and people. 

The Heart Chakra

The heart chakra, according to Caroline Myss in her book Anatomy of the Spirit, is the most critical of your energy centers for self-love and compassion. 

And self-love and compassion connect you to everything else in life. 

With a wide open, clear heart chakra, you can manifest everything you desire, attract love from others, love those in your life with compassion, empathy, and wisdom, and boundaries. 

The heart chakra is the fourth chakra, directly at the center of your chakra system, connecting the divine within to your earthly bound humanity. 

The Divine Chakras

The divine chakras are your upper three chakras, from the top down, the ones that connect to the divine. 

The crown chakra is your direct line to the Universe, which, when cleared, allows for your intuitive guidance and access to all of your supernatural senses, clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, and claircognizance. 

The ability to see, feel, hear, and know through your Universal intelligence. 

The third eye chakra is the place from which you see the world through the loving eyes of the Universe, in all of its Truth. 

With a clear third eye chakra, you can see into people’s souls, see situations for what they are, objectively, and even see yourself without old harmful stories attached. 

The throat chakra is the energy center that encourages you to speak that Truth that you see, with love and compassion, clearly and directly. 

When your throat chakra is clear, you are able to communicate with others without misunderstandings, judgement, or resentment. 

The Earthly Chakras

Solar plexus chakra

Your earthly chakras are the chakras that root you into the earth and all of life upon it. 

You, and all of life on this planet, are made of the same material, which is a large part of what connects you all. 

When you are in full awareness of this connection, you are able to walk softly on this earth from a place of peace, joy, and abundance. 

The root chakra is the first chakra, and it roots you into the earth. It is your connection to all of life, your community, your tribe, and your people. 

A clear root chakra reminds you that you belong, that you are as much a part of the collective as you are an individual. 

The sacral chakra, just beneath your navel, is the place of a woman’s womb, and it is your connection to those other humans with whom you share a creative connection – your family, your children, your spouse, or others who create with you. 

A clear sacral chakra inspires a constant flow of creativity. 

And your solar plexus chakra is your connection to other individuals, on an individual, separate, different, unique level. 

A clear third chakra opens you up to allowing others to be who they are without competition or contention. 

You can accept difference and deviance from the norm. 

The Heart Is at the Center

Solar plexus chakra

And the heart is at the center of it all, three steps down from the crown and three steps up from the root. 

The heart chakra brings it all together, connecting your divinity to your humanity. 

When you have a clear heart chakra, you love yourself deeply and intimately, you know yourself, you understand that the most important relationship you can have on earth, aside from your relationship with God, is your relationship with yourself. 

When you love yourself, and treat yourself with deep love, you thrive. 

You also unlock the ability to better connect with and clear out your other chakras. 

There is perhaps no more important energetic work than to work on a heart chakra blockage. 

But you must remember that this heart is precious, and you may have blocked it up for good reason when you were in survival mode, and it may be years and years of blockage that you are working on. 

So be kind to yourself, be patient, and take it all one step at a time. 

Healing the Mother Wound

At the center of much of our heart chakra trouble is a deep, cut, bruised mother wound. 

The mother wound is the damage we have sustained, the trauma we carry, from our childhoods. 

As Don Miguel Ruiz notes in his book The Voice of Knowledge, we are born perfect, free, and loving, and then life tells us stories and we integrate them, losing our sense of perfection, freedom, and love along the way. 

Our mothers and fathers, our teachers, our older and “wiser” friends, tell us stories about life and about ourselves that we integrate into our lives. 

Those stories often do much more harm than good, well-meaning as those people might be. 

So it is our job to unlearn those stories by addressing them. 

This process is the healing of the mother wound. 

A big part of that healing process will simply be noting any time you are out of alignment with the Universe. 

Essentially, any time you feel negative emotions, just sit with them. Allow them to come, and recognize where they might be coming from. 

What triggered you, and why? 

As you do this work, repeat these powerful heart chakra affirmations: 

“I was created by an infinitely loving, wise, and powerful Universe that is always guiding me, holding me, and loving me.” 

“I have nothing to fear.” 

“I am not alone.” 

“The Universe has my back.” 

“I can never get it wrong.” 

“I will never get it done.” 

“I am the Universe having a human experience.” 

“I am enough.” 

When you repeat these mantras, know that your loving relationship with the Universe is the foundation for all of your relationships in life. Your open heart chakra will ensure you exude positive energy. 

You can release old stories, cut cords with those who have clung to, and live freely. 

Clear quartz affirmations

Heart Chakra Affirmations Meditation

To continue your work and support it, sit in heart chakra meditation practice each morning. 

Be sure to clear 20 minutes of your morning, before you do anything else, and sit quietly and calmly in a distraction free space. 

First, take 10 to 20 minutes to go through some gentle yoga poses to awaken your mind and spirit.

Set your timer and begin mediation with a series of “om” chants to clear space in your head. 

Then, allow the bright green energy of the heart chakra to enter your crown chakra from the Universe and clear it out, increasing your connection to the divine. 

Move that energy then through your third eye chakra and down into your throat chakra, pausing to clear those spaces and gently love yourself there. 

Next, allow that loving energy to enter your heart chakra and warm you up. Watch with a loving gaze as that bright green energy expands outward in all directions, filling your body up with unconditional love and the power of the Universe. 

Finally, allow that energy to course down into your solar plexus chakra, into your sacral chakra, and down into your root chakra at the base of the spine, connecting all of your chakras and aligning them with the energy of the Universe. 

Feel yourself rooting into the earth and open to the Universe, dual natured, both human and divine. 

And always love. 

Once you have cleared your chakras and opened your blocked heart chakra, allow yourself to sink deeper into yourself, getting to know your higher self, embracing your Universal, divine energy, and setting the tone for the day. 

A tone of healing and empathy, for yourself and others. 

As you close out your meditation, commit to good thoughts, good words, and good deeds, and honor the four corners of the earth – water, fire, air, and earth. 

Heart Chakra Affirmations


As you come out of meditation and go through your day with love and light, repeat one from this list of heart chakra affirmations to yourself, and consider writing down the ones that hold the most meaning on affirmation cards so you can look at them often. 

“I am pure positive energy in a loving relationship with myself.” 

“Negative thoughts are temporary, and I can release them.” 

And you can feel free to come up with your own open heart chakra affirmations. 

Remember, negative energy can be dispelled by calming your mind and opening your heart; you do not have to own it. You can let it pass. 

Daily affirmations and heart chakra mantras allow for your flow of energy to stay in constant motion. 

Your energy field in your chakra system is alive and well; you just have to get out of your own way. 

Your heart center, your heart space, and your wheels of energy are all filled with pure love. 

The heart chakra element is where your core energy is stored, and you always have a guiding force ready to access it. 

Happy manifesting!