25 Celebrity Witches Who Practice (Or Dabble) In The Occult And Witchcraft

Have you ever gotten the feeling that there was something deeper and more mystical about your favorite entertainer that you just couldn’t put into words?


Like there was a mysterious force guiding them, giving them an inner creative guide, or even a sense of magic emanating from them?

Well, you may just have been onto something.

Witches live among us, and some of our favorite celebrities are counted amongst them.

celebrity witches

While many are secretive, only showing brief glimpses of their witchy pursuits (I mean witch hunts were a thing, and we are all just now willing to practice openly), and some only dabble in the occult using the power of crystals, tarot cards and the occasional incantation, there are others who are loud and proud of their practice into the mysterious and powerful magic of Witchcraft.

Popular culture has always been fascinated with black magic and witchcraft. And celebrities have been linked to all different forms of the occult both on screen and in real life. We aren’t talking about magical powers like you see on a television series, but more about harnessing the elements of the earth and other real things to help further their religious beliefs.

Famous Witches

Below is a comprehensive list of celebrities who are connected to the Occult, either subtly or openly; wielding their mystical powers in every witchy ways. And these aren’t just powerful women. There are powerful men in this list, too.

One of the most famous lines for the Wizard of Oz always comes to mind when I think of witches.

Glinda asks Dorothy, “Are you a good witch or a bad witch?”

And Dorothy looks around confused. She responds, “Who, me? Why, I’m not a witch at all.”

25 Celebrities Who Practice Witchcraft

  • Lana Del Rey 

Her deep love for the occult was told openly in an interview with NME, saying “I really do believe that words are one of the last forms of magic and I’m a bit of a mystic at heart.” She even went so far as to ask to join her in a mass occult ritual against then President Donald J. Trump, attempting to place a hex on him and his political pursuits.

  • Sully Erna

Never being shy about his beliefs, this lead singer of the band Godsmack has subtly incorporated the mystical side of his beliefs into many of the bands songs.

YouTube video

To this day, he is considered a practicing Wiccan, and is quoted saying to Rolling Stone “It’s very much like any other religion. You do it for yourself.” More power to you, Sully.

  • Gabrielle Anwar

Known for her role in the famous movie Scent of a Woman, and the tv shows Burn Notice and Tudors, Gabrielle is a self-identified pagan, a belief system very closely aligned to witchcraft, which is a spiritual or religious community dedicated to the worship of nature and the earth.

  • Princess Nokia

Showing the world her Afro-Latina identity, her song “Bruja” details her love for the ancient Yoruba religion. In the music video, dressed as witches, the women gather hand-in-hand. Using incantation, they gather their magical energies, and celebrate their connection to the earth, and through that,  connect to their higher power. A truly stunning visual display of the creative power of witchcraft.

  • Stevie Nicks

Despite the fact that everyone and their dog assumes Stevie Nicks is a witch, she vehemently denies any ties to witchcraft. She says she wears black because it makes her look thinner– not because it’s a power color, and all the flowing chiffon is because it’s more fun to twirl in.

She does, however believe that a little spirituality is better than none. No matter what you believe in. Oh, and let’s not forget that little American Horror Story appearance Nicks did.

YouTube video
  • Ariana Grande

Though not openly admitting her persuasions, many feel her music videos are filled with symbols found in witchcraft and the occult. She has openly admitted to dealing with a spirit in her household, and even admitted she photographed it, but was unable to send anyone the picture as it was 666 megabytes. 

  • Adele

No one would question the almost magical power of her voice. One of the most talented singers of our generation, Adele practices using crystals pre-show to help calm and heal anxiety saying, saying after her comeback show in 2016 “it was one of the best shows I’ve ever done and I had these crystals in my hand.” What a witchy blessing that was!

  • Katy Perry

She hasn’t publicly acknowledged herself as a witch, but her song “Paganistic Witchcraft” may have been all we need to add Katy Perry to this list. Not to mention, she has openly admitted to using rose quartz to attract lovers after break-ups and also made a pilgrimage to Salem, Massachusetts in 2014, a place being almost synonymous with the Wiccan world. 

  • Naomi Campbell

Following reports by one of Brazil’s leading witch doctors in 2012, Tica Franchini confirmed she was taking a “passionate interest” in the mystical faith of witchcraft. Years later, telling People Magazine that when traveling, she always kept crystal with her. Welcome to the witching world, Naomi!

  • Cybill Shepherd

Most famously know for calling herself a “Christian Pagan Buddhist Goddess worshipper, she even went so far to thank the Great Goddess at the Golden Globe Awards in 1996. Speaking on spiritual and religious topics, she hasn’t given a complete endorsement of Wiccanism, but certainly shows she is open to the spiritual powers that are at play in it.

  • Rachel True

After playing a witch in the iconic 1996 film The Craft, Rachel she never dropped the part and to this day considers herself a real-life mystic. Her first book was called True Heart Intuitive Tarot, introducing readers to her esoteric beliefs and even containing a tarot deck inside. She credits witchcraft with helping her maintain her inner light amongst the adversity she encountered in Hollywood.

  • Faruiza Balk

Though not an openly practicing Witch, starring alongside Rachel True in The Craft did spur her interest enough to begin studying the actual craft even more. Admitting in 2001 that she bought her first book on the subject in Los Angeles bookstore.

  • Elvis Presley 

According to his wife, Priscilla Presly, Elvis became fascinated with the occult when his record sales began to decline, seeking a “higher state of consciousness.” According to her, his studies lasted for approximately two years, after which not much is known of his practice in the dark arts.

  • Azalea Banks

In 2016, she admitted in a rather string of social media posts that she had been practicing witchcraft for three years, up to that point. Crediting her mother for first igniting the flame, she went on to say “My mother practiced white table magic; prayers for the ancestors and prayers for saints and cleansing and praying for all kinds of protection.” To a darker degree, she even threatened to burn down Lana Del Rey’s house using voodoo magic. Yikes!

  • Spencer Pratt

Believe it or not, Spencer owns a shop called Pratt Daddy Crystals, where he sells a wide array of healing gemstones and crystals. Reportedly, he has also hired a wizarding coach to help him learn the subtle and secret art of witchcraft.

  • Gisele Bundchen

Using crystals for protection of herself and her family, Giseletakes pride in being a Witch. Her husband, Tom Brady, has admits she’s a “good witch” and further explains “I have these little special stones and healing stones and protection stones and she has me wear a necklace and take these drops she makes and say all these mantras.” No wonder he has won so many Super Bowls, with such witchy power at work.

  • Jill Janus

Late Vocalist for the heavy-metal band, Huntress, described herself as a “little white witch” who would invoke witchcraft when writing the songs. She admitted that the occult helped guide her lyrics, and would often fall into trance when she began to write, letting the spirits write for her. Woah.

  • Heather Graham

Admitting to magical/witchcraft practice, Heather has a group of friends called The Goddesses, which often come together to cast spells. Saying in 2009 that together, “We did this thing where we were calling on the wind and the air and this whole storm started on my roof… It was amazing… empowering.” Not only are they summoning storms, but they also used spells to help Barack Obama get elected in 2008.

  • Sam Smith

Public posting photos on Instagram of his prolific collection of gems, Same has openly stated that the sole purpose he bought them was in hope that the healing power of the crystals would bring him love. They seem to have worked, as he is currently dating someone!

  • Lorde

Saying she isn’t “weirded out” by ghost and spirits, and claiming to have a spiritual connection to the late David Bowie, may not have been enough to make this list, saying in plain terms “I am basically a witch,” is. Donning black and embracing a witchy look, she is boldly proclaiming her magical and mystical status as a cultural witch icon.

  • Bjork
Icelandic pop star Bjork comes out of the darkness on ‘Utopia’

Being featured in a Witchcraft movie named “The Juniper Tree” and being in a band called “Kukl” which translates into “witchcraft” in medieval Icelandic language, Bjork is a budding Wiccan in the making. Adding to the list, she is currently being cast as the “Slav Witch” in Robert Eggers The Northman, set to be released in April 2022.

  • Grimes

Reportedly becoming a Wiccan in the seventh grade, she admits to being terrified when, after casting a spell, “a rosary crumbled in my hands.” Amazing to wield such magic at a young age. A true and alarming story, testifying to the power of witchcraft.

  • Evan Rachel Wood

Evan is no stranger to the practice of witchcraft. Though there isn’t a lot of information about her practice as a witch, she is quoted as saying “Sage and the gemstone tiger’s eyes, I use them to clean demons out of places.”

  • Patrick Swayze

He was known to take solitary pilgrimages to an ancient indian ‘healing place’ in the New Mexico mountains. Taking only a packhorse with him, he would go there to “commune with nature, and ask the spirits to cure him of disease.” He also filled his home with healing crystals to help promote well-being.

  • Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen

Embracing the styles and accents of witchcraft, the twins have released a line of Wiccan supplies & accessories. Ranging from a cauldron to mix potions, ritual candles to help clear negative energy, to an amulet filled with tears for protection against bad luck. You’ll find any witching items you need here.

  • Sammy Davis Jr.

Though not much is known of his life in the Occult, what is known, is that after visiting a satanic gathering disguised as a party in 1968, Sammy joined the Church of Satan shortly after, and remained in the church until his death.

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